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Tech Trainees is one of the finest coaching centres when it comes to Pega Training in Hyderabad. It is used by software development companies for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) as an application tool. It is used to streamlining, automating and documenting business processes that consolidate multi-stream processing into one system. Software developers need to go for a proper Pega Training from a competent training institute so that they are capable of performing the tasks required of themselves in a better manner. Therefore, candidates must go for a well-reputed training institute for a certification course in Pega training. Tech Trainees fulfills all the conditions in the checklist to give you the best possible training in Hyderabad.

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Tech Trainees


Best Pega Training Institute In Ameerpet

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    Welcome to Pega Training Institute In Hyderabad

    We at Tech Trainees take utmost care to maintain our high standards of teaching and infrastructure to retain our students’ trust in us. Our instructors are highly-qualified and worked in the real-time industry for more than a decade, which gives them an added advantage over other institutes. They don’t believe in theoretical memorization but use real-time industry examples from their earlier to illustrate concepts to their students. We have maintained our high-quality teaching due to the efforts of our staff, and the trust of our students. As a result, we have quickly established ourselves one of the best Pega training institutes in Hyderabad.

    The objectives of the Pega training course at Tech Trainees include –

    • Understand the BPM concepts and workflows
    • Theoretical and practical knowledge of Pega concepts
    • Implementation of Pega concepts
    • Implementation of web applications with Pega concepts
    • Implementation of BPM application
    • Implementation of Business Logic and UI design using Pega concepts

    At Tech Trainees, we offer the best Pega training and placement opportunities in Hyderabad. Candidates are given a certificate that certifies to have successfully completed the course, and our staff guides them in building resumés, cracking interviews and faring well in examinations.

    The Pega Training course is open to the mentioned groups of people –

    • Fresh college graduates
    • Software developers looking for better career opportunities
    • Employees who want to learn Pega for better efforts estimate for projects


    Though there is no mandatory criterion to join a Pega training course, candidates are expected to be familiar with programming languages (especially Java and OOP), CRM and BPM for an extra advantage.


    Best Faculty for Pega Training in Hyderabad

    Tech Trainees promises to engage its students with some of the best faculty for Pega training in Hyderabad. Our instructors have acquired degrees from well-known universities and have worked in top software development companies for a decade or more. Now that they have retired from, they have chosen to work with us as full-time instructors and share their knowledge and experiences with their students. They are well-liked by the students due to their friendly and patient nature, and consider their vocation to be an extension of their passion for learning.


    Why Choose Tech Trainees?

    Tech Trainees promises you a high-quality and structured course curriculum that is guided by a team of well-trained instructors. Apart from that, we have spacious classrooms along with a well-equipped laboratory handled by qualified assistants, which are usually reserved for practical sessions. Though we generally offer regular classroom sessions on weekdays and weekends, we offer our first Pega online training in Hyderabad as well. You can learn the concepts at your own pace and convenience with the help of high-quality videos that have been created by industry experts. As for online training, you can take the help of online videos posted on a daily schedule, which include classroom recordings and other special demonstration videos. You can even clarify your doubts before class begins and complete the required set of assignments and projects.

    We guide you through resumé building, preparing for interviews and examinations as well. At the end of the course, you receive a certificate that certifies that you have passed a Pega training course from a competent coaching centre.

    What Do The Students Say About Us?

    “Even after working in a software development company, I didn’t have an extensive knowledge of too many technologies. However, I needed to upgrade myself to reach up to the basic standard required for an effective client-employee relationship and I chose the Pega training course offered by Tech Trainees – one of the best decisions in my life.”
    – Rohit

    “I was one of those workers could took time understand the project because I was often far behind in using tools and technologies. I decided to join the Tech Trainees Pega Training course on weekends, and it has helped me tremendously. My trainer was extremely patient with me, and explained all the necessary concepts and I turned out to be one of the best students in no time!”
    – Ranjan

