Digital Marketing Course in Tirupati

Digital Floats in Tirupati is a pioneer training institute that provides an all-round knowledge of Digital Marketing, with the help of professional experts. It is important for today’s professionals to know about Digital Marketing to scale new heights with their businesses, whether experienced or startups – with a focus on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization.

Digital Marketing Course

Are You Looking For Digital Marketing Training in Tirupati?

Welcome to Digital Marketing Training Institute in Tirupati

Join our Digital Marketing Certification Program, which is open to all students, job-seekers, and professionals. The greatest advantage of having a Certificate from a premier institute is that you would be given preference in the case of relevant examinations and interviews. If you don’t wish to work for an existing organization, you can always set up a business online to interact with your potential customers over the internet.

At Digital Floats, we mix solid knowledge with groundbreaking teaching and learning techniques. We have an office in Hyderabad, but we have spread our branches all over Andhra Pradesh to give our students the best of our knowledge. We boast of a teaching experience comprising more than ten years, and an extremely dedicated and qualified staff. We have trained more than 10,000 students in our entire career and have a good placement record track as of now. Our syllabus goes from simple to complex in a systematic manner as follows –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdSense

… and much more.

We have online training sessions, regular or weekend classroom trainings, a laboratory facility, live projects and assignments, internships and 100% job placement assistance for your convenience. You can even take help of our 24/7 trainer’s assistance on our online support, and become a Certified Professional for Google, Bing, Hubspot, and YouTube as well.


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Digital Marketing Course Training





Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Training in Tirupati

Digital Marketing Course Training

Best Faculty for Digital Marketing in Tirupati

We have been blessed with some of the best professionals in Tirupati, with excellent degrees and abundant experience in digital advertising and marketing. All of them are creative and capable of handling different levels of digital marketing and have led different online marketing campaigns since the beginning of their careers. Some of them work full-time or part-time with us, but all of them are equally sincere in their vocation to the institute and make efforts to inculcate the love for digital marketing into their students.

What Do The Students Say About Us?

The Digital Marketing training is worth the time

effort and money, provided that are dedicated to the lectures and examinations. Our professors take care to complete the syllabus well within the deadline, yet anyone can reach out them anytime during or after the class to get their doubts clarified. I would highly recommend this institute for digital marketing.
- Sai Manikanta

The Digital Marketing course

by Digital Floats is a great option to choose if you’re looking for courses that would enhance your job opportunities by leaps and bounds. This is equally simple for those who come from a non-technical background, as the professors would explain every concept in such a simple manner for all to understand. What’s more they hold extra classes when they need some extra time to complete the syllabus.
- Supraja

The study material prescribed

for the course cover all the topics in detail, making it an enjoyable read. Once you get the basics right, it doesn’t take you much time to move on to the advanced level. The course not just teaches you a new skill, but motivates you to perform your best at an examination or at an interview.
- Vishal Kumar

You can learn so much

in such a short time! The course materials are very good and the professors will explain even the simplest concepts as many times as you need. Our classes are not just all about rote-learning and theory, but also real-life practical examples and experience so that we know how it is like when we go for a job.
- Ashwini Pandey

The reputation of the Digital Floats

Digital Marketing course is worth the hype. Everything is so systematic and well-managed, and the staff believe in enthusiasm and hard work when they teach their classes. Even their website is so clean, and you can have a look at their online course material in case you have some last-minute doubts.
- Devvkanth Musunoru

The class discussions

and topics talked about were very interesting, and they all pertain to the day’s subject. Neither the teachers nor the students waste time in idle chitchat or by coming late. However, you need to be prepared for the day’s lecture and do your projects and assignments properly to score good marks in your examinations.
- Hitansu

If you’re unable to attend

regular classes, you can always look up their video tutorials and online training sessions whenever you need help. They are equally beneficial, and you will be able to complete your course while juggling many other things besides.
- Raj Shekhar

I find the environment

at Digital Floats just perfect for a classroom situation. The big, airy classrooms and the genuinely interested professors will ensure that each and every student has thoroughly understood the chapter of the day, and will clear your doubts as many as times as you want for clearer understanding.
- Saianusha Alapati

What I liked the best about

Digital Floats is that the teachers and students alike are extremely passionate about their vocation. Everyone over here is eager to teach and learn, and willing make an extra effort for their own satisfaction.
- P Geethika

You will enjoy the great

exposure at Digital Floats, as you meet industry experts pertaining to the field. The course is very interesting in itself, and you will definitely learn something new every day if you’re ready to work hard for the same.
- Bharath Raj


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