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SAP Hana is an in-memory computing platform that enables you to deliver business intelligence, simplify the IT environment, accelerates your business. Thus, it ensures that you don’t need to maintain separate legacy systems and siloed data, yet make better business decisions for the new digital economy. Being an in-memory database, SAP Hana stores and retrieves data, integrates data from a variety of data sources and deliver insights. Therefore, candidates need to undergo an SAP Hana training in Hyderabad in order to be prepared to handle deployments of new business applications, data processing, Big Data, the Internet of Things, high-speed analytics and data acquisition tools. Thus, you should look for a well-reputed coaching institute to join an SAP Hana training course.

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    Welcome to SAP Hana Training Institute in Hyderabad

    One of the best things about SAP Hana training is that it is always in extremely high demand, as SAP Hana consists of in-memory architecture and efficiency. Tech Trainees is one of the finest solutions when it comes to choosing the best SAP Hana training institute in Hyderabad. We have a tea of well-qualified and dedicated professors who have achieved advanced degrees in their fields and have spent the better part of their lives working for multi-national companies. Whereas most training institutes charge a whopping amount for their services yet do not deliver the desired results, Tech Trainees goes a step forward by offering large and spacious classrooms, a well-equipped laboratory and placement opportunities. We start our classes from the absolute basics, meaning that we are open to all kinds of learners – students, IT experts, app developers or business professionals. Each kind of learner requires a different kind of strategy and we follow the international standards of teaching with our students as well.

    Who should go for an SAP Hana training course?

    The following groups of people should definitely go for an SAP Hana training course –

    • Business Intelligence Consultants
    • SAP Developers
    • Data Warehousing Professionals
    • Data Analytics Professionals
    • Project Managers
    • Database Architects

    What are the prerequisites of joining an SAP Hana training course?

    There are no mandatory prerequisites for joining an SAP Hana training, but your prerequisites depend on your own specialization –

    • SAP Hana Modelling – You need to know about Data Warehouse Concepts, SQL and Dimension Modelling
    • SAP Hana SAP BW – You should have prior SAP BW working experience
    • SAP Hana Administration – You should know UNIX commands and database administration

    SAP Hana Application Development – You should know about several programming languages

    Why Choose Tech Trainees

    Tech Trainees is well-reputed to be one of the best coaching centres for certification courses, including SAP Hana Training. Apart from having well-qualified professors as mentioned, we also have a diverse group of students from all paths of life. We give importance to each kind of learner and teach using illustrative methods to explain basic concepts. At Tech Trainees, we offer regular classroom sessions, weekend batches, and even the first SAP Hana online training in Hyderabad of its kind. After the completion of the course, you shall enjoy the best SAP Hana training and placement opportunities in Hyderabad. The placement opportunities include building resumé and preparing for mock-interviews and examinations. You shall receive a soft copy of an SAP Hana training certificate after the completion of your course as well.



    Best Faculty for SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad

    We have chosen some of the best professionals to create our best faculty for SAP Hana Training in Hyderabad. All of our instructors are extremely professional and qualified and have held high jobs in the real-time multi-national organization for more than a decade. On a personal note, they are approachable and friendly, which helps students reach out to them whenever they have an issue at hand. With that being said, you can be assured that your future at Tech Trainees will be in safe hands.

    What Do The Students Say About Us?

    “Our trainer is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable person, and we find it very easy to approach him regarding our doubts about our course. After all, he is a professor and has worked in the real-time industry for more than twelve years. Thumbs up!” – Sidhu

    “Thanks to the fantastic teachers at Tech Trainees, I now enjoy an amazing job at a multinational company in a metropolitan city of India. Thank you, tech Trainees, for your contribution.” – Ravi Kiran

    “Tech Trainees is an amzing institute for SAP Hana training, as our trainer would explain each and every concept in a very clear and detailed manner. We would so thoroughly prepared with our syllabus that all we needed was one revision session to score good marks.” -Apurva

