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WordPress is an open source software tool you can use to create an attractive website or blog. In WordPress Training Create the easiest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners.

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Best WordPress Training in Hyderabad

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Welcome to WordPress Training Institute in Hyderabad

The world has become a small place, and it runs on the internet. Instead of browsing through magazines, readers now prefer searching for information on blogs and websites. A WordPress website is a one-stop solution to your problems if you want to make it big as a blogger or an entrepreneur. Simple, affordable and easily-customizable,  your website can be your next secret to success.

We at Digital Floats have recently introduced the WordPress training course in our classroom-and-online programmed, which will take you through the steps of creating a WordPress website. Aiming to be the best WordPress training institute in Hyderabad in the next few months, you can learn how to install and configure WordPress, content creation, inserting media to your blog or website posts, choosing themes and working with widgets, sharing content online and moderating comments.

You are always welcome to enroll in the Top WordPress Training, even if you have a basic knowledge of the internet and have no technical knowledge. Be it a beginner, WordPress developer, blogger or website developer, we assure you that you get high-quality WordPress Training in Hyderabad at a reasonable rate.

Why Choose Digital Floats?

  • Training on live projects and assignments
  • 100% Lab Facility for every student by experienced lab coordinators.
  • Certified Real Time industry experienced faculties.
  • Lifetime access to Latest Content
  • 24 x 7 Trainer’s Support on Online Forum

Wordpres Course Syllabus

Introduction of Website

Web Site, Domain, Hosting, WordPress, CMS

Introduction of WordPress theme and template

WordPress.Org, WordPress.Com, WordPress Template, WordPress Theme,WordPress Install,

How to create pages, posts and categories in WordPress

Categories, Tags, Posts, Post Options and creating a post

What is Widgets in WordPress

Widgets, Right Side Bar, Header, Foot, Middle of Content, Theme Widgets, Meta, Contact Page Sidebar, Error 404 Page Sidebar, HTML, Categories Widgets

How to create menus in WordPress

Menus, Dropdown Menus, Categories, Custom Link, Post Type Menus

How to done SEO for WordPress website

Yoast Seo, Robots.txt, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics

How to Create a  Breadcrumbs in WordPress

Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs

How to hide article tags in web page

Additional CSS Code Customization

What is Plugins in WordPress

Plugins, Gallery, Popup, Slider, Youtube,  Easy Facebook page Plugin, Meta Slider, Chpcs,

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About Faculty

Providing the best WordPress course training, we boast of an excellent faculty, which is sincere and dedicated to their profession. The WordPress training course will be taken by one of our highly-respected professors, P.V. Srikanth, who has more than seven years of first-hand experience in the WordPress Training.  He gives personal attention to each student and encourages them to clarify doubts to achieve the goal of WordPress Training.

What do Our Students Say about Us?

“Thank you would be a very small word to express my gratitude I Venkat finish WordPress Training in Hyderabad at Digital Floats. I really satisfied with the course. Thank You very much for outstanding training on WordPress.” – S Venkat

“Digital Floats is one of the best institute to learn WordPress All the topics are covered with the ongoing market trends. Thanks for Providing Video tutorial and material.” – Rahul

“Very Good Training With Practical Knowledge And real time examples. Thanks for provide paid hosting for practice a live project and Free Video tutorials.” – Rukmini Sushma

“The WordPress training course here is a total value of money Time and effort, only if you are regular and are eager to learn. My professor, P.V. Srikanth, is a very positive person and takes extreme care to complete the syllabus within the stipulated deadline. One can reach out to him anytime to get his doubts cleared. I highly recommend this institute for the same.” – Prakash Mallick

“The professor would explain each concept in detail and showed us examples as well. You can enter for this course if you to improve my job opportunities in the future, and you will be proud of your decision. This course would certainly help you in the corporate world, and will help if you’re required to work with WordPress. This is definitely one of the greatest WordPress training institute in Hyderabad!” – Kumar Siricholla

“If you come from a non-technical background You might think that installing WordPress and working with the plug-in. Sir’s unique teaching methods and vibrant personality simplified the technical details into something that one could easily grasp. He is ever-ready to explain things in a simple manner, and pays attention to every student’s performance. He believes in the concept of ‘practice makes perfect’, and holds extra classes when we need some extra time to complete the syllabus.”                – Salagundla Harish

“All the courses in the subject are covered in detail Keeping in mind the ongoing market trends. The books required for this course explain everything perfectly, and with only a little practice, you can learn the basics of WordPress Course Training in no time. Once you get the basics right, you can easily move on to the advanced level. This WordPress training not just teaches you a new skill but shapes your self-esteem and confidence to perform well at a job interview.” – Ramakrishna Katkuri

“The best part of this WordPress training course is that you actually get to learn so many things. The course material is very good, and the professors are ready to explain everything twice, if needed. You will enjoy this course thoroughly as the classes don’t simply focus on theory, but also practical classes and live examples to illustrate and keep the class engaged, which you don’t find in most other training courses.”
– Venkat Rao

“You will be guaranteed complete and wholesome performance At Digital Floats WordPress training course. It lives up to its name, as it totally covers the course with enthusiasm and hard work, which will make it one of the prime WordPress training institutes in Hyderabad. You can even take the help of their online resources if you need some immediate help in coursework; otherwise the professors are helpful as well.”
– Narasimha Duppalli

