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SharePoint training with Office 365 in Hyderabad – SharePoint refers to a web-based collaborative platform that is integrated with Microsoft Office, which is generally used as a document and storage system. It has several uses of its own, which highly varies among different organizations, such as –

  • Enterprise content and document management
  • Collaborative software
  • Intranet and social network
  • Custom web applications
  • Web-hosting services

After a major makeover by Microsoft, SharePoint is now a part of the Cloud technology with the new Office 365/SharePoint version. Packed with many benefits, software industries now look for professionals who are proficient in SharePoint with Office 365 for their purposes. Which is why Tech Trainees is one of the first institutes to have introduced SharePoint online training in Hyderabad.

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Are You Looking For Office 365 with SharePoint Training?


Welcome to SharePoint with Office 365 training institute in Hyderabad

At Tech Trainees, we are the best providers of SharePoint with Office 365 training in Hyderabad. We believe in a training programme that focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the same. In simple words, SharePoint is a website or a group of a website that allows users to share data, knowledge, and information with each other as part of the collaboration.

We understand the need of today and have included SharePoint training with Office 365 training as part of our Microsoft training courses. There are large, spacious classrooms for your comfort and our trainers have been carefully selected from all over India for the best imparting of knowledge. They have worked with several multi-national companies in the past and have joined our institute to share their experiences with our students.

Joining a SharePoint with the Office 365 training course is useful for IT professionals, developers, and end-users. Its benefits include –

  •  Cutting down on time, maintenance and effort costs
  •  Building custom applications and quick response to business needs
  •  Sharing ideas and concepts
  •  Make better decisions as per business information
  • The topics included in SharePoint with Office 365 training course include –
  •  Introduction to SharePoint
  •  Document Libraries

Basic Document Management

  •  Lists at its Core
  •  Pages and Web Parts
  •  Apps and the App Store
  •  Creating and Managing Sites
  •  Security Information
  •  Enterprise Search
  •  C#
  •  SSOM
  • Client Object Model

After completing the course, you shall receive a Sharepoint with Office 365 training certificate from Tech Trainees. Moreover, you shall be guided in resumé building and examination and interview preparations.



Best Faculty for SharePoint Training in Hyderabad

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to choosing the best faculty for SharePoint with Office 365 training in Hyderabad. Though we have several highly- qualified and dedicated professors in the institute, Mr. Kishore remains a unanimous favorite among his students due to his friendly approach, high-quality teaching, and charismatic personality. He has worked in several multinational companies working on real-time projects but now spends his time sharing his knowledge and experience with his students.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


I have completed SharePoint training

from Tech Trainees, and I must say that I’m very impressed with the entire programme. The course was very flexible and the trainer was excellent as well as he guided me through the key concepts and practical training. I would like to personally thank my trainer.
- Nikhil

I have attended SharePoint training

at Tech Trainees, and I would recommend the place to my juniors and friends who are interested in the course.
- Jyothsna

I have successfully completed

SharePoint with Office 365 training at Tech Trainees under the guidance of Mr. Kishore. They offer some really good placement options and guide you through the exam preparations and interviews as well.
- shiva shanker

Our SharePoint training session

was guided by Mr. Kishore and I am very thankful to him for the same. He was a great trainer as he would explain the concepts very clearly and offered us tips and tricks to score better in the examinations.
- Siva

I did my SharePoint with

Office 365 training under Mr. Kishore at Tech Trainees. Our tutor taught us the subject in the best way possible and was patient to clear our doubts and help us master the course.
- Chintu

I was blessed to have a trainer such

as Mr. Kishore for my SharePoint with Office 365 training at Tech Trainees. Apart from his regular classes and doubt- clearing sessions, he would give us a task everyday which greatly improved out practical skills.
- Mounika

I have completed the SharePoint

with Office 365 training at Tech Trainees, and I really enjoyed the course. The trainer explained everything to us in a very concise manner, which was helpful for me in the long run.
- Jaya Dev

The trainers at Tech Trainees have been

very helpful to me regarding my SharePoint with Office 365, as they understand every student’s personal needs and have excellent delivery skills, which is great for us.
- Lakshmi

Thank you, Tech Trainees,

for providing me the best SharePoint with Office 365 training under the training of Mr. Kishore. He has taken great care to explain key concepts in the real-time industry using examples, diagrams and illustrations.
- Prudvi

Mr. Kishore was a very friendly

teacher for he would clarify my doubts whenever I called him. I personally like his interactive sessions in class as he covers a wide range of topics and encourages us to think creatively.
- Sachin

I really liked the trainer’s way of

teaching and the practical assignments that would help us in the real-time industry. Thank you for the opportunity, Tech Trainees.
- Vinod

I would recommend aspiring students

to go for Tech Trainees if you want an affordable yet high-quality SharePoint with Office 365 training for yourself. Thank you.
- Karthik

I would like to thank Mr. Kishore

for his contribution to my SharePoint with Office 365 training. He is indeed quite knowledgeable about the subject and shares his own experiences in the industry as well.
- Srikanth