    “Tech Trainees is hands-down the one-stop solution when it comes to software development training and various other courses. The trainer offered me some of the best lectures on the basic concepts on Data Modelling, BPM, User Interface, Case Management and so much more… and I’m grateful to him for that.” – Veeresh

    “If you’re looking for a good Pega training course, you should definitely join Tech Trainees for the best professors, infrastructure and more… the authorities keep in touch with you even after you complete the course, and guide you through job-searching.” – Pavitra

    “Our trainer was an amazing teacher as he had developed his own teaching style of explaining the basic concepts to those who weren’t familiar with the same. He taught us the more advanced levels with equal dedication, and all of us managed to pass the exams with good marks.” – Krunal

    “I had to opt for online Pega training classes because of my job, but the authorities at Tech Trainees ensured that I never faced any issues with the same. Overall, I was happy with the experience.” – Praveen

    “The trainers at Tech Trainees actually motivate us to learn instead of simply memorizing large chunks of information. He would give us weekly assignments to test our knowledge , which really prepared us well for our examinations. Soon after completing the course, we received the certificate and placement opportunity.” – Nagasai

    “I would highly recommend Tech Trainees for your Pega training course, as you would never find such good trainers anywhere else. They are extremely sincere, hardworking and patient and make sure that their teaching methods is a success.” – Sravan

    “Apart from holding regular theoretical classes, our trainer would use real-time industry examples as part o our practical training – this helped us to prepare ourselves for future issues at work.” – Joshi

    “Tech Trainees is one of the most versatile training centres that I have ever visited. Since I was working and could not attend regular classroom sessions, the trainers encouraged me to join their weekend batches, whichh I found quite convenient. I am thankful to them for the opportunity.” – Satyam

    “I was quite impressed with the Pega training provided by Tech Trainees it has tremendously improved my competency in software development in general. The trainer was extremely talented and knowledgeable, and we found him great fun. recommend the institute to everyone due to its amazing faculty and infrastructure.” – Sunil

    “The Pega training courses is a one-size-fits-all solution, as it has a well-designed syllabus that works well for a senior software developer and a college fresher as well. The entrance fee is nominal, to say the least, but you receive a great deal of knowledge and experience for the same.”
    – Roshan

    “I really enjoyed the trainer’s teaching style. He would begin with an overal introduction of thetopic, and would slowly break the information to headings and subheadings. This made it easier for us to take down notes and preparefor exams.” – Harshad

    “I had opted for the online classroom session as I working as a software developer at the moment. The trainer and the course materials were so good, it was almost as if I was in a real classroom.” – Praveen

    “I love evrything about the Pega training course that was offered by Tech Trainees – right from the class sessions, the trainers and the students.”
    – Sharama

    “At first, I was unsure about joining a Pega training course or if it would be beneficial for me in the future. The trainer sat me down and explained the entire process to me, and the career opportunities it brought. Today, I’m working with BPM, which is a part of Pega.” – Rakesh

    “I’m proud to say that I personally know two of the trainers, who have successfully worked in the real-time industry. As expected, they have taught us well, given us practical experience and prepared us for the future.” – Vinay

    “I enjoyed the Pega training programme at Tech Trainees from the first day itself, and would recommend the institute to everyone due to its amazing faculty and infrastructure.” – Ravi



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    What are the benefits of a Pega training course?

    In simple terms, Pega can be defined as a Business Process Management (BPM) tool that is used for building enterprise applications. It has become a lucrative option in the software development market and has come down to various industries as well. Being a promising BPM tool in the market of Information Technology, Pega is generally used in banking, insurance, healthcare and telecom industries due to its flexible and cloud-integrated atmosphere. Running on CRM and BPM that are powered by robotic automation and artificial intelligence capabilities, Pega enables people to deploy, extend and change applications as per business requirements. Therefore, it is important for a candidate to enrol themselves for a Pega training course from a well-reputed coaching institute. Pega training comes with a number of great career opportunities that would definitely take you to success.


