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Tech Trainees is the ultimate choice for ServiceNow training in Hyderabad, as we believe in the combination of technical knowledge and practical skills. We have completed more than 200 training courses and provide 100% placement assistance to our students.

It is an integral part of the IT industry and is generally used in the IT industry as the forefront of Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions. It has the capability to transform the IT enterprise due to its low amount o configuration and greater benefits.

Thanks to ServiceNow, the modern enterprise can now operate faster and more scalable than before, leading to greater sales. To enjoy the many benefits of a ServiceNow course certification, you should a good-quality training institute immediately for a course certification and brighten your future.

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Are You Looking For ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad?

Welcome to ServiceNow Training Institute in Hyderabad

Tech Trainees is rated to be one of the top institutes in ServiceNow online training in Hyderabad, as it has changed the lives of millions of students since its inception. Due to our policy of perseverance, hard work and strategy, we have dedicated our lives to the welfare of students, so that our mission of educating students and gifting them a better life is fulfilled.

Our ServiceNow training institute in Hyderabad has been equipped with a structured curriculum, experienced trainers, bright and eager students, spacious classroom and well-equipped practical laboratories. Apart from providing certification courses, we have been successful in providing 100% placement for students in MNCs in both India and abroad.

The syllabus has been designed keeping in mind the current trends of the industry, and we have consulted several industry experts and professors before developing the same. To improve the quality of our students, we have developed a unique and effective way to help them grasp the basic concepts of the subject easily. Moreover, we assign classroom timings as per the students’ convenience – on both weekdays and weekends.

In the case the students are unable to attend the class lectures due to personal sessions, they can access the video tutorials uploaded by our staff on our website.

Students will receive a ServiceNow training certificate after completing the course.


Best Faculty for ServiceNow in Hyderabad

At Tech Trainees, we pride ourselves on handpicking members of the best faculty for ServiceNow in Hyderabad. Mr. Kishore remains one of our most-experienced and highly-qualified professors who have spent more than a decade in the real-time industry and has a lot to share regarding his knowledge and experience. Friendly and approachable, he has worked with us for more than twelve years at Tech Trainees, thus earning our tremendous respect.

What Do The Students Say About Us?

“Tech Trainees provides you with one of the best options for ServiceNow training which will definitely help you in improving your skills. I have attended the course and I would highly recommend the institute to all those looking for a good place.” – Priyanka

“Since I’m a working student and work in shifts, it was not feasible for me to join a regular classroom course. Unlike other institutes, I could choose my own time and convenience through the ServiceNow online training at Tech Trainees. Today, I’m a successful ServiceNow consultant.” – Vijay

“You should definitely choose Tech Trainees for your course training and you’ll be greatly satisfied with the management, the professors and the classmate. It’s worth it!” – Kalyan

“Unlike other training institutes that I have tried and failed, Tech Trainees is that one place where you get complete and one-on-one training at a very reasonable rate. Give this place a go!” – Mynam Kumar

“My trainer at Tech Trainees was extremely sincere and he taught us every concept as clearly as possible, which made it very easy for me to revise and then prepare myself for the exams.” – Lavanya

“I selected the ServiceNow online course at Tech Trainees and it has been one of my best decisions. I enjoyed a well-taught concise subject in a spacious classroom, great infrastructure with experienced trainers. Thank you.” – Ganesh

“I would like to thank the staff at Tech Trainees for their amazing contribution to the course, due to which I was selected for my dream job at a well-known company.” – Raja

“I have attended the ServiceNow course at Tech Trainees, and I found the course up-to-date and relevant to the real-time industry. The classes are well-organised and the trainers are dedicated and complete the course within the deadline.” – Satish

“This is your place to go if you want an institute that provides you with quality training at an affordable rate. They have some very good trainers and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of teaching.” – Ravi Sankar

“Since I was a virtual student of the ServiceNow training at Tech Trainees, I would depend on the online tutorials on the website and my friends. Thanks to the efforts of my professors who would clear my doubts on the phone, I have passed the course with flying colours.”
– Ram Raj

“I was a regular student of Tech Trainees Servicenow training, and I found that the course materials interesting and easy. The sessions wrre assigned according to our needs and requirements, which helped me work on my other skills as well.” – Karthik

“The Tech Trainees ServiceNow training helped me with learning so many new things about my professional domain and made me a more capable and experienced employee in the company.” – Ravi Teja

“This institute is reputed to be one of the most well-reputed training institutes for a variety of courses, one of being ServiceNow training. The course has improved my skills to a great deal and I am thankful to my trainers for the same.” – Raj Katam

“After Servicenow training at Tech Trainees, I would love to join a number of other courses at the same institute. We had a great trainer, good infrastructure and amazing classmates.” – Srikanth

“Mr. Kishore is an amazing trainer as he has some great knowledge and experience. He has helped me out with different technologies and has improved my skills for my job opportunity.” – Naveen

“It was a great experience with joining ServiceNow training at Tech Trainees. The infrastructure, the trainers and the classmates were very helpful and have exposed myself to my domain of work.” – Kranthi

“Thanks to the trainers, classmates and infrastructure, I have successfully completed the ServiceNow training at Tech Trainees.”
– Bhaskar

“Mr. Kishore is an amazing professor and always guides us through our course, projects, assignments and internships and more. Thank you, sir.”
– Bhanu



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Benefits of ServiceNow Training and its Career

Modern enterprises need stronger and more capable platforms for their business prospects. Many service platforms lack the capacity to deliver high-quality IT services that a business agency requires along with failing to deliver productivity gains. In such situations, ServiceNow training provides tremendous value to enterprises, thus enabling to operate faster and gain scalability than ever before. For this reason, many training institutes pertaining to the IT industry include ServiceNow training and course certification as an important part of their curriculum. Such courses prepare students for real-time industry knowledge and experiences, which opens them to up several career opportunities in life.

