Google Cloud Platform Training

Google Cloud Platform Training in Hyderabad aims at making the applicants conversant with the main principles on which Google Cloud is based. Google Cloud training is also instrumental because of the vast usages it has in the spheres of finance, insurance, and myriad government sectors. The Google Cloud platform is a cloud computing service offered by Google, which can be useful for the official purposes of a company as well as for the uses of an individual. The users of Google Cloud are enabled to use a number of its products, some of which are Compute Engine, App Engine, and Bigtable. The learners who are willing to build a promising future can take this training, during the course of which they will be learning about the following:

  • Distributed Ledger
  • Hyper Ledger
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Bitcoin Mining

Basically, the Google Cloud Training in Hyderabad is all about helping the applicants to be compatible enough to be able to take up new challenges related to this field. Google Cloud Platform is being utilized by many companies for new business models and being trained in Google Cloud Platform will help the trainees go a long way in their career.

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Are You Looking For Google Cloud Training in Hyderabad?


Welcome to Google Cloud Platform Training in Hyderabad

The Google Cloud Platform Training is a must for all those IT aspirants who wish to contribute to the growth and development of this field. The IT sector is growing like never before and thus, it is mandatory for the professionals to keep their skills upgraded about anything and everything so that they can be a part of the tough competition that prevails throughout the IT sector. The Google Cloud Platform Certification course is for all those who wish to make something big out of their career.

The Google Cloud Platform Training comes with the following objectives:

  • To equip the students with a thorough knowledge of all the concepts associated with Google Cloud Platform
  • Help the students learn all about the uses and the services provided by Google Cloud Platform
  • To let them know about the workings of the applications and apps that are a part of Google Cloud Platform.
  • To help them configure routes.

After the completion of the training, the applicants will be thoroughly conversant in the following fields:

  • All about cloud computing
  • Overall understanding of the services that cloud computing offers
  • Knowing about the environment of Google Cloud Computing Platform
  • Learning about the resources offered by Google Cloud Platform like Compute, Storage, Big Data, and AI
  • Google Network and service offerings
  • Setting up of a Google Cloud Platform account

The ones who are eligible to go for the Google Cloud Platform Training:

To take up the training for Google Cloud Platform, the applicants need no prerequisites. They are just expected to have a zeal for anything related to the services offered by Information Technology. Anyone who knows about IT Service Management may go for this course to make way for a brighter future. The candidates are not required to possess any prior experience in Cloud. No programming language is required either.

Who are the ones who should go for the Google Cloud Platform Training?

Anyone who wishes to have a career in Cloud Computing and gain expertise in the field of Google Cloud Infrastructure Solutions must go for the Google Cloud Platform training. These are the people who should take this training:

  • Aspirants who want a career in Google Cloud Computing
  • The ones who are willing to take the Cloud Certification examination
  • AWS Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Azure Architect



Best Faculty for Google Cloud Platform Training in Hyderabad

Tech Trainees in Hyderabad is the place where you should be if you are looking for the best training in Google Cloud Platform. The trainers at Tech Trainees are reliable and the applicants can bank upon them as they have several years of experience in this field, and they can be helpful to the students at each and every step.


Why should you take the training in Google Cloud Platform?

The technologies related to computing are developing and spreading like wildfire all over the world. As a result, the competition in the IT sector is at an all-time high. You must take the Google Cloud Platform training in order to upgrade your skills at computing, which will help you go a long way in your career.


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Why Tech Trainees

Tech Trainees offers the best kind of service with the best faculty and online training in Google Cloud Platform. There will be no looking back once you are a part of Tech Trainees.


FAQs in Google Cloud Platform Training


  • What are the advantages of Google Cloud Platform?
  • It is flexible, cost-effective and is very fast when it comes to connections and scaling capabilities. 
  • What about placement opportunities after the training?
  • Once the training is done, the students are requested to submit an updated version of their resume and they will be contacted if a suitable job opportunity comes up. 
  • How to attend a class I missed?
  • You will be given a copy of the recorded lecture as the classes are recorded.


Benefits of Google Cloud Platform Training


With the ever increasing competition in the field of Information technology, it gets pretty challenging to keep up with the pace. A time comes when it becomes mandatory for the professionals to devote to their work more than they possess, and that is when the tough time starts for them. So, in order to avoid the atrocities of competition, it is a must for all the professionals to be an adept in the art of cloud computing as that is the field which is on demand right now. There are numerous companies which are making new models with the help of Google Cloud Platform, which is helping them create open financial systems.

This prestigious certification course will enable the students to know all about the following areas:

  • Compute resources
  • Networking services
  • Storage and database offerings
  • Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure
  • Big Data and AI resources
  • Basics of Google Cloud Platform project
  • Introduction to primitive role

Google Cloud Platform Training is a very prestigious certified course. With a great curriculum and an even greater faculty at Tech Trainees, the Google Cloud Platform training comes with the following advantages:


  • It is a great start to your career

If you are trained in Google Cloud Platform, then it would mean you know the ABC of its workings. With the growing competition in the IT sector and the best companies making use of Google Cloud, it is a must that IT aspirants keep upgrading their skills to be a part of the competition. A thorough and in depth knowledge in cloud computing will open up a plethora of opportunities for your career in the future.


  • Best for IT professionals

Though this course can be done by anyone who is willing, this will prove to be of great help for IT professionals. The IT employees who are willing to make something worthwhile of their career must take this course as the Google Cloud Platform training will equip them with the basics of the concepts of Google Cloud Platform. The infrastructure of Cloud is designed in such a way so that the IT professionals get to implement, deploy, migrate and maintain applications in the cloud.


  • It helps in data and machine learning

Not just for IT professionals, the Google Cloud Platform training is also extremely useful for data professionals who work into designing, building, analyzing and optimizing big data solutions. It helps the data professionals to get a proper insight into the workings of data analysis and visualization, making use of Google Cloud Platform.


  • Useful for the development of applications

This course is also helpful for application programmers and software engineers who are engaged in developing software programs in the cloud. During the course of the training, the applicants are made aware of the products and services offered by Google Cloud Platform. They also learn all about designing and developing applications.


Who will benefit from Google Cloud Platform training?

  • Web developers
  • Software professionals who have an in-depth knowledge in JavaScript
  • JAVA Developers
  • HTML developers
  • Beginners who have knowledge in web development technologies.


Preconditions of taking the Google Cloud Platform training:

This training needs no prerequisites. It can be taken by anyone and everyone who wishes to make a difference in their careers and contribute to the growth and development in the IT sector. However, the applicants who have prior knowledge of cloud services and know the ABC of cloud computing will be at an added advantage while taking the training as they will gauge and fathom the concepts of Google Cloud Platform better.


Career Opportunities of Google Cloud Platform Training:

The biggest of the multinational corporations are taking a plunge and making use of cloud services for the betterment of their company. Having a deep knowledge of Google Cloud Platform will help the aspirants go a long way in their career and it is helpful as it opens up career options in the following fields:

  • Promising future in Google Cloud Platform
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Career in cloud computing
  • Bright future as a software developer
  • Cloud computing developer

With these benefits and many more, Google Cloud Platform is sure to revolutionize the realm of Information Technology.