Salesforce Training in Hyderabad

Salesforce Training conducted by Tech Trainees has been designed to keeping in mind the current trends of the marketing industry, as it is believed to be the best Salesforce training institute in Hyderabad. A training certification course helps you enhance your business prospects by a great amount and you will enjoy a high salary and perks.

Salesforce CRM products usually run on a cloud platform, and enables you to integrate with customers and track sales lead on social media in B2B and B2C space for greater industry value. Starting from the essentials, the trainers move up to the more advanced levels of the course, making it a favorable training course for improving your career incentives.


Salesforce Training in Hyderabad


Tech Trainees


Best Salesforce Training Institute In Ameerpet

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Are You Looking For Salesforce Training in Hyderabad?


Welcome to Salesforce Training Institute in Hyderabad

At Tech Trainees, we provide our students with professional Salesforce online training in Hyderabad at a very reasonable cost. You can join us from any part of the world to learn the course virtually from the comforts of your house. We will help you with the theoretical and practical aspects of your knowledge, and help you with achieving your career potential. The benefits of pursuing a Salesforce training course are many, such as gaining experience and knowledge inside marketing, sales, marketing, customer management, and sales, among others.

The objectives of joining the Salesforce training course at Tech Trainees are –

  • Mastering controller concepts
  • MVC architecture
  • Creating custom analytical reports
  • Cloud computing fundamentals
  • CRM components

We believe in providing you with the best possible infrastructure and knowledge in Hyderabad, enveloped in a conducive environment with spacious classrooms and a well-equipped laboratory that would be used for practical exercises. For those who are unable to join the regular and weekend batches, they can easily access the course material from the online video tutorials so that students can make arrangements for their study and revision as per their own time and convenience. After receiving the training certification, you can enjoy the best Salesforce training and placement in Hyderabad in the major cities of India.




Best faculty for Salesforce in Hyderabad

Mr. Kishore is reputed to be one of our most well-loved and highly-qualified professors at Tech Trainees. He has spent more than a decade working in an MNC in a major city of India and has spent a decade more in training young minds in his chosen field – which is Salesforce training, an important training needed for the marketing industry. His presence shall guarantee that your future is being guided by one of the best faculty for Salesforce in Hyderabad.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


I have been looking

for a quality salesforce training institute since quite some time for my Salesforce training. At Tech Trainees, I have enjoyed convenient class timings, experienced professors and helpful classmates who have greatly helped complete the course with ease.
- Kiran Kumar

Mr. Kishore is a highly experienced

and very dedicated professor who has devoted his time to teaching students all about Salesforce training. Unlike most institutes that focus on profits, Tech Trainees focuses on quality teaching at reasonable rates – making it a viable choice.
- Vishal

Tech Trainees is a great

option for Salesforce training for those who want to make it successful in the marketing industry. Not only does the certification course add value to the resume, you learn a lot as well.
- Sai Kumar

Mr. Kishore is one of

the best teachers you’ll encounter in life for he is so caring about his students, and explains every concept so clearly – thanks to Tech Trainees for such a great mentor.
- Praveen

Tech Trainees was

associated with our company to provide Salesforce training for our employees. The training was carried out in a very organised and planned manner, and the coordinators did their best to teach every concept beautifully in a matter of a few days. The programme was worth everything.
- Madhu

I joined Tech Trainees

for a course in Salesforce training for I needed the certification course to improve my job prospects. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the course and wish to join the same institute for a different course. The Salesforce training course was a success!
- Nanda kishore

The Salesforce Training

course at Tech Trainees is one of the best training courses in the market. The faculty took its time and patiently explained every topic to their students – now most of us are doing very well in life.
- Anil

I’m very satisfied with

the Salesforce Training course at Tech Trainees, as Mr. Kishore is indeed a very capable teacher and has changed the future of millions of students in his career.
- Charan

Mr. Kishore is a

fabulous teacher and he truly adds to our knowledge with his sound theories and real-life examples. He has helped us pick up the fundamental basics of training in no time and helps us in the advanced levels as well.
- Sravan Rao

The Salesforce Training

at Tech Trainees is a combination of an excellent course at a great institute. Mr. Kishore is indeed a capable teacher, for he has spent more than a decade in the industry and has been teaching students for so long – way to go!
- Ramakrishna

As Salesforce training

is a very demanding subject, it is difficult to find knowledgeable and experienced trainers in the market. Thankfully, the faculty at Tech Trainees works up to their potential, and gave me and my batch-mates excellent training.
- Srivallika

Salesforce Training has

some of the most complicated topics required in the IT industry, which is why one requires an efficient teacher for the subject. Mr. Kishore at Tech Traineesis that efficient teacher for you.
- Sandeep Reddy

At first, I thought

that the training would not be worth the hype. On the contrary, the teacher explained to me why I should join the course to improve my career prospects. I don’t regret joining the course at all as now I have a great job as a developer.
- Hemanth