    “I would love to thank the staff and my fellow students for their unwavering support whenever I would get stuck on a particular project. Also, I would take help from the online video tutorials present on their website as well.” – Akhila goud

    “Without any doubt, Tech Trainees is one of the best coaching centres for SAP Hana training, as it involves an amzing syllabus, helpful teachers and great classmates. I am extremely thankful to the authorities for the opportunity.” – Karishma

    “One of the best things that I liked about Tech Trainees is their well-designed yet comprehensive sylabus. The information has been neatly categorised into chapters, headings and subheadings. This makes it easier for us to make notes, learn and practise the concepts.” – Ravi Teja

    “I was an online student since I had college during the daytime, however, I would always keep myself upto the class standards. This was possible only because our professors would upload class recording on the website, which proved to be a great advantage to us.” – Chitanya

    “Though I can’t speak for the other subjects, I can vouch for the SAP Hana training course. Mr. Kishore is an extremely gifted teacher, and he commands respect yet makes the syllabus extremely simple to understand.” – Saida Reddy

    “If you’re looking for a coaching centre that can surely change your future, tech Trainees is the one that you’re looking for. The trainer has worked for some time in the real-time industry and has accomplished many advanced degrees, that’s proof enough that he’s competent to teach us.” – Rakesh Yadav

    “You need to take your theoretical and practical classes seriously, for you will be required to submit projects and assignments weekly. However, you will always guided by the professor if you’re stuck somewhere.” – Mohan

    “If you’re looking for a training institute that has fared very well in terms of performance, fees, coursebooks and instructors, Tech Trainees should be the place where you should complete your SAP Hana training from!” – Karthik

    “The SAP Hana training course from Tech Trainees is perfect for all kinds of learners – college graduates, software developers and other working professionals. Make sure that you check the eligibility criteria before applying for the course” – Zaved

    “The SAP Hana training syllabus has been designed keeping in mind the current industry standards that allows us to explore many different possibilities and solve issues in a much more creative manner.” – dilip

    “Tech Trainees truly prepares us for the outside world with its amazing teaching techniques and amzing faculty, thus preparing us for all the work situations that we might have to face in our career.” – Naveen

    “Mr. Kishore is an extremely talented professor who has devoted all his time after retirement. One can reflect your sincerity and passion in the way he teaches the course.” – Kumar

    “Tech Trainees have flexible timings that are conveniently divided into classroom regular, weekend and online batches. In all, it becomes very convenient for all kinds of learners – students and working professionals – alike.” – Tupaki

    “The authorities at Tech Trainees offer amazing training and placement opportunities, thus creating a resumé, cracking interviews and examnations along with a number of soft skills.” – Surekha

    “Unlike most coaching centres that simply charge extravagant prices but don’t deliver what they promise, Tech Trainees opens up a world of important theory and hands-on experience to its students.” – Sandeep



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    What are the benefits of SAP Hana training?

    In simple terms, SAP Hana refers to a business intelligence application that processes enormous amounts of real-time data using in-memory database technology. The in-memory computing engine enables Hana to process the data stored in the RAM, thus you can retrieve important business insights for data analyses and customer transactions in no time. It can support various tasks that are related to real-time analysis, such as –

    • Retail optimization and supply chain
    • Profitability reporting and forecasting
    • Monitoring and optimization of telecommunications networks
    • Fraud detection and security
    • Energy use optimization and monitoring

    The major key factor that separates SAP Hana from its earlier versions is its column-oriented and in-memory data storage that makes up the OLTP (online transaction processing system) and the OLAP (online analytical programming system). The combination of these two terms makes SAP Hana (high-performance analytic appliance) an OLTAP system. As a result, the system helps in providing faster data access which in turn helps in providing faster querying and data processing, which increases performance and efficiency.

    • Increases performance and efficiency

    SAP Hana enables the user to process a great amount of data and information for the finance sector at the same time. The same process can be repeated multiple times to get the exact and accurate, and the tasks may include execution, real-time planning, reporting, live data analytics, prompt period closing and improved forecasting. All of this benefits the user to create a customer-centric application.

    • It is simpler to implement SAP Hana

    A user can use SAP Hana software to process an enormous amount of data and information to upgrade the data processing abilities of the company. SAP Hana is extremely simple to use and integrate with the required programmes. There are a huge number of SAP Hana training providers in the country, so you can quickly help the company implement the SAP Hana system.

    • It is faster and cheaper

    SAP Hana is a great alternative to the conventional and time-consuming method of data analysis. The powerful memory hardware and software allow the systems to process different kinds of data at the same time. Thus, it becomes easier for developers to process data in much more cost-efficient and reduces the complications that come with data management and data manipulation. As an employee of the company, you can raise the profits since SAP Hana can help determine the opportunities for profitable sales across sales-associated data.

    • SAP Hana professionals are in demand

    Since SAP Hana has so many benefits at hand, top IT companies are now looking for qualified SAP Hana professionals. Therefore, many people from the IT industry are now joining training institutes from all over India to join an SAP Hana training course. A trained SAP Hana professional thus can match the company’s requirements when it comes to handling excessive data. Professionals who have an SAP Hana training certification have a better understanding of how to use the Hana system, which makes more employable by the prospective managers.

    • Ownership management

    Apart from SAP Hana being a cost-effective option, you can integrate the different analytical and transactional capabilities of multiple systems into a single one. Thus, cross-functional transparency ensures a reliable workflow that helps analyse insights in a much better manner.

    Who should go for an SAP Hana training course?

    The following groups of people should go for an SAP HANA training course –

    • SAP Developers
    • Data Warehousing Professionals
    • Database Architects
    • Business Intelligence Consultants
    • Data Analytics Professionals

    What are the career opportunities after completing an SAP Hana training course?

    Though certification and practical knowledge are important, you need to know your specialization before choosing a job position. Your choice of job position depends on your choice of specialization –

    • These are the following job positions that you can apply for after completing an SAP Hana training course –
    • SAP Hana Performance Consultant
    • SAP Hana In-Memory Business Consultant
    • SAP Hana Operational Consultant
    • SAP Hana BW Consultant
    • SAP Hana Project Manager
    • SAP Hana Security Consultant
    • SAP Hana Application Developer

    What are the prerequisites to join an SAP Hana training course?

    Though there are no set prerequisites to join a SAP Hana training course, the candidate must be familiar with SQL and Database Concepts.

    FAQs in SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad

    Why is SAP Hana training important for your career?

    SAP Hana training is a column-oriented, in-memory, relational database management system that is developed with SAP SE. Being a database server, it stores and retrieves data as needed by the applications. It is integrated with cloud, hybrid deployment, and on-premise data platform.

    How do I apply for the SAP Hana Training Course?

    You can apply for one or more courses by leaving behind your details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

    What are the prerequisites for joining a SAP Hana course?

    You must be familiar with basic architectural design and SQL in order to sit for a SAP Hana training course.

    How do I apply for a job?

    We at Tech Trainees help in resumé preparation, examinations and mock-interviews, and certification guidance. You will receive a soft copy of your certificate after completing the course.

    How do I pay for the course?

    You can pay using any of the following methods –
    -Net banking
    -Credit card
    -Money order

    SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance Training

    Triumph Gate Technology is a reputed institute and provides excellent courses in SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance Training in Hyderabad. SAP S4 HANA, being a software package of the fourth version of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is used to be carried out in business analytics.

    SAP S4 HANA, the cost-effective digital key merges various systems of business like financing, human resources, sales, distribution, planning, manufacturing, service, etc into a single unit.SAP Simple Finance is a comprehensive finance solution. It is based on SAP HANA, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise allowing analytics at the base level in all financial dimensions.