    • Keeps you engaged and marketable for a longer time

    As compared to your rivals who have not attended a Pega training course, you will be given preference when it comes to job interviews, job hirings and job promotions. According to The Economic Times, many IT companies now plan to move their work towards Pegasystem’s coding Pega to increase efficiency and automation in India. As a result, a Pega training course will greatly help in keeping you ahead of your competitors as you’ll be chosen for various tasks involving the use of Pega.

    • Increases your confidence level due to the knowledge of current skills

    Many employees do not upgrade themselves after they are hired for a job, which could adversely affect their career prospects. Instead, employees who keep updating themselves with newer technologies have a better record to show on their curriculum vitae, which increases their potential to take on more challenging tasks as they climb up the success ladder. As a result, the company is able to build strong and dedicated teams that fit in with their professional requirements.

    • Raises the management’s belief in you

    Since you’re always preparing yourself to scale new heights in your career, the company will notice your intense thirst to prove yourself and choose you for promotions. With a Pega training course certification at hand, you have the evidence that you are constantly improving on your knowledge and achievements as you build a valuable career path for yourself. Moreover, Pega is extremely simple to master and you can start working on the concepts as soon as you receive your formal certificate from the institute.

    • Prepares you for the challenges

    As you enter the working field with a Pega training course certificate at hand, you improve a number of things within the company itself. For example, you can improve implementation quality and minimize project errors as you grasp the intricate concepts of Pega. Thus, you can help the company speed up time-to-market and reduce costs, leading to greater efficiency. And, as you receive the company’s appreciation, you feel yourself growing as an individual employee and a part of a company.

    • Some of the top companies look for Pega professionals

    Since Pega has become a really important part of the IT industry, it is important to know that you can easily shift to a higher-paying job position in a better company. Some of the top companies that regularly Pegasystems as part of their work are –

    • Aegis
    • Accenture
    • Agora Group
    • American Express
    • Cisco
    • Coca-Cola
    • Fidelity
    • HSBC
    • NSW Government
    • Optus
    • Radial
    • United Healthcare
    • Vodafone

    … and many more.

    Who should go for a Pega training course?

    As Pega is a Business Intelligence tool that is usually used in the banking, healthcare and finance industry to improve services and for client enquiries, the Pega training course would be useful for –

    • College graduates
    • Employees who are interested to know more about BPM technology and the development of enterprise applications


    What are the career opportunities that you can go for after acquiring a Pega Training course?

    Once you have a Pega training course certification at hand, you can apply for the following job positions at a banking, financing or healthcare industry –

    • Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant
    • Certified Pega Marketing Consultant
    • Certified Pega Senior Marketing Consultant
    • Certified Senior System Architect

    What are the prerequisites to join a Pega training course?

    The candidate should be familiar with programming languages (such as Ajax, OOP and Java), SLDC, good design approaches and conventions, Logic, Relational Database, business and domain knowledge, business process flow, enterprise architecture, WebApp deployment, HTML, XML, and troubleshooting and testing techniques.

    FAQs in Pega Training

    Who can join the Pega Training at Tech Trainees?

    The Pega Training is open to all of those who have recently graduated, are looking for better career opportunities and want to learn about providing better estimates to projects.

    What is the duration of the Pega training course?

    The Pega training sessions are held every day (including weekends) from morning to evening. Working professionals can attend classes only on weekends, and may access our online video tutorials as well.

    How can I apply for the Pega training course?

    You can apply for our Pega training course by leave your details (click on the ‘Contact Us’ page) behind and keep following us for application dates, procedures and the training schedule.

    How does Tech Trainees prepare us for employment?

    At Tech Trainees, we offer placement opportunities after the completion of the course. We help you in building resumés and preparing for examination and mock-interview prior to your on-campus and off-campus placements.

    What are the payment methods available?

    Students can pay the fees and complete the application procedure through the payment methods –
    -Card payment
    -Demand Draft
    -Online Fund Transfer