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SAP Sales and Distribution is essential Module of SAP and handles the processes of Sales order to delivery. SAP SD Training implements the business process used in the selling, shipping, and billing of products and services.

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Best SAP SD Training Institute In Ameerpet

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    Welcome to SAP SD Training Institute in Ameerpet

    Triumph Gate Technologies is the premier institute for SAP SD Training and prides itself on its excellent curriculum and Best faculty. We believe in a strict motto of ‘where aspiration meets destination’ in our policy, as we allow for a superb interactive learning experience complete with audio-visual teaching equipment, laboratories, and advanced computers. Apart from regular SAP coaching, we also provide the best SAP SD online training in Hyderabad and SAP SD training and placement in Hyderabad. The courses are available both on the individual and corporate basis, as both require a different kind of approach to students.

    In today’s competitive age, a SAP Sales and Distribution software certification in a leading SAP SD training institute in Hyderabad will ensure a high-quality resume, better management of tasks under the umbrella-term of Sales and Distribution and superior employment opportunities. Those with such a qualification are best suited for business organizations that deal with system configuration, order and cash process-related transactions and master data. Such professionals are the preference in the case of job profiles such as Sales Orders, Customer Master and Material Master Data, Billing and Credit processes, Pricing and Delivering among others. One can choose among the sub-classifications of SAP-SD such as Billing, Empties Management, Foreign Trade and Sales Information system, Sales Support, Pendulum List Indirect Sales, Shipping and Transportation, Sales, Master Data and Credit Management.


    SAP Sales and Distribution Course Syllabus


    • Introduction to ERP and SAP.
    • Overview of SAP modules
    • SAP R/3 Architecture




    • Customer Master Data
    • Material Master Data
    • Customer Material Info Record


    • Working with sales documents
    • Sales doc structure
    • Sales document types
    • Items categories
    • Schedule line categories
    • Customer complaints
    • Credit memo request
    • Debit memo request
    • Invoice correction request
    • returns


    • Condition technique
    • Special pricing functions
      • Condition exclusion
      • Condition supplement
      • Exclusion groups
      • Condition index
      • Condition update .Price list
      • Price report .Net price
      • Manual order value
      • Minimum order value
      • Minimum price .Interval price
      • Pallet discount
      • Incomplete pallet discount
      • Structured condition
      • Sales deal and promotion


    • Inclusive
    • Exclusive
    • Without item generation






    • Single level
    • Multi level


    • Revenue account determination
    • Credit management


    • Availability check
    • Transfer of requirements


    • Scheduling agreements
    • Contracts
      • Quantity contract
      • Value contract
      • Service contract
      • Master contract


    • Cash sales
    • Rush order
    • Free-of –charge delivery


    • Shipping
    • Transportation
    • Route determination








    • Cross-selling
    • Third party order processing
    • Consignment sales
    • Intercompany sales
    • Backorder processing
    • Consignments sales
    • Backorder processing
    • Stock transport order
    • Make-to-order production
    • Item proposal
    • Dynamic product proposal


    • Output determination
    • Text determination







    Best Faculty for SAP SD in Hyderabad

    We boast of some of the best faculty for SAP SD training. Our professors are highly educationally qualified, have years of work experience and are trained to tackle the syllabus. Mr. Kishore is the pride of our faculty, who has more than twelve years of teaching students from all over the world. Based on our student reviews, Mr. Kishore can be described as a self-disciplined and ethical man who strives to bring boring theories and concepts to life by giving simple real-life practical examples.

    What Do The Students Say About Us?

    Thanks to our perseverance, hard work and planning, we have managed to rise on top of list of the best SAP SD training institutes in Hyderabad. Here are some of our best reviews we have received from our students after the completion of their course.

    Very Good Training With Live Examples

    After a long time, I have finally searched or and registered myself at the Triumph Gate Technologies institute for SAP SD training. Here, we have found a highly experienced faculty, mentors, specialised laboratories, convenient class timings and a good environment. I would recommend this institute for you if you’re actually serious about your career. – Swathi Karnati

    Mr. Kishore is providing such a wonderful real time training

    Mr. Kishore is a true genius, and is totally passionate about his subject. He makes a great effort to make us understand the basic concepts, so that we are able to work with it in the actual world. – NANDAKISHORE REDDY

    Best Place to learn SAP SD Training

    You will find some of the best infrastructure and faculty at Triumph Gate Technologies. Compared to other SAP-SD training institutes, they charge a very reasonable fee, which makes it very affordable even for economically challenged students. – Devvkanth Musunoru

    Excellent Training on SAP SD

    Triumph Gate Technologies has a fixed motive of actually imparting knowledge to its students, instead of other institutes who are only interested in minting money in exchange of irregