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TechTrainees has become a premier institute for Selenium training in Hyderabad, thanks to its well-developed courses and well-trained professors. Though there several more training institutes that offer the course, most of them charge a ridiculous amount of fees and do not stress on quality teaching. However, this is where Tech Trainees makes a difference. We at Tech Trainees focus on quality teaching and developing our students for the future with theoretical practice and practical knowledge. Our hard work, sincerity, and perseverance have led us to where we are, and we are deeply thankful to our amazing staff and students alike for supporting us since the conception of the institute.

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Are You Looking For Selenium Training in Hyderabad?


Welcome to Selenium Training Institute in Hyderabad

Tech Trainees is reputed to be one of the best Selenium training institutes in Hyderabad, and so for various reasons. For one thing, we are blessed with extremely hard working and high-qualified teachers who have passed complicated examinations and worked in multinational companies. We have professional-level and spacious classrooms along with a specialized laboratory for practical work. Though students are intimidated with the first look of the institute, they soon grow comfortable in the atmosphere among their teachers and classmates.

We take special care in guiding our students through even the most basic concepts to the more advanced levels in the course. As many of our students are presently employees or students, they are free to join any of our regular, weekend or online classes. Moreover, our instructors have been specially trained to clear doubts over popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Email and phone calls even after the completion of the course.

Apart from theory classes, students are also encouraged to complete assignments and projects as per industry standards. For example, one of our common projects includes guiding the students to develop an automation framework on a live website and making them robust for use.

The Selenium-training course is helpful for the following groups of people –

  • College graduates
  • Engineers working with automation tools
  • Manual testers
  • Developers
  • Quality analysts
  • UI testers
  • White box testers

Candidates need to be equipped with several programming languages such as C++ and Java, manual testing, installation of software, framework and advanced framework concepts.

Why Choose Tech Trainees

Tech Trainees promises to offer its students the best facilities for Selenium training in Hyderabad. Companies now look for professionals who are acquainted with the basics of Selenium training, so that they can develop and work on automation projects much faster. Being an open-source tool, Selenium is a highly popular training course that is here to stay for some time. Apart from that, the staff at Tech Trainees offers some of the best Selenium online training in Hyderabad. After completing the course, you’ll enjoy Selenium training and placement opportunities in Hyderabad along with a certificate, mock-tests, and mock-interviews for preparation.



Best Faculty for Selenium Training in Hyderabad

At Tech Trainees, we pride ourselves on offering you the best faculty for Selenium training in Hyderabad. All of our professors are extremely qualified and respected in their respective professions. Mr. Kishore is one of our more well-known instructors and has spent more than twelve years working in the real-time industry. On a personal note, he is extremely friendly and responsive to his students and has managed to retain a reputation in his extensive career.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


Tech Trainees is one of the best

options out there for Selenium training in Hyderabad. Upon my first class in the course, I realised that I had made the best choice by choosing this institute. I have attended the entire course and ave fallen in love with the institute.
- Ajay

Since I was an employer in an IT

company and needed to undergo rotational shifts, it was impossible for me to attend regular classes. However, Tech Trainees provided me with weekend classes so that I could keep up with the syllabus. I have completed my Selenium course only because of them.
- Maheswari

Though there are a number of

Selenium-training institutes in Hyderabad, I have tried most of them and have been rather disappointed. However, Tech Trainees managed to live up to my expectations, and has provided me with the best training ever possible.
- Rambabu

Tech Trainees is the perfect spot for

Selenium training as you will be greeted with friendly professors, spacious and well-equipped classrooms, and regular classroom sessions at a reasonable price. I was fortunate to have had the best professors and infrastructure for my training, and I find myself at a more successful position at work.
- Nitish

Our trainer was one of the best

human beings in the world, and he made sure that we were comfortable with each and every concept. He would take weekly and monthly tests, and clear our doubts. I would recommend Tech Trainees to all my friends.
- Santosh

I am highly grateful to Tech Trainees

for providing me with the opportunity to complete my Selenium training from their institute. Thanks to the training I have received, I have now applied for a better job position at work, and I am confident that I will succeed.
- Rakesh

As I had never attended a training

institute before, I was unsure of what to expect. I had always believed training institutes where students would be crammed into one room and be read to from a book. However, we were given personal attention by the trainer – perfect for all kinds of learners!
- Anand

Tech Trainees is one of the few places that

offer quality Selenium training; we are trained by quality instructors who are well-trained and are patient to listen to our doubts.
- Laxman

I was an online student in my time

so I had to make use of the offline and online recording available on the website. Thanks to that, I was able to keep up with the class and give my exams successfully.
- Rajani

I was blessed to have a successful trainer

for Selenium training, so much so that I am indebted to him for clearing up my basic concepts yet pushing me forward with challenging projects every time.
- Sudhir

I have successfully completed

Selenium training at Tech Trainees, and now look forward to joining a number of other courses as well. My trainer was patient with me as I struggled with the basic concepts, and I am grateful to him for making me the successful person that I am today.
- Aditya

Mr. Kishore is perhaps the best

trainer that I have ever met in my life. He possess the right amount of knowledge combined with the proper amount of practical experience, which makes it useful for us students to talk to him regarding any doubts.
- Shiva

I would love to thank the

competent staff at Tech Trainees for training me up to be a prominent employee at my company. Everything is so beautifully managed and organised, and the trainer was extremely good as well. What more could have I asked for during my Selenium training?
- Rahul

I had joined Tech Trainees a couple

of years back, and I was impressed by how much the syllabus was relevant to the real-time industry. I have worked on a number of assignments and projects that have greatly shaped me up as an employee.
- Shreya

Tech Trainees is reputed to be one of

the topmost institutes in Hyderabad that help with providing up-to-date and quality information to interested tudents in the best manner possible.
- Vishnu

Mr. Kishore is an absolute genius

when it comes to teaching his students, as he has such a wide range of knowledge of so many topics. Moreover, the course materials are so good, you can almost self-study at home.
- Sandeep

Tech Trainees is a viable option for

those who are looking for quality Selenium-training in Hyderabad at a very reasonable price. Of course, the price was combined with amazing professors and classroom sessions, and I had nothing more to ask for.
- Sumit

I have joined Tech Trainees for

Selenium training, and I am very impressed with the institute as of now. With a great trainer, good coursebooks and a well-equipped classroom, I am quite happy.
- Rimu


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FAQs in Selenium Training


Why is Selenium training beneficial for your career?

Selenium Training equips an IT developer to perform automation testing on web applications, which helps them to enhance the quality in performance.


How to apply?

You can apply for our courses by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ page and leaving your details behind.


What are the prerequisites to join a Selenium training course?

You should be acquainted with Java, Python, Ruby, C++, Perl, Database, manual testing, and basic HTML concepts to join a Selenium Training course.


How can I apply for a job?

You will receive placement support at Tech Trainees, as we will help you with certification guidance, mock-interviews, and examinations after the completion of your course.


What are the payment methods?

You can pay for the course through the following options –

  • Credit cards and debit cards
  • Money order
  • Net banking

Benefits Of Selenium Training


Automation testing has become an important part of software development for both small and medium business enterprises. Due to the development of e-commerce shopping and other online services, IT developers are trying their best to maintain the quality performance of automation testing in spite of modern technology and overhead costs. In simple terms, Selenium refers to a group of software tools used in web automation process, and each tool is used for a different purpose. Therefore, Testing Automation Engineers should undergo Selenium training to learn about the entire set of tools available for testing all kinds of web applications. Selenium is extremely flexible and easy to learn, enabling multiple choices for UI elements and contrasting forecasted test results against actual application forming. One of the best features of Selenium includes its ability to allow web automation testing on a variety of web browsing platforms.



Thanks to the emerging importance of Selenium in the IT industry, companies now look for employees who are well-versed with Selenium training for better job opportunities and promotions in the future. The benefits of Selenium training in your particular industry are listed out as follows –


Works with all kinds of languages

One of the best features of Selenium is that you can easily integrate the same with your preferred choice of programming languages such as Java, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl and much more. Though it does come with its own script it’s not limited to the same, which leaves the developers with the freedom to work with the language they choose to use.


Works with a variety of software programmes

Just like how Selenium is compatible with a number of languages, you can test Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari on a variety of operating systems such as iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac. Testing automation engineers have to keep themselves updated with all kinds of tools and technologies as customers start using more powerful devices. Selenium packages are supported by a number of browsers as well, such as –

◦ Selenium IDE can be used with Firefox as a plug-in

◦ Selenium Webdriver and Selenium RC support a number of platforms such as Internet Explorer and Chrome


Support across a variety of framework

As mentioned, Selenium training can equip you with the ability to integrate the same with a variety of frameworks. For example, you can integrate Selenium with Maven or ANT framework for source code compilation. Furthermore, Selenium can be integrated with TestNG testing framework for reporting and testing applications. Also, it can be integrated with Jenkins or Hudson for Continuous-Integration. Since Selenium is an open-source tool, it is portable and involves no direct costs. It is a community-based tool, which is why you can easily download it for free and is widely available.


Faster feedback

Tested automation ensures better communication between developers, designers, and product owners; thus, bugs, malfunctions, and other errors can be easily identified and solved in no time. This will lead to accelerated results and save operational time for both small and medium industries. The same testing can be executed multiple times, which will minimize time and reduce manual effort.


Higher overall test coverage

Test automation enables developers to hold a number of automation tests at the same time, which saves time and effort. Thus, a larger quantity of work can be completed in a shorter amount of time with greater accuracy. Automated test results are usually more accurate and detailed than through manual testing, which leads to lesser possibilities of bugs post-release.


Faster time-to-market

Due to quicker and less expensive testing, projects can be completed much faster and be sent to the market. Bugs and defects are detected much earlier, which leads to quicker resolving and delivery to the client. If your competitor has a faster time-to-market, that could potentially hamper your business. Thus, Selenium helps in delivering your product faster than your rivals and keeping you at the top of your game.


High security

Selenium testing is a specialized process that takes place under strict security. Contrary to manual testing procedures, test data will now be executed on live databases. Selenium enables the creation, manipulation and implementation of data multiple times, which is why the data is protected for security procedures.


Who will benefit from Selenium training?

The Selenium training course is helpful for the people belonging to the following groups –

  • Manual testers
  • College graduates
  • Software engineers working on automation tools
  • Software developers
  • UI testers
  • White box testers


What are the prerequisites for joining a Selenium training course?

You should have an education background in Computer Science, a Bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree in Computer Science or an engineering degree. You should be equipped with programming languages such as C++ and Java, manual testing, installation of software, framework and advanced framework concepts.


What are the career opportunities after completing a Selenium training course?

After completing a Selenium training course, you can apply for the following job positions at an IT company that works with web automation tools –

  • Test Executer
  • Test Designer
  • Senior Tester
  • Technical Tester
  • Test Manager
  • Automation Test Leads
  • Quality Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Selenium Automation Analyst
  • Senior Test Engineers