    Located in Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Triumph Gate Technology is one of the finest institutes with a wide variety of courses. With an experience of more than 15 years in teaching, it aims at revolutionizing the IT sector with the 70+ courses that they offer in the latest technologies of software development, web development, etc. Each of the courses offered by Triumph Gate Technologies, Hyderabad are one of a kind. They have received a lot of awards for their best career guidance. With experienced faculty, cost-efficient packages adjustable class schedules and certificates that they offer at the end of the courses it is one of the best institutes of learning.

    SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics Training

    Triumph Gate Technologies provides the best of the best finance training course in SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics Training in Hyderabad. SAP S4 HANA is the fourth version of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package. These packages are used mainly to be carried out in business analytics like financing, human resources, sales, distribution, planning, manufacturing, service, etc. It is a cost-effective digital key for merging various systems into a single source of business decisions. SAP S4 HANA has simplified the management of the IT grounds like it’s ECC application structure.

    Look no further for any other institute, Triumph Gate Technologies has come to the rescue! Triumph Gate Technologies offers the best quality training in software. It is a well-reputed institute with an experience of more than 15 years in teaching. This institute whose headquarters is located in Hyderabad has won quite a few awards for their expertise in the field. It aims at revolutionizing the IT sector with the 70+ courses that they offer in the latest technologies of software development, web development,etcThe training has flexible sessions and it also includes certificates, awarded to the students at the end of the session. The well-equipped technologies and highly qualified staff help the students in seeking better job opportunities and building a better future for themselves.

    SAP S4 HANA Admin Training

     Triumph Gate Technology offers the best of admin training courses of a duration of six months in SAP S4 HANA  in Hyderabad, Ameerpet. SAP S4 HANA is the fourth version of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package. These packages are used mainly to be carried out in business analytics like financing, human resources, sales, distribution, planning, manufacturing, service etc. It is a cost effective digital key for merging various systems into a single source of business decisions. SAP S4 HANA has simplified the management of the IT grounds like it’s ECC application structure.

    Courses offered in modules of SAP S4 HANA admin training Online includes :

    SAP HANA Introduction

    • SAP HANA – A short Introduction.

    • SAP HANA Information sources.

    • Revision strategy of SAP HANA

    Preparing Installation

    • Sizing of the SAP HANA.

    • Requirements.


    • Introduction SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools

    • Advanced installation options

    • SAP HANA Studio installation

    • SHINE – SAP HANA Interactive Education

    • Performing a Distributed System Installation

    Post Installation

    • Post-Installation Steps

    • Updating SAP HANA

    Architecture and Scenarios

    • SAP HANA Memory Management and Data Persistence

    • Software Packaging

    • SAP HANA Roadmap and Scenarios

    • Deployment Options

    Admin Tools for SAP HANA

    • SAP HANA studio for administrator

    • DBA Cockpit

    • HDBSQL command line tool

    Operate SAP HANA

    • Starting and stopping SAP HANA

    • Configuring SAP HANA

    • Periodic Manual tasks

    • Transporting changes

    Backup and recovery

    • Concepts of Backup and Recovery

    • Data Area backup

    • Log Area backup

    • Additional backup topics

    • Recovery & Database copy

    • Backup and Recovery using storage snapshot

    Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    • Configuring Traces

    • Working with Diagnosis Information and Diagnosis Files

    • SQL Console & Query Analysis

    • Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager

    • Remote Support

    • SAP Early watch Alert

    Maintaining Users and Authorizations

    • User Management

    • Roles

    • Administrative tasks

    • Information Sources for Administrators

    • SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant

    High Availability and Disaster

    • High Availability

    • SAP HANA Scale Out

    Multitenant Database Containers

    • Administration of Multitenant Database Containers

    • Backup and Recovery of Multitenant Database Containers

    Data Provisioning

    • Configure data replication with SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)

    SAP HANA Migration using DMO

    • SAP Certification Guidance