SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

SAP ABAP Training – SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a high – level programming language created by the German software company SAP SE. ABAP programming language runs in the SAP ABAP runtime environment developed by SAP.

SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad


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Welcome to SAP ABAP Training Institute in Hyderabad

SAP ABAP makes it easier for IT and software industries to automate tasks for business. That being said, Triumph Gate Technologies is a premier SAP ABAP training institute in Hyderabad. We offer our students an interactive learning environment that includes a combination of theory and practical work, which would be helpful in their career. Our classrooms have modern equipment, professionally-designed laboratories, and a well-chosen faculty We promise to deliver you the finest SAP ABAP training in Hyderabad at a reasonable price, for nothing matters more to us than the success of our students.

Today, one requires an SAP ABAP certification from the best SAP ABAP training institute in Hyderabad that will promise you a bright future. Apart from taking regular and weekend batches, one can even join us for SAP ABAP online training in Hyderabad at Triumph Gate Technologies. We assure that this is the best place for SAP ABAP training and placement in Hyderabad as you will enjoy the benefits of a better job and career growth. With your professional and soft skills polished, you can be one of our success stories as well.

SAP ABAP Course Syllabus


  • What is ABAP
  • R/3 Architecture
  • SAP Landscape
  • Type of ABAP programs
  • Designs of a small program using data types, parameters, text elements, fields strings, constants offset and field symbols
  • Overview of SD and MM flow
  • Relationships of Standard tables and keys

ABAP Dictionary

  • Introduction to ABAP Dictionary
  • Data Dictionary functions and Objects
  • Database table, View, Data Types, Type Groups, Domain, Search help, and Lock Objects
  • Primary and Foreign Key Relationship
  • Secondary Index
  • Table Maintenance Generator and Table Events

Selection Screen

  • Introduction to selection Screen
  • Parameters, Selection-Options and selection screen statements
  • Screen Tables and it fields
  • Dynamic Screen
  • Selection Screen Validations


  • Introduction to reports
  • Classical, Complex and Interactive reports


  • Introduction of Internal tables
  • Types of Internal Tables (Standard, sorted and Hashed)
  • Processing of Internal Table
  • Inner Joins, Outer Join and for all Entries

Packages and Variants

  • Creation of package
  • Difference B/W package and local objects
  • Changing the local object to package and Package to Local objects
  • Introduction of Variants
  • Creating variants for reports and objects

ALV Reports

  • Introduction to ALV
  • ALV through Function Modules
  • ALV types
  • List, GRID and Interactive ALV
  • Object-Oriented ALV

Debugging Techniques

  • Debugging Techniques Introduction
  • BREAK-POINT (static Dynamic)/ External Break-Point
  • Watchpoints
  • Dynamically changing internal tables contents in debugging Editor
  • Options to step through the program in Debugging Editor

Modularization Techniques

  • Modularization Techniques Introduction
  • Macros
  • Includes
  • Subroutines
  • Passing parameters to a subroutine
  • Passing tables to subroutines
  • Function Groups and Function Modules

Dialog / Modules pool Programming / Transactions

  1. Introduction to Modules Pool Programming
  2. Relationship between screen, Flow Logic, and program
  3. Events in Module Pool Programming
  • Process Before Output (PBO)
  • Process After Input (PAI)
  • Process on value request (POV)
  • Process on help request (POH)
  1. Include Programs in MPP
  2. Dynamic Screens-Leave screen, leave to Screen, Call Screen, Set screen
  3. Elements in screen Layout (Tables Controls, Step Loops, Tab Strip Controls and Sunscreens)

Batch Data communication

  1. BDC Introduction
  2. Recording
  3. BDC Methods (Call Transaction Method and Session Method)
  4. Handling Tables Control in BDC
  5. Legacy system Migration Workbench
  • Different Methods
  • Flat file creation
  • Uploading data
  1. File Handling
  • Application Server
  • Presentation Server

SAP Scripts

  1. Introduction to Scripts
  2. Components of SAP Scripts (Header, Pages, Windows, Page windows, Paragraph format, Character Format)
  3. Types of Windows
  4. Design of Layout, standard text, output program
  5. Upload/Down load scripts
  6. Script Utilities and Debugging Technics

Smart Forms

  • Introduction to Smart Forms
  • Graphics and style Management
  • Design Layout, Working with Nodes and Print Program
  • Design Layout with Different windows


  • Introduction to RFC
  • Creating of RFC
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication
  • Creating RDC destination of target systems