As a past student

I am totally satisfied with the teaching style atTech Trainees. It would be difficult juggling so many things at the same time, but the hard work was worth it in the end.
- Yeshwanth

Earlier, I was worried

about attending the course and getting cheated of my money. Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed the Salesforce Training at Tech Trainees till the very last day thanks to the great trainers.
- Rajini

One of the best and

well-managed training institutes for Salesforce training, Tech Trainees gives you what it promises.
- Balaji

I was searching for

the best training institute for Salesforce training as all the free online demonstrations weren’t working out for me. My search ended at Tech Trainees and today, I’m a successful developer.
- Surya

Tech Trainees is a

great institute for working people as it holds regular, online and weekend training classes according to the students’ convenience. The trainer, good course materials and my natchmates have made my course enjoyable and successful.
- Sudheer


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Benefits of Salesforce Training and its Career Prospects

Training forms an important part of the industry, and many companies are now looking out for trained Salesforce professionals in the field. Though it is often ignored as an unnecessary training expense, the truth is that a Salesforce training course certification opens you up to several new job and career opportunities that would not have been possible without the same. Many organizations run on a tight budget and it is not possible to assign training to each of their employees, which is why you should join a Salesforce training certification course for the betterment of your future career, and how.

What are the benefits of enrolling in a Salesforce training course?

Return on Investment

Think of Salesforce training as an investment as it offers you great business value in the long term, as companies that invest in proper training earn higher profits and promote high user adoption as well. The organization greatly benefits from the procedure in terms of the profits and productivity that it gets over time. There are many statistics in place that have proved that companies that have invested in Salesforce are more successful in every aspect than companies who have not taken the initiative.

Data Standardisation

Companies use computers to handle their immense amount of data, which include dashboards and reports to enable smooth functioning. The higher end of the Salesforce is largely dependent on reliable data collected by the lower end of the company to make useful and accurate decisions in the future. If the Salesforce team is not adequately trained for the purpose, the company could make decisions based on the data that may not be profitable for them in the long term.

Business Process Regulation

Every individual working in Salesforce should know the basic workings of the department, which could be possible only if they are provided with the correct training. The Salesforce learns to work together as a team and determines the best way to make correct decisions and earn profits for the business. Moreover, some organizations keep records on the functioning of the Salesforce team.

Handling important sales

Persuasion is an art in itself, and you need to persuade your customer to try out your products. During training, a Salesforce professional is trained to give their insights of the products and services of the organization to impress potential customers and close deals. In time, you will be acquainted with the in-depth knowledge of the platform to improve your insights in customer relations and sale trends.

Implement Salesforce in your Organisation

Many companies want to implement Salesforce to optimize their sales force but they lack the planning and workforce to do so. If you have a Salesforce training certification, you can optimize the same to explore the platform in its full potential and functioning, along with advising and leading your managers.

A mandatory course for SalesJob position

You will definitely need a Salesforce certification to apply for a SalesJob position in a company. The reason is that you would be able to handle application strategies, promptly deal with clients and handle tough situations with ease.

Employee satisfaction

Employees want to succeed in their respective positions, yet problems at work can drastically lower their morale and inefficiency at work. On the other hand, a trained Salesforce professional provides quick and effective solutions for business issues and boosts up the employees’ confidence in their work.

Improved customer service

A trained Salesforce professional is a blessing when they deal with the company’s clients regarding the sale of their products and services. He will be able to initiate a smooth and effective conversation with clients and will be able to answer all their questions on spot. They would be trained and informed about the products beforehand, such as complete details, the pros, and cons, the procedures and precautions for enhanced performance.

Who should join a Salesforce Training course?

A Salesforce Training Certification is beneficial for everyone in the software and marketing industry, such as –

  • Software Developers
  • Software Analysts
  • Software Administrators
  • Sales Managers and Executives

What are the Career Opportunities after completing a Salesforce Training Course?

Thanks to the booming IT industry, there are several job prospects when you have an internationally-recognized Salesforce training course certificate with you. Some of the job positions that you can apply for are –

Software Developer

A software developer signs the data model and user interface, business logic and security for custom applications. Moreover, they design dashboards, reports, portals using point-and-click abilities of the platform. At a more advanced stage, they move on to using Apex and Vex to handle development lifecycle and test plans.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant

A Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant designs sales and marketing solutions as per requirement and design interfaces and applications to ensure maximum user- productivity. They analyze and manage design analytics as well to track Sales Cloud metrics.

Technical Architect

A technical architect designs solutions that work on multiple platforms and include authentication and integration across several systems. They ensure the delivery of secure platforms that have been optimized for security and performance.

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator manages security, data, and users and customizes Sales Cloud and Service Cloud application as per business requirement. At a more advanced level, they design advanced dashboards, reports and business process automation.

What are the prerequisites for joining Salesforce training?

Though there are no set prerequisites for joining the course, you should have a basic knowledge of SOQL, Apex Code and Visualforce.

With a Salesforce course certification at hand, you can easily catapult yourself into a successful job position with your knowledge and experience.