“The professors, such as P.V. Srikanth, are very caring and Passionate about their vocation. Even if you’re a beginner, they will go the extra mile to clear your concepts and hold doubt-clearing questions if needed. They are professional, and ensure that the syllabus is completed on time. The fees are affordable as well, and that again inspires in you the desire to join this course, and you will definitely love it.” – Triven Kumar Lakamraju

“My experience with the Digital Floats WordPress training course was simply amazing. You will get a great exposure at the institute, since the professors are well-qualified and well-trained to cope up with the recent market trends, and imparting that knowledge to their students. This is a fabulous course to opt for if you’re eager to advance in your chosen career, and it will be worth the fees and time involved.” – Ankit Kumar Sharma

“The topics discussed in class are very compact and interesting with no wastage of time in idle chitchatting. You will learn something new every day, provided that you do your homework and prepare for the class tests well before time and are sincere about your course. The professors are helpful, well-qualified and patient, and the classmates are friendly and eager to help, which creates a great atmosphere in class.” – Bishnu Kumar

“If you’re looking for an institute that actually offers good WordPress training in Hyderabad, you should go for Digital Floats. They have a complete and advanced syllabus structure, well-ventilated classrooms, qualified professors such as P.V. Srikanth, regular class tests and doubt-clearing sessions along with regular practical classes and live examples to keep classes interesting. You will learn about many WordPress concepts and technologies during the course, which increases your job potential in ways you have never existed.” – Prashanth Kumar

“The WordPress training course at Digital Floats is a quick and easy solution if you want to learn more about the power of blogging. The concepts are so simple and easy to understand, and the professors teach us so well and take personal care of each of their students, you will love very moment of it. Honestly speaking, you will truly have learnt a lot by the end of the programme.” – Vikram Dev Sharma

“Unlike other training centres that focus only money-making Digital Floats actually teaches you something by the end of the training course. This course is worth all the hype. The teachers are really good, and are prepared with an equally good syllabus. The curriculum is completed on time, and doubts are answered almost immediately. If you’re unable to go for classroom sessions, you can also check out the online classroom videos as per your convenience.” – Swarna Rudraveni



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Benefits of a WordPress Course and the Careers in Future

WordPress is one of the most powerful and fulfilling website development tools. This is written is Hypertext Pre-processor, or better known as PHP. In other words, WordPress has made the world of website management and blogging easier, affordable and interesting. WordPress approximately runs 10 million websites on the internet which is more than 25% of the internet.

There are many WordPress training centers and colleges in and around the world which offers an integrated course in the marvel that is WordPress. This helps in building resumes and adding a spark to it. The benefits of WordPress seem uncountable. However, some of the most important benefits of this wonder include –

Go-To Tool

WordPress is a helping hand not only for bloggers or people interested in the platform but for people with jobs such as Journalism too. It helps create a user-friendly environment and make training in WordPress affects one’s career a lot. Knowing technical skills make one fit for jobs which have a higher scope of employment. Also, since the world is being digitalized, it is only safer to know WordPress so that jobs are easier and handy.

Unique Set of Skills

Knowing WordPress makes you unique in front of your audience. That is to say, when there are interactions where your specific blogging skills need to be brushed up a little, you could always take WordPress into account. Your fellow mates would be highly impressed to know that you are well-educated in this area. A WordPress course covers every part of developing and designing a website. This helps a person to open up in the larger sphere of the web community.

Easier Approach towards Content Creation

Though your main focus as a content developer should be on creating easily accessible and meaningful content, you cannot possibly achieve the higher standards of content developing without joining a WordPress teaching institute. The basics of content developing could only be polished well by being guided by experts in the field. This would help in the easier handling of content and websites in your future projects.

Open to the World

The WordPress community is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is becoming more transformed, transparent and widening its reach. There are institutes in and around India, especially Hyderabad which help the newcomers understand WordPress and utilize it in their career.

Careers Related to WordPress

WordPress is changing the entire set up of industries, but the point still remains, for how long? Therefore, it is always wiser to think beyond the present and know what kind of jobs could you possibly get if you understand WordPress properly –

  • Web designers and freelancers have a lot of opportunities to explore if they know WordPress well.
  • Content creators and WordPress developers could also benefit from knowing WordPress thoroughly. The big corporations are in need of WordPress developers who actually know the deal and could work towards making their company bigger and better. If your aim is to secure your position as a content developer, there is no better friend than WordPress.
  • Copy Writing and Blogging – For the ones who love making their lives interesting, you need WordPress as well. The bloggers could up their game and set an example as a content creator by knowing WordPress from top to bottom. Copy Writing too is a challenging job and demands good training in WordPress.
  • Teacher – You could also be a teacher in WordPress. As the world is becoming a better version of its digital self with every passing day, it is would be a well-thought decision to actually teach people what you know about digitization and WordPress. The scopes in this field are huge and in plenty.
  • Working on WordPress – The Company WordPress also hires people in and around the world. By knowing WordPress in the best way possible, you could possibly apply for a job at WordPress itself.

Digital Floats is a premier institute in Hyderabad that has excellent courses in digital marketing and the great faculty can help you get well-trained in WordPress. With their help, you can reach heights in digital platforms and achieve a great living. With a degree in WordPress and that too, from a renowned institute as Digital Floats, there would be no looking back.

FAQ’S in WordPress Training

What is the Course Fee?

WordPress Course Fee in Digital Floats Rs 6500/-

What is Course Duration?

WordPress Course Duration is 3 weeks including Live Project with Shopping site and Live payment gateway integration.