Why Companies Pay More to SAP Professionals

SAP is challenging job and demands experienced and advanced skills. The people(SAP Professionals) having this skill are high in demand and not found easily. Prices for services will go up with more demand and less supply. This scarcity of qualified and experienced candidates in SAP has given this ERP software related candidates an advantage of high pay and career growth.

Companies adopting SAP are witnessing better return on investment (ROI) and are mainly fortune 500 or large multinationals. These companies can easily afford high salary package for their consultants.

SAP is a Germany-based software company and is serving 388,000 customers. The company is expanding its business and companies are attracting towards this ERP software. With an increase in market share and reach SAP is generating huge job opportunities. The demand for people with prior knowledge about SAP is increasing day by day.

The companies implementing SAP are well-established organization with high investment and turnover. This big organization pays their employees big fat cheque for their services rendered. SAP is not easy task and required excellent training and advanced skills to do configurations. This challenging nature of job has given SAP employees an advantage.

SAP provides you monetary advantage as well as many opportunities to visit foreign countries. Implementation can only be possible at client’s location and consultants are often traveling to abroad for implementation and support. This all experience will groom your skills and make you a better competitor in the current market.

This ERP software is neither taught by any schools nor by any college or universities. One can get a certification or training in proper SAP institute to get hold of this enterprise resource planning software. Salaries are vary according to experience of the candidate and are not decided on basis of education and qualification. SAP require functional and technical expertise and candidates only get this skill either by working or by taking training in an institute providing SAP course.

SAP ERP is costly software and needs SAP Professionals (consultants) from each department like marketing, production, technical, HR, finance, sales etc.. To map the entire business process. After mapping or preparing business layout consultants from each SAP department SD, FI/CO, MM, ABAP, SCM, BASIS, HCM, HANA etc will configure it according to the customers’ requirement. The reason why companies are ready to pay high package is scarcity of qualified and skilled consultants.

One can also work as end user in SAP. These end user are hired by the companies to work on SAP in different domains. The companies opting for SAP are big budget companies and will normally give good pay to end-user experienced and fresh candidates. So one can say that SAP is not only limited to implementation but also include various post implementation services rendered.

SAP consultants are not only making money by implementing SAP but also from freelancing. These consultants are providing post implementation support to their clients and assisting them with their daily issues occurring while working on SAP. SAP Professionals (consultants) are charging on hourly basis, daily basis and according to the companies need and requirement.

Aspirants can make their career in any SAP domains. People with little bit of technical and coding stuff can go for technical course, while other can choose functional field as their job role. Those candidates who are not looking for a technical or functional job role can choose end user as career option. So we can say that, after SAP many doors are opened for the candidates and one can expect challenging career.

The fact SAP is used so widely across exclusive enterprise features there are many alternatives available to set you up for a SAP professionals. Anyone having SAP Course knowledge and experience can start his career as SAP-freelancer (independent contractor), employee in a small, medium or large consulting firm or as an employee in the company, which is the end user of SAP.

SAP is in high demand and some of its best module to make career are SD, FI/CO, MM, SCM, ABAP, BASIS, HCM, and HANA. Candidate with these module experience get better salary package which may get better with experience. When compared to other job roles SAP has an advantage in every aspect. Not only this ERP software need of the time but people associated with SAP job roles are high in demand.