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Tech Trainees is one of the best institute options for Tableau training in Hyderabad, where we provide IT standard-training as per industry standards to our students. We don’t just focus on theoretical knowledge, but also supplement the same with practical experience in Hyderabad. After completing Tableau training from a premier institute, you can better analyse your business information and develop insights on the same. The training proves to be extremely beneficial in terms of your career growth in both small and medium companies – which has increased the demand of Tableau experts in the IT industry.

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Best Tableau  Training Institute In Ameerpet

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Are You Looking For Tableau Training in Hyderabad?


Welcome to Tableau Training Institute in Hyderabad

We at Tech Trainees ensure that the candidate receives an in-depth understanding of tableau desktop skills, which will give you an insight into conditional formatting, scripting, organizing and simplifying data, conditional formatting. We provide you with high-quality theoretical knowledge along with practical training that involves interactive and comprehensive practical training. Since Tech Trainees is reputed to be one of the best Tableau training institutes in Hyderabad, we believe in directing our students towards a well-structured path through the basics and advanced levels of the course?

The course has been designed according to the industry standards and is graded from the basic to advanced. Our institute has been renovated according to modern standards and has spacious classrooms and a well-equipped laboratory for both theoretical and practical purposes. However, we keep in mind the money factor and have a reasonable fee structure in place.


Benefits of completing a Tableau training course from Tech Trainees


  • Hands-on experience in the laboratory
  • Real-time case studies
  • Free technical support after completion of the course
  • Back-up classes
  • Lab facilities
  • Study material
  • Wi-Fi
  • Regular/Online classroom sessions


Tech Trainees offers its candidates the best Tableau training and placement in Hyderabad

  • Interview preparation
  • Resumé
  • Technical examination preparation
  • Course content as per industry standards


The Tableau Training course is beneficial for the following groups of people –

  • College graduates
  • Freelancers
  • ETL developer and testers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Quality analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Data scientist

Why to choose Tech Trainees?

Tech Trainees is one of the finest training institutes of Tableau training in Hyderabad, as we have some of the best classrooms in the city. We have sourced some of the best teachers from the entire country to guide our students, and all of them are highly-qualified in their respective fields and have worked in the real-time industry for a decade or more. Our staff has guided more than 10,000 students in the last decade or so, and they prepare them for all kinds of work situations such as examinations and interviews. We have a huge infrastructure, including an AC computer laboratory for practical work. If students are unable to attend regular classroom sessions, we invite them to join our Tableau online training in Hyderabad.




Best Faculty for Tableau Training in Hyderabad

Tech Trainees prides itself on a team of well-qualified professors who have acquired degrees from foreign universities and have spent more than a decade working in the real-time industry. We focus on bringing to you the best faculty for Tableau training in Hyderabad, and we realise that our students look for technical expertise and practical experience in the same instructor. Mr. Kishor has been a favorite of our students due to his happy-go-lucky personality and extensive knowledge regarding the subject.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


As I had never attended a

coaching centre before, I was unsure of what to expect from the institute. However, the trainer decided to give me a preliminary session to see if I would like to choose the course. Of course, I fell in love with the course and found it relevant to my career prospects!
- Prasad

I would like to thanks my staff

and trainer at Tech Trainees for giving me well-detailed information in the form of easy-to-learn concepts along with illustrations as and when needed. Though I found it difficult to understand at times, Tech Trainees made sure that I never lose focus and prepare well for the tests ahead.
- Shashi

I consider Tech Trainees to be a

blessing as it has tremendously helped me with understanding the basic concepts that come with Tableau training. It has helped gain awareness regarding the different tools and technologies, and exposed me to the real-time industry. I have worked on a number of assignments and projects that have greatly helped me in my career.
- Abhijit

Contrary to the utter chaos I have

found in several other institutes, Tech Trainees has a very well-designed syllabus in accordance to the current industry standards. Our trainer followed a planned structure when it came to holding classroom sessions, and that has helped work in a systematic manner at work as well.
- Pavan Reddy

Tech Trainees is one of the finest

institutes for Tableau training in Hyderabad, which was needed to apply for a promotion. Of course, the course was for a reasonable fee but I was amazed at the professionalism and high quality of teaching.
- Archana

I had joined Tech Trainees, and I

wanted to attend the regular classroom sessions rather than the online ones. Of course, these sessions have their advantages – better concentration, one-on-one attention and detailed instruction, being a few of them.
- Pushpendra

To keep things simple, only

Tech Trainees has the ability to provide high-quality Tableau training at a nominal fee with the help of a well-qualified trainer.
- Imran

As I was a working student at the

time, I had to choose the online sessions to keep up with the coursework. However, the study materials were extremely good and I was able to complete the course in time.
- Jagadeesh

I can safely say that Tech Trainees is one

of the few institutes out there that actually delivers what it promises when it comes to instructors and teaching.
- Chandu

After wasting a great deal of time

and money on institutes that didn’t live up to my expectations, I have finally found my dream institute at Tech Trainees. You will never find the same quality of teaching and preparation anywhere else.
- Puja

In a nutshell, I have had an amazing

experience at Tech Trainees due to the amazing course materials, instructor and infrastructure
- Siva

Since some time, I had been looking

for a training institute that would prepare me for a better job opportunity. I absolutely fell in love with the Tableau training course at Tech Trainees, and now I recommend the same to everyone else.
- Ashish

