Machine Learning Course in Hyderabad

Machine Learning is an application of artificial learning that enables systems with the ability to learn and improve without explicit programmes. It focuses on the development of computer programmes that can work with the data. The entire process begins with data or observations, direct experience, instruction, and examples. Machines look for certain patterns in data to improve decisions according to the examples, without human interaction.

The benefits of Machine Learning –

  • Enables medical diagnosis and predictions
  • Improves financial models and rules
  • Improves predictive maintenance in the manufacturing industry
  • Enhanced customer segmentation and lifetime value protection
  • Recommends the perfect product for your needs
  • Easy spam detection
  • Improves time-intensive documentation in Data Entry
  • Simplifies product marketing, enables accurate sales forecasts


Machine Learning Course in Hyderabad

Tech Trainees


Best Machine Learning  Training Institute In Ameerpet

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Are You Looking For Machine Learning Course in Hyderabad?


Welcome to Machine Learning Training Institute in Hyderabad

Tech Trainees is one of the finest coaching institutes for Machine Learning Course in Hyderabad. Machine learning refers to the computer is taught to solve complex problems without explicit programme. An important part of data science and part with algorithms at its core, a Machine Learning training course provides you with a holistic understanding of Machine Learning algorithms to classify data sets.

At Tech Trainees, we empower our students with training courses, career-oriented certification courses, project training programmes, internships and assignments by seasoned professionals and educators. Helpful for students and working professionals alike, Machine Learning training incorporates theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Such an experience prepares the trainees to handle difficult situations when they enter the IT sector in reality.


We follow a syllabus that is designed by industry experts, and have incorporated topics in the course –

  • Introduction
  • Linear Regression and One Variable
  • Linear Algebra Review
  • Linear Regression with Multiple Variables
  • Octave/Matlab Tutorial
  • Logistic Regression
  • Regularisation
  • Neural Networks
  • Advice for Applying Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning System Design
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Recommender Systems
  • Large-scale Machine Learning
  • Application Example: Photo OCR


Who should take up Machine Learning training course?

The Machine Learning training course is open to everyone, but professionals of the following fields can choose the following –

  • Candidates pursuing Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Senior professionals who want to manage Data Science projects
  • College freshers looking for career options in Data Science

Prerequisites for joining a Machine Learning course

Candidates with a knowledge Java, R, Stats and Probability and Python.



Best Faculty for Machine Learning in Hyderabad

Our Machine Learning training programme is guided by world-class professors who nurture students to think critically, develop creative new ideas and execute them successfully. The trainers come from all walks of life and are eager and motivated to share their knowledge and experience with our students – think visionaries, industry experts, executives, entrepreneurs, and strategists. They have been rank-holders from prestigious institutes such as Lancaster, Standford, BITS Pilani, IIT, and IIM, and hold distinguished positions in their own fields – making them part of the best faculty for Machine Learning in Hyderabad.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


Tech Trainees is one of the first training

centres for machine learning training in India, and I really liked the infrastructure and the faculty, and I would recommend the coaching centre.
- Suman

The Machine Learning classes at

Tech Trainees are highly interactive and the teaching methodology, and I would recommend the same to all my friends.
- Hritika

The trainer was very patient and

understanding, and made sure that his lessons were understood by all. By the end of the course, he had become more like a guide to me than an instructor.
- Saiteja

In comparison to the fees that are

charged in other training institutes, Tech Trainees charges a measly amount but offers so much in return. Please join Tech Trainees if you are serious about your future.
- Mustafa Khan

Mr. Kishore is the trainer for Machine

Learning at Tech Trainees, and he would keep things interesting and interactive by organising debates, class discussions and internships for us all. Thank you for your support.
- Sravani

I have completed Machine Learning

training and our well-experienced faculty, and I would recommend the same to my friends.
- Balaji

Tech Trainees is the best place to go to

if you’re looking for a good coaching centre for Machine Learning training. Though the professors do not spoon-feed you, you will find every kind of support and guidance during the training sessions and placement. You will acquire knowledge regarding basics to advanced course content along with projects as well.
- Rajesh

I have suggested Tech Trainees as

one of the best training institutes for every course out there. If talking about Machine Learning, I think that it’s a worth a shot and you would be happy for the same.
- Kalyan

My trainer is highly experienced in the

field of machine learning, and he would start from the basics to build the foundation in our class. I started from the very beginning and practising the ongoing projects which would give me hands-on experience.
- Rahul

The Machine Learning course is precious to

me and has acquainted me with knowledge regarding the industry. I would always be grateful to Tech Trainees for the same.
- Kirti

Our trainer is willing to share the

latest and the maximum amount of information in spite of many obstacles. The fee was less in comparison to other training institutes, and provided me wit high-quality meaning.
- Ram Kumar

I have visited many institutes prior to

Tech Trainees and have been disappointed every time. Once I regularly joined the class, I found myself prepared with examinations and interviews, and bagged myself a job at an MNC.
- Priya

I have completed Machine Learning

from Tech Trainees, and was highly impressed with the placement opportunities. I was impressed with flexible time schedules with real-time scenarios along with flexible timings.
- Vaishu

Thanks to my trainer, my training

was quite conversant with concepts and real-time training. We engage in project explanation, resume preparation and interview preparation. I would rate the institute with five stars.
- Manoj

After completing my graduation, the

trainer engaged in clear explanation of concepts along with practical experience. I would love to thank him for the same.
- Satish

I have completed my Machine

Learning training along with affordable fees, learned all the concepts real-time and worked on various projects. Now, I hold a well-paid job at an MNC, and I credit Tech Trainees for my success.
- Pradeep

I would take this opportunity to

thank my trainer who has fully supported during my Machine Learning course at Tech Trainees. The environment is amazing, and I have found some good friends in my classmates. Thank you.
- Mahadev

I have undergone Machine Learning

training at Tech Trainees, and the trainers have taught us everything that is needed for our real-time industry experience. I would recommend Tech Trainees to all.
- Surya


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Why Choose Us

Tech Trainees provides you with the ability to work with the complexities of Machine Learning, which would prepare you for market and technology opportunities. We include key concepts from basic programming languages such as Python, R, and Java to complicated programmes such as Deep Learning, Support Vector Machines, Trees and Networks, and Hidden Markov. Our trainers don’t just focus on theory but involve practical teaching as well and enable you to enhance your domain expertise, networking with industry leaders, build professional skill sets and work on new technologies. We offer regular classes and one of the best Machine Learning online training in Hyderabad as well.


FAQs in Machine Learning Course


  1. Why is Machine Learning beneficial for your career?

Machine Learning helps to analyze important insights from raw data and solve complex business without explicit programmes, which improves business scalability and business operations in the world.

  1. How to apply for Machine Learning training course?

Apply for one or more courses according to your domain, by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ page and leaving behind your communication details.

  1. What are the prerequisites for joining a Machine Learning course?

Candidates are required to be familiar with intro-level algebra (histograms, coefficients and variables, graphs of functions), basic programming and Python.

  1. How do I apply for a job?

At Tech Trainees, we offer job and placement opportunities and assist you with certification guidance, interview preparation, and resumé preparation. You will receive a soft copy of your certificate via email after completing the course.

  1. How to pay for the course?

You can choose any one of the following methods –

  • Net banking
  • Credit and Debit Card
  • Money Order