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VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration. The VLSI training encompasses the consolidation of innumerable transistors into a single chip in order to make an integrated circuit. With the growing trends in technology, the electronic field is at an all-time high and the VLSI Training Institute in Hyderabad allows the students to know all about the nitty-gritty and the basic concepts associated with VLSI. The training deals with enhancing the knowledge of the students on embedded technology. The VLSI online course is designed in such a way that it keeps the best interest of the students at heart and sees to it that the students develop a deep and sufficient understanding of the concepts associated with VLSI online training.

VLSI basically has many transistors on one chip and these are designed by skilled engineers with the help of computer-aided design (CAD) tools. The VLSI online training in Hyderabad ensures that the students know all about the basics of VLSI and how it works. The main things on which VLSI works are:

  • Logic synthesis
  • Timing analysis
  • Floor planning
  • Placement and Routing
  • Verification
  • Testing

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Are You Looking For VLSI Course in Hyderabad?


Welcome to VLSI Training Institute in Hyderabad

VLSI training is basically the next big thing in the field of electronics. The world of electronics is going gaga over the VLSI training owing to its numerous uses and benefits. The use of VLSI has been incorporated in the following fields:

  • Computer peripherals
  • Mobile phones
  • Satellites
  • Defense aerospace
  • Consumer electronics
  • Set top entertainment boxes.

Thus, going by this, it is obvious why the VLSI training is of paramount importance. It is something without which the modern world of electronics will cease to exist.

The VLSI Training comes with the following objectives:

  • To help the students develop and overall understanding of the workings of VLSI, ASIC or FPGA design
  • To help equip themselves with the concept of CMOS Circuit construction
  • Help them gather experience about designing Integrated Circuits with computer aided design tools.
  • Help the applicants develop a basic understanding of large scale digital integrated circuit
  • To provide them with the knowledge of preparing adders, multipliers, ROMs and SRAMs.

During the span of the certification course, the students will be made conversant with the following things:

  • System verilog
  • VMM and OVM
  • The methodologies of the designs in VLSI
  • RTL Coding
  • Synthesis process
  • Digital design fundamentals
  • Implementation of FPGA and configuration of target devices

The ones who are eligible to take the VLSI training:

The VLSI training courses are available at the post graduate levels, that is, the candidates are required to have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree to take the VLSI course. So, this is basically a post graduation course for which the candidates have to be graduated in any field. Specifically, BE or B.Tech degree holders in ECE, EEE, EIE, Electronics, Biomedical, CSE are eligible to take this course.

Who are the ones who should go for this training?

Given the current trend in electronics, anyone who wishes to rise high up in their careers must go for this course. The ones who must take the VLSI training are for graduates from the following fields:

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunication
  • Instrumentation



Best Faculty for VLSI Training in Hyderabad

The faculty at Tech Trainees is the one which is not just experienced but possess firsthand knowledge about the basic workings of VLSI. So, with Tech Trainees, the applicants will not have to be worried about facing any problems regarding gauging the concepts of VLSI and the problem solving that comes after some time. The faculty will always be there to guide the students at each and every step.


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Why should you go for the VLSI Training?

Anyone who is willing to make a mark in his career in electronics must take the course. It is the new big thing in the world of electronics and with the soaring competition, it is a must that all the aspiring candidates take this course for a bright and promising future.


Why Tech Trainees?

With Tech Trainees, the students can be rest assured about being enlightened about all they have to know about VLSI. Tech Trainees offers the best and the most affordable courses and VLSI is definitely one of them. With the latest trends in classroom and various new implementations, it is easily the best in Hyderabad.


FAQs in VLSI Training


  • Who are the trainers?

The trainers are experienced professionals with an in depth knowledge of VLSI.


  • What if I miss a class?

That won’t be a problem because the classes are recorded.


  • Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel my enrolment?

Yes, if the cancellation is done within two weeks of enrolment, you are entitled to a refund.


Benefits of VLSI Training And Its Career Prospects

In the 21st century, we hardly spend any time away from technology. We are mostly glued to our phones, the laptops have become our best friend, and the television sets, though facing a decline, still continue to be a main part of many middle-class families. Amidst all this, what slips our mind is the fact what runs these gadgets. The electronic world has achieved a lot of success in the past few decades and the intricacies of the VLSI are involved in this.

The VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration is something that surrounds us in our day to day lives. Starting from mobile phones to digital cameras, VLSI is an integral part of it all. So, if it is really that important, then it is obvious that it has a great market everywhere. The rapidly growing sector of electronics demands that the professionals are well equipped with the current trends and the latest developments, and that is when the VLSI training comes in handy. There are myriad benefits of this training, but some of the most vital benefits of VLSI training are as follows:


  • Great in making your career

The aspirants who go for the VLSI training course after their graduation are at and added advantage because this has myriad opportunities open. The competition will keep on increasing and in such a situation, the professionals will have to be updated with their skills so that they can land up in the best job that is there for them.


  • Great for all engineers

This is one profession that most of them prefer to take up nowadays mostly because of the vast employment opportunities it has to offer. Therefore, the VLSI training is the best for engineers who have a knack for designing, developing and reengineering integrated circuits. It is a great opportunity to enhance your existing knowledge and brush your current skills so that when the time comes, you can be of great use to your employers.


  • Huge multinational corporations need VLSI trained professionals

There can be no denying the fact that the competition and the rat race keeps increasing each day. In such a situation, no one can really sit back with just the degree they started with. They have to be upgraded and the VLSI training is a great way to start because all the influential and leading multinational corporations now hire professionals who are trained in VLSI. So it can be  a great boost to your career.


  • Great start for fresh graduates

For the ones who have just graduated and cannot really decide whether to take up a job or to study further, it is always best to go for this VLSI training because with this training, you will be well equipped with all you need to know about integrated circuits and their workings and how they are used in cell phone, computer, television. With this certified course, you can be sure that you will be a part of the best and the leading multinational corporations who need trained VLSI professionals like you.


Who will benefit from the VLSI training?

The VLSI training will be beneficial for the engineers from the following departments:

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunication
  • Instrumentation

Prerequisites for taking the VLSI training:

The ones who want to go for the VLSI training need to have a minimum qualification of graduation. The under graduates are not eligible for this course. Basic knowledge of digital electronics will be beneficial for the aspirants so that they are able to gauge the concepts and the workings of VLSI intricately.

Career opportunities after the VLSI training:

Taking this training has immense career opportunities. The aspirants will flourish in the field of electronics once they are certified with this course. The career opportunities for the VLSI professionals are:

  • VLSI Developer
  • VLSI trainer
  • Architecture research
  • VLSI Engineer

With such a huge scope in career, it is a must that all the people who wish to make a difference in their professional lives by contributing something worthwhile to the organization, it is only fair that they take up this course as this is immensely beneficial.