Our trainer had worked in

real-time IT industry for more than ten years, and all of us were highly impressed with the trainer’s extensive knowledge and the fantastic infrastructure and laboratories… is a plus!
- Veeresh

Our trainer is an extremely talented

and hardworking person who made sure that every student followed his instructions. I would always remain grateful to him for his amazing classroom sessions.
- Shravan

I loved everything about Tech Trainees –

starting from the conducive atmosphere, the well-trained instructors and amazing classmates. Thumbs up!
- Sindhu

Mr Kishore was like our close friend,

as he would discuss concepts and projects with us in a simple and easily understandable manner. We faced absolutely no problem at all during our examinations and mock-interviews.
- Swathi

Tech Trainees is a place where you

won’t just prepare yourself for your future career – they will teach you how to write a resumé, crack tough interviews and pass your exams with flying colours. And, gain you some fabulous trainers and friends as a bonus.
- Ramya

The staff at Tech Trainees is one of

the best you’ll find all over Hyderabad. They pride themselves on their one-to-one attention to students, along with preparing them for a successful career ahead. You can’t find the same blend of professionalism and intimacy anywhere else.
- Divya


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FAQs in Tableau Training


1 Why is Tableau training beneficial for your career?

Tableau training enables you to create personalized visualizations and analyse them using reference lines, Clustering and highlighting.

2 How to apply?

Apply to any of our courses by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ page and leaving your details behind.

3 What are the prerequisites to join a Python training course?

You should preferably with conversant with Windows and Unix, with an extra knowledge in programming.

4 How can I apply for a job?

You’ll get placement support at Tech Trainees, and we shall assist you with certification guidance, interview preparation, and resumé preparation. After completing the course, you shall receive a soft copy of your certificate via email.

5 What are the payment methods?

You can pay for the course through the following options –

  • Credit cards and debit cards
  • Money order
  • Net banking


Benefits of Tableau Training


Tableau is a secure and flexible analytics platform, which is used as a business intelligence tool for data visualization. Useful for small and medium-sized businesses alike, Tableau training is important for people who look forward to working in a data analytics/data visualization agency. After completing the course, you will be able to use your skills, competence, and experience to boost business intelligence and data analytics performance. Found in several other industries as well, Tableau is used for categorizing and sub-categorizing data, track budget expenses, monitor user density, segment customers and analyzing sales data. It is important for a candidate to receive proper Tableau training from a recognized institute, to perform tasks correctly and with accuracy.




  • Huge demand for tableau professionals

According to a study by the International Data Corporation, it is determined that the world will generate 50% more data by 2020 as compared to the last decade. With the companies expecting such a huge amount of data and the business implications that come with it, they need an easy-to-use yet effective data analytics system to analyze data and gain useful insights. Therefore, companies are looking for candidates with Tableau training and candidates are fast joining institutes for the same.


  • You can easily integrate data with Tableau

Since Tableau is very user-friendly, you can use it complex graphs that are similar to the pivot table graphs on Microsoft Excel. Also, you can use the same to handle a huge amount of data and making faster calculations on databases. You can quickly create a number of visuals and switch between the different kinds to see which model fits best with your particular model. You can integrate it with a number of other data sources as well.


  • Is extremely simple to learn

When compared to more complicated programmes and technologies, the tableau is one of the simplest tools when we’re talking about the data analytics industry. With the right training institute and a right instructor at hand, you will have learned the basics of Tableau in a day and be on your way to create visually interactive platforms and dashboards.


  • It is inexpensive

If we’re talking about the professional version of Tableau, it can cost somewhere around $1,999 + maintenance fees per license. However, you have a free version of the tool of the software called Tableau Public, which is available on their official website. However, you cannot connect to a variety of Data Sources and you would have to store your information on a public server as compared to Tableau Professional. Apart from that, Tableau Public is great for creating attractive visualizations and dashboards, which helps you get comfortable with the software as well.


  • Tableau is compatible with the latest technology

Advanced knowledge of analytics and expertise in Tableau can make you quite successful as far as career growth is concerned. Our competitive and tech-driven world uses a number of modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Deep Learning and the Internet of Things. All of these are highly compatible with Tableau technology, giving rise to a number of job opportunities.


  • Top companies are looking out for Tableau professionals

Job websites will tell you that some of the top software organizations in the world require Tableau professionals to analyze their data and provide them with insights. These are some of the companies that are constantly hiring Tableau professionals –

  • Dell
  • Applied Systems
  • Facebook
  • General Motors
  • Sunguard
  • NetJets
  • Verizon
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Groupon
  • Facebook
  • KMPG


Who should go for a Tableau training course?

The Tableau training course is helpful for the following groups of people –

  • College graduates
  • Freelancers
  • ETL developer and testers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Quality analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Data scientist


What are the career opportunities after completing a Tableau training course?

Since we live in a tech-savvy world that is constantly inventing new tools and technologies for us to analyse data and gain important insights in a better manner, Tableau training is an essential qualification for the aforementioned groups of people. After completing the course, candidates can apply for various positions in any industry –

  • Change consultant
  • Data Visualisation Analyst
  • Workflow Integrator
  • Tableau consultant
  • Model developer
  • Data strategist
  • Data quality operator
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Master


What are the prerequisites of joining the Tableau training course?

There is no eligibility criteria or prerequisite when it comes to joining a Tableau training course, though a basic understanding of SQL is preferred.