Benefits of holding a ServiceNow course certification

  • Advantageous for the IT staff in the long run

With a ServiceNow certification in hand, you will be responsible for the smooth functioning of the IT operations. You will create a single platform with a single in-built system to record IT needs, which would successfully integrate past disjointed operations, create reliable workflows and adopt dependable ITSM practices. Thus, the IT team can work efficiently and have more time for important innovations, and be able to establish themselves as partners of the business.

  • Ensure satisfied customers

Thanks to improved IT operations, you can bring in happy customers and ensure complete efficiency in problem management, release management, and change management. Your enterprise will enjoy higher user acceptance by creating custom applications and ServiceNow integration tools that result in enhanced IT services.

  • High employee productivity

If you have a ServiceNow certificate, you can deliver smooth IT services for higher productivity, which includes the reuse of validated information. These services will be user-friendly and accessible and be supported by automated workflows that can be used to utilize the service platform. Thus, this will dramatically reduce the time, errors and follow-up efforts, and ensure complete efficiency at work.

  • Minimizes risks

A ServiceNow training certification helps you to minimize risks as it is a reliable consolidated platform that works on single-instance architecture, security of customer data in enterprise-oriented cloud services, accordance with industry standards and available information about any changes. You can prepare for audits by leveraging automated and traceable data which could save the enterprise a lot of time spent during preparations. Moreover, you will use ServiceNow tools such as Risk and Compliance and IT Governance for your documentation requirements during audits.

  • Lower IT infrastructure costs

Since you hold a ServiceNow certification, you will work with legacy platforms and ITSM solutions when it comes to your enterprise. As a result, clients would report less dependence on outsourced IT services, which would help them reduce costs and prioritize in-house IT services. You can use ServiceNow as a cloud-based solution as well to enjoy no software costs, reclaimed servers and better IT time management. Also, your enterprise will be able to use ServiceNow products in a better manner, which will lead to lesser operational costs.

  • Streamlined IT operations


ServiceNow works on an Event Management Dashboard system, which lets you access each element of a company’s IT purview at a glance. As a result, it gives you a number of solutions as well, ranging from automation-assisted manual fixes, clear reports, integrated ITSM, customizable templates and automated scripts – which gives you a more streamlined IT approach that was not possible with the previous-generation ITSM model like BMC.

ServiceNow Training and its Career Opportunities

A ServiceNow training certification paves your way for a successful career in the IT industry, as it prepares you for greater responsibilities and salary perks. You can apply for the job positions after you complete a training course from a good-quality training institute. Not only will you be trained in the theoretical aspects of the job, but you will be allowed to handle your responsibilities in a structured real-time environment where you will be taught how to handle tough situations.

You can go for the following job positions in an IT organization –

  • ServiceNow Administrator
  • ServiceNow Developer
  • ServiceNow Implementer
  • Certified Implementation Specialist in the following domains
    • Vulnerability Response
    • ITSM
    • Service Mapping
    • FM
    • PPM
    • HR
    • CSM

What are the prerequisites for ServiceNow training?

Though you can enter a ServiceNow training institute without any basic training, it is highly recommended that you prepare yourself with a number of preliminary courses before you go ahead with the same. These courses will help you avoid missing out on basic concepts that are dependent on the preliminary courses, and you can understand your chosen course well. The preliminary courses to be preferred are as follows –

  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS Training as ServiceNow is slowly moving towards in that direction
  • Basic knowledge of ServiceNow portal concepts
  • Basic understanding of Windows administration
  • Knowledge of using a POSTMAN/SOAP UI


Armed with a ServiceNow training certification in hand and some industry knowledge, you will be able to crack any relevant examinations and interviews, and rise up to a successful career.

What is the Course Duration Of Servicenow Training?

Complete Servicenow Course Duration Is 30 to 35 hrs with providing one live project.

What is the Course Fees?

Course Fees is 12500 Rs.

Which is the Top Institute for Servicenow Training In Hyderabad?

Tech Trainees is the one of the best institute for Servicenow Training in Hyderabad

Do You Provide Course Materials and Lab Facilities?

Yes we Provide Complete Course Materials with Full Time Lab Facilities

What is ServiceNow training?

ServiceNow training equips you to handle technical management support to several IT operations. Being a cloud-hosted IT platform, it is an essential for IT professionals to succeed in their career. You can specific sub-courses based on your preference: such as, Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS), Certified Application Developer (CAD)and Certified Systems Administrator (CSA). Moreover, you can take up product-specific sub-courses as well.

What is the training schedule like?

You can either attend our regular classroom sessions that offer both training and practical experience, access our online training sessions where the professors share their knowledge, tips and tricks with you in high-quality videos. Moreover, you will receive intensive study material to learn and practice at your convenience.

What are the major areas covered under Servicenow Training?

You shall learn about the following areas under Servicenow training:
IT Service Management
Field Service Management
HR Service Management
Application Development
Finance Service Management
Security Operations

Who shall attend the Servicenow training course?

The Servicenow training course is suitable for IT professionals such as Project Managers, Application Support Engineers and Software Developers.

What are the prerequisites of Servicenow training?

Candidates must know Troubleshooting, Javascript, Database Tables and Columns and designing skills.