IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad

IELTS Coaching – In simple terms, IELTS is the acronym for International English Language Testing System, which tests a student’s proficiency in English. The examinations are reserved for students who wish to study or work in areas where English is the primary language of communication.

As widely known, IELTS examinations provide youngsters with the opportunity to go abroad for better educational and job opportunities. Though it is generally believed to be a very difficult test where many do not get through, the truth is that all you need is some good IELTS coaching in Hyderabad, determination, and willpower and you’re ready to pass the examinations with flying colors.

IELTS coaching in Hyderabad

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IELTS Training Institute in Hyderabad

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Are You Looking For IELTS Training in Hyderabad?

Welcome to IELTS Coaching Institute in Hyderabad

IELTS has emerged as a trending course for educational and job opportunities abroad, and one must take relevant coaching classes for the same. Tech Trainees has been highly reputed as one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Hyderabad, where theoretical knowledge and practical experience are given equal value. It is to be considered that IELTS examiners believe in a quality-controlled and rigorous process of recruitment, training, benchmarking, certification and monitoring – and we like to follow the same system for our students.

IELTS coaching is highly recommended for those who –

  • plans to study for higher education abroad
  • plans to go for an English-language learning programme admissions and exit
  • wants to apply for scholarship and certification
  • is a student/worker wanting an immigration visa

The major components for IELTS training are –

  • Listening
  • Academic Reading
  • General Training Reading
  • Academic Writing
  • General Training Writing
  • Style

At Tech Trainees, we guarantee a unique and personalized learning experience with spacious classrooms, experienced faculty, and a diverse student body. For those who are unable to attend our regular and weekend batches, they can easily access our videos on IELTS online coaching training in Hyderabad.

You will receive an IELTS coaching certification at the completion of the course.




Best Faculty for IELTS training in Hyderabad

The high educational degrees and their professional experience of our handpicked professors have gifted us with the best faculty for IELTS training in Hyderabad. Mr. Kishore is one of our most well-qualified professors in this regard, as he has worked abroad for many years and has recently returned to India to share his experience with his students. He has spent more than a decade of his life dedicated to his students, making him a role model.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


I would extend my gratitude

to Tech Trainees for their wonderful IELTS coaching with experienced faculty, helpful batchmates and friendly staff for their contribution to my success in completing the course.
- Sankar

I have completed my

IELTS and GRE course from Tech Trainees, complete with good course materials and great classmates – thanks to the same, I now hold a great degree from a well-known university.
- Chandra Sekhar

I have done an IELTS course,

and everything has been very smooth since the admission process. Ever since then, my journey has been quite enjoyable and I would recommend the institute to everyone.
- Ashwin

Tech Trainees is a one

of its kind coaching institute where you can have access online and personal access to professional IELTS and GRE coaching. They promise that they will thoroughly prepare you for the examinations and interviews ahead, and they do keep up to their claims.
- Haribabu

The IELTS coaching at

Tech Trainees is one of the best coaching institutes in Hyderabad, and there are many reasons why. The faculty makes aure that you get nothing less than Grade A in all your mock tests and interviews, and they keep guiding you through the way.
- Nandini

Thanks to the IELTS coaching at

Tech Trainees, I have scored a grand total score of 320 and now I have moved on to better and greater opportunities abroad.
- Savithri

In my opinion, Mr. Kishore

has proved himself to be a capable professor and he has explained every concept in the book in flawless English, and has inspired us to be like him.
- Arindam

I have been looking for a good

IELTS and GRE coaching in Hyderabad for my examinations the coming year. While the other coaching institutes would focus on money-making and profits, Tech Trainees was the only institute that met up to my expectations in the best way possible.
- Krishna

I had joined the IELTS course

at Tech Trainees to improve my career prospects abroad, and I was really impressed by it. The professors, especially Mr. Kishore, are very qualified and the classrooms are well-equipped, making the atmosphere the best for coaching sessions.
- Suraj

You will really enjoy the IELTS

course at Tech Trainees thanks to the sincere dedication of our professors. Mr. Kishore is extremely focused in his aim to finish his syllabus as thoroughly and as sooner as possible. He has spent quite some in the real-time industry and has been teaching students for quite some time – so why not?
- Sneha

Though IELTS is a

demanding subject in itself for you need constant evaluation and practice, the trainers at Tech Trainees are always ready ready to guide you.
- Priya

IELTS is not a complicated subject

in general, but it is essential to clear up all the myths surrounding the same. Tech Trainees was the institute that helped me realise my dream job abroad.
- Rahul Jain

I had heard a lot about

Tech Trainees and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join the hype. Yet, when I joined the institute, I was greatly impressed by the professors and the professional atmopshere for day one – a job well done!
- Amar Singh

I was a past student at

Tech Trainees and I would recommend the institute to everyone who’s looking for a good coaching centre for IELTS due to its amazing faculty.
- Nagesh

Like everyone else, I was

a little hesitant about joining an institute for IELTS coaching. Today, I’m glad that I made a choice as I’m successful and happy – all thanks to Tech Trainees.
- Ravi Varma

Tech Trainees is one of the

most well-managed coaching institutes for IELTS as everything is so well-organised and it does live up to its promises that it makes at the time of admission process.
- Sai Nirmala

If you’re looking for a good

institute for IELTS coaching and have lost hope, give a chance to Tech Trainees – they won’t disappoint you in anyway.
- Varun

As I’m a working student,

the faculty at Tech Trainees made sure to hold classes for me on the weekends and uploaded the same on their online tutorial spaces – now I’m a proud holder of an IELTS certifcation course.
- Swetha


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