I chose to take up SharePoint with

Office 365 training at Tech Trainees, and I am highly satisfied. The curriculum was well-designed and our trainers were fantastic. Thanks.
- Subash

After joining the SharePoint course

at Tech Trainees, I found myself learning new things in every session. Today, I have made good use of my knowledge and experience in my new job position.
- Anil

I have completed my SharePoint training

at Tech Trainees, and I am very happy with the well-managed organisation and training sessions. Highly recommended.
- Rani

I had a great experience

at Tech Trainees as I have received well- reformed training in SharePoint training at Tech Trainees.
- Sunil

Since I was an online student,

I couldn’t attend regular classes. Yet, the online tutorials were very helpful and I could p;an my study schedule according to my convenience.
- Varun


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Benefits of SharePoint with Office 365 and its Career Prospects

In simple terms, SharePoint is a web-based application used for collaboration, data management and documentation in intense enterprise environment. Currently ranked as one of the most popular business-ready web services offered by Microsoft, Microsoft SharePoint was originally developed as a documentation, data management and collaboration application but rose up to a communication for members of a software development project. Due to its many benefits, SharePoint with Office 365 training is considered to be extremely valuable, especially if you plan to work in Microsoft. The benefits of Microsoft SharePoint with Office 365 in business enterprises include –

  • More ease in allowing real-time streaming and sharing of information within an enterprise
  • Developers can integrate a variety of features in any application you want as per your business requirements
  • Centralized administration to control the app management features, backup, upgrading capabilities, configuration settings, system specific settings and restoration
  • Integrated security features to protect the system from unauthorized access
  • Can be installed without the need of a professional developer


The Career Benefits of getting a SharePoint with Office 365 certification


  • Extra knowledge and qualifications always pay better

A little more theory never hurt anyone, and your employability skills will greatly benefit the organization in more ways than one. Generally, nearly all of the IT managers hold candidates with relevant certificates in high regard as certificates make up an important part of individual and team performance. Certified employees make sure that the business experiences a lesser server down times, lesser direct and indirect costs and better IT support.

  • Brings out your proficiency in the field

Due to obvious reasons, your potential employer will choose the candidate who has the relevant certificate even though they might score not-so-good marks in all their examinations as compared to the one who doesn’t have one. In many ways, the certification shows a certain level of dedication and perseverance by the candidate in the IT industry.

  • You contribute to the business success

Technology is an important part of any business, may it be big, medium or small. Many business organizations that the lack of proper IT skills does affect any one aspect of the effectiveness of the IT system, the customer service team engagement and staff productivity. They believe it is far cheaper to hire an employee who knows the concept and invest in training for the entire staff.

  • Job security and productivity

There are many hiring managers who consider certification as part of their hiring requirements when candidates apply for a job. Such candidates are greatly preferred as it is believed that they add true value to the organization on the basis of their expertise and skills relevant to the job position.

  •  Improved operations and increased ROI

Employers believe that employees who have a Microsoft certificate are more confident and productive in their job as they can create secure and effective solutions. They can utilize technology in a better manner, thus eliminating risks and reducing time and effort.

Career Opportunities after receiving a SharePoint with Microsoft Office 365 certification

You can go for a SharePoint with Microsoft Office 365 certification course from a good training institute, after which you are eligible for the following job positions –

  • SharePoint Engineer

Though being an engineer is the common option in the field, not all Sharepoint jobs are related to engineering. Engineers configure and administer the system such as ensuring up-time, patching and server maintenance along with changing the system environment to fix any issues.

  • SharePoint Developer

SharePoint developers design programmes for the system according to the current trends such as to run in the client instead of the server. Developers need to think of new ways to develop the programme by creating custom codes for everything, for which you need a really good imagination.

  • Site Collection Administrator

Though a Site Collection Administrator is not expected to know everything about SharePoint and Office 365, but they should know something about Lists, Sites and Libraries and managing content. According to the Federal Support Model, each Site Collection is supported by a Site Collection Administrator to work through administrative issues.

  • SharePoint Architect

A SharePoint Architect is required to engage each and every detail about SharePoint into their work, which includes planning and designing the environmental for optimum use, planning and designing the environment from the server and network layout.

  • Project manager

The Project Manager manages the entire system by testing the influences of one team on the next, finding out the resources needed, ensuring that the projects are completed on time and that customers are satisfied.

Apart from these major roles, there are career roles specified for PowerPivot site designs, marketing, graphic design, user education, Excel creation, support, and workflows as well.

Prerequisites of going for SharePoint with Office 365 certification

A candidate is expected to have the basic knowledge of the following when applying for SharePoint training –

  •  Microsoft Office
  •  Internet Information Server (IIS) administration
  •  SQL Server administration
  •  Web application, sites, shared service provider, AD import, SQL Server database
  •  ASP.NET in C#


SharePoint with office 365 certification can take you far in your professional career, only if you’re willing to work hard and take smart decisions for it. Choose a good training institute near you and work towards your goal right now.