  • Introduction to BAPI
  • Difference B/W BAPI and PRFC
  • Real time scenarios to handle the BAPI programs


  • Introduction to IDOC
  • Types of IDOCs
  • Crating of Segments, IDOC and Message types
  • Linking the Segments, IDOC and Message types
  • Crating Port and Partner Profile
  • Crating programs for inbound ad outbound
  • Miscellaneous Topics


  • Overview of User Exits
  • Types of user Exits
  • Real time scenarios to handle the Exit programs


  • Introduction to BADI
  • Difference between BADI and User Exit
  • Types of BADI Implementations
  • Real Time Scenarios to Handle the BADI programs

Enhancements Spots

  • Introduction to Enhance Spots
  • Types of Enhancements
  • Real-time scenarios to handle the Enhancements spots


  • Introduction to BTE
  • Real time scenarios to handle the BTE


  1. Introduction to OOABAP
  2. Difference between OOABAP and Other Programming
  3. Class (Global Class, Local Class)
  4. Objects (Implicit & Explicit Objects)
  5. Methods (Static And Instance Method)
  6. Constructors (Static and Instance Constructors)
  7. Destructors
  8. Inheritance
  • Single Inheritance
  • Multi-Level Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  1. Polymorphism (Methods Overloading & Method Overriding)
  2. Super Keyword
  3. Abstract Method, Abstract Class, Interfaces, Aliases, Final Class, Final Method, Friend Class, Single Ton Class
  1. Type Castings
  • Narrow Casting (Up-Casting)
  • Wide Casting (Down – Casting)
  1. Events
  2. ALV Reporting in OOABAP


  • Introduction to HR-ABAP
  • Overview of HR Flow and Process
  • Difference B/W ABAP and HR ABAP
  • Logical Data Base and Report Category
  • Time Constants
  • Relationships of Objects
  • Creating the simple Programs
  • Enhance standard Infotypes & Creating Custom info types
  • Design payroll Reports using MACROS
  • Overview of the standard info types
  • Real Time Scenarios HR ABAP programs
  • Miscellaneous Topics


  • Introduction to WEBDYNPRO
  • UI elements
  • Controllers
  • Mappings and Windows
  • Programming Interfaces and Classes
  • Floor Plan Manger (GAF, OIF), events and coding (building Blocks)
  • ALV Integration Concepts
  • Componentization
  • Interactive Adobe Forms
  • Miscellaneous Topics


  • Introduction to Adobe Forms
  • Online forms and offline forms
  • Interactive Adobe forms


  • Introduction to Workflow
  • Design of simple workflow
  • Designing of workflow with Multiple Task
  • Real-time Scenarios to handle the workflows
  • Miscellaneous Topics



Best Faculty for SAP ABAP in Hyderabad

Mr. Srikanth is in charge of the SAB ABAP training course at Triumph Gate Technologies. Apart from being professional yet approachable, he has a good background in both theoretical knowledge and practical skill as per being a certified SAP-ABAP professional. After having worked in an MNC in Hyderabad for more than twelve years, we are proud to have him as an integral part of our family at Triumph Gate Technologies.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


Triumph Gate institute

is a perfect institute for SAP ABAP training as the teachers are extremely dedicated and sincere, and take time to solve our doubts. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this centre.
- Rahul

I had been searching

for a quality SAP ABAP training institute in Hyderabad, but all of them were focused on money-making and profits. Triumph Gate Technologies has an experienced faculty, well-equipped laboratory, open class timings and a good work environment that worked well for me.
- Emily

Mr. Srikanth is an excellent

teacher and his credentials are truly awe-inspiring. He tries his best to explain the concepts to us as easily and visually as possible so that his students fare well in all examinations and interviews.
- Shweta Rajput

You will find the best

faculty for SAP ABAP training and that at a very affordable fee, which makes it very economical for economically challenged students.
- Jhon

Our institute, Triumph Gate

Technologies, works with a motive to impart the best knowledge to their students. I was a part of their sessions and I would recommend every interested student to choose Triumph Gate.
- Ram Kumar

One of the most helpful things

about Triumph Gate technologies is that it is very student-friendly. Even if you are a working student or can’t attend classes regularly due to various reasons, you can always take help from the professors or the online training sessions on the website.
- Marry

Mr. Srikanth has been teaching SAP

ABAP here for the last 16 years and has trained thousands of students under his expertise. He takes care to complete his syllabus way before time, and gives us the opportunity to analyse and ask questions for improvement.
- Priya

Triumph Gate is the

perfect place if you want a bright future for yourself – great faculty, good course materials and a reasonable competitive atmosphere keeps you driving.
- Priyanshu

Not just theoretical

knowledge, the faculty at Triumph Gate Technologies hold interesting practical sessions that include case studies, internships, projects and assignments for a complete experience.
- Vishnu

If you’re unsure about

a certain topic, you can always take help from Mr. Srikanth to clear your doubts. Otherwise, check out their recorded training sessions on the websites. You won’t be disappointed at Triumph Gate technologies.
- Rajesh Kumar

You have three timings

to choose from – regular, fast-track and weekend batches as per your time and convenience so that you can study and give your exams in a way that’s best for you.
- Sourabh Shukla

Triumph Gate promises

you a great placement track record, and why not? Many companies now look for students with SAP ABAP training, and we are one of the best institutes in Hyderabad making us eligible for many job positions.
- Jitesh Gupta

Unlike many other institutes,

I’m very impressed with the management system of Triumph Gate. The faculty, the syllabus and the students are to my liking and I had a great time learning and exploring.
- Govind Naidu

The professors at Triumph Gate

successfully train many thousands of students every batch which speaks well of their capability and conduct – in both theoretical and practical training.
- Venkat

Our professors have worked

in the industry for more than a decade which gives them an edge over other institutes in Hyderabad due to their practical experiences that they share with us so that we are prepared to handle glitches in our career.
- Surya

Having a SAP ABAP certification

is very important and so I joined Triumph Gate Technologies for some time, and now I would recommend it to everyone else.
- Sumanth

Triumph Gate Technologies

has a separate element on placement, and it prepares us for the best and worst in our theoretical tests and practical interviews later in life.
- Srikanth

The faculty at Triumph Gate

Technologies does a great job in giving students the best knowledge at a reasonable rate, it’s truly one of the best in Hyderabad.
- Manoj Kumar


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Benefits of SAP ABAP training and its Career Prospects

SAP ABAP certification is an important training course highly relevant to modern times. Standing for ‘Systems Applications and Products’, SAP was originally conceived in 1972 to enable customers to work upon a common database with a comprehensive application range. Found in Manheim, Germany, SAP has now divided itself into several different modules such as SAP ABAP, which aids in developing enterprise application based on SAP platform. Here, we would talk about the career prospects of an SAP ABAP certification course and how it benefits your future in the long run.


What is SAB ABAP?

 A single module of SAP, SAP ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It is the primary programming language that supports the SAP ABAP platform and applications and programmes that run on it such as SAP ERP, CRM, and S/4HANA. SAP ABAP is said to be the oldest and most popular form of SAP, which also includes other modules like SAP Netweaver Java, SAP Hana, and SAP Cloud Platform. SAP certified professionals are in tremendous demand in IT and software industries and are preferred in the case of candidate interviews and hiring, internal promotion or salary appraisal. Moreover, SAP ABAP training prepares the candidate for future tasks, such as –

  • Developing applications for business organizations to improve
  • Understanding the data types, terminology, and concepts of structures, buffers, tables, ABAP, etc.
  • Creating programmes with scripting, loops, file handling, branches, module pools, etc.
  • Work with basic ABAP features such as syntax checks, covering formatting, string/data operations, etc.
  • Executing complicated programmes such as ALV, ALE, BADI, LSMW, ROC, etc.


SAP ABAP is integrated with certain features of the SAP Netweaver ABAP application server, and contains the following features –

  • Data Dictionary – Helpful in every situation, the dictionary contains definitions related to business logic and data, which is a part of ABAP
  • Internal Tables – Internal Tables contains clusters of objects that are accessed by special keywords or open SQL, a system contrasts with typed systems such as C++ and Java.
  • Open SQL – This is an abstraction of SQL syntax that works with the ABAP language and which the ABAP runtime environment converts into native SQL appropriate to the database.
  • Shared development system – ABAP functions on a shared system where all the developers work on different aspects of the same set of development objects
  • Security – ABAP is integrated with SAP Netweaver’s security system
  • Logical database connections – These allow the code to be abstracted from a specific database, that is usually configured without ABAP that allow the same code to be implemented in different environments
  • Change and transport systems (CTS) – This tracks and promotes development objects to ensure quality production environments and product assurance.


What are the career benefits of going for a SAP ABAP course?

  • Greater job opportunities

As with any certification, candidates with SAP ABAP certification are preferred for job interviews and salary hikes due to higher qualifications. You will be in charge for many functions that take place on the SAP ABAP platform, which makes it important for you to take up a training course certificate.

  • Increased salary

A SAP ABAP certification course counts as an extra qualification for which consideration and appraisal will be offered. There are many studies that have revealed that SAP ABAP professionals are among the highest-paid IT professionals in the IT industry, which would greatly add to its progress in many ways. Since you are considered knowledgeable and better qualified than your competitors, you won’t require training and will enjoy excellent remuneration and peaks.

  • Dire need in a business environment

SAP ABAP professionals are part of a comparatively much lesser competition in contrast to other SAP modules. Though there is no proper learning system as such, you will definitely need SAP ABAP training in a business environment once you gain the competence and understanding of working with programming and other practices.

  • It is a very limited field, therefore can be combined with other modules

There is a reason why there are so few SAP ABAP professionals in the IT industry, though one will always need ABAP development on legacy systems. Since it offers no objective in general, you can focus on the other modules and keep ABAP as a side-course. As of now, ABAP is perfect for SAP products as it is rather specific and only SAP professionals and their business partner use it on a regular basis.


Career Opportunities with SAP ABAP certification course

If you wish to go for SAP ABAP certification, you need to have comprehensive knowledge about database technologies and basic programming languages such as C++ and Java. It would be wise to know something about Remote Functiion invocations, web services and data exchange across heterogeneous systems as well.

As for educational qualifications, candidates with the following degrees can apply –

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Computer Applications

Job titles after acquiring a SAP ABAP certification course would be –

  • SAP ABAP Programmer
  • SAP Consultant
  • Senior Technical Consultant
  • ABAP Developer
  • Systems Engineer, IT
  • Software Developer/Engineer/Programmer

In today’s age, it’s better to equip yourself with as many certification programmes as you can for a better professional future. Research well and make your choices well to be successful in life.

FAQ’s in SAP ABAP Training

What is SAP ABAP training?

SAP ABAP stands for SAP Advanced Business Application Programming, a high-level programming language to build and support business applications. Thus, you can write and develop codes for programming on the Application Server via the module of your choice.

What would you learn in an SAP ABAP course?

Upon joining an SAP ABAP course, you would learn the following topics:
• Learning ABAP terminology, concepts and data types such as indexes, structures, buffers and tables
• Create programmes and implement ABAP basics, data operations, performance trace, loops, branches and syntax check
• Using modularisation tools such as function modules, subroutines and macros
• Understanding advanced terminology such as ALE, RFC, IDOC, LSMW and more

Who would be the perfect candidate for an SAP ABAP training course?

The SAP ABAP training course is open to engineering and B.Tech/BCA graduates, developers and programmes.

What are the prerequisites to join an SAP ABAP training course?

You must know basic programming languages, object-object oriented concepts and relational database to be eligible for an SAP ABAP training programme.

What are your job opportunities after completing an SAP ABAP training course?

Upon completing an SAP ABAP training programme, you can work as a SAP ABAP Consultant, SAP ABAP Developer, SAP ABAP Manager and others.

What is the job profile of an SAP ABAP Consultant?

The major job description of an SAP ABAP Consultant comprises the following responsibilities:
• Determine the role of IT systems in a company
• Research on new tools and technologies, and their costs and benefits
• Implement or maintain SAP ABAP business solutions as per user requirement analysis
• Configuring test and document business solutions in SAP
• Interact with team members and clients to ensure timely delivery of solutions and development of business possibilities
• Lead application functional teams
• Inspect the installation and configuration of new systems, tools and technologies
• Train the systems’ users and compile instruction manuals

How can you become an SAP ABAP consultant?

The ideal SAP ABAP consultant should have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer or Information Science, with side courses in Business or Management Information Systems as well.
Some organizations look for MBA candidates with a focus on information systems as well. You should join an SAP ABAP training course from a well-known training school, where you would work on industry-related projects.

What are the soft skills that a SAP ABAP consultant must learn?

A SAP ABAP consultant must be proficient in analytical skills, communication skills and creativity along with your educational qualifications.

What would you receive at the end of the SAP ABAP training period?

You shall be guided in resume preparation, mock interviews and examinations at the end of the session. Also, you shall be receiving a certificate that acts an evidence for a successful course.

Do you provide job placements?

Though we cannot guarantee 100 per cent job placements, we inform our students about any worthwhile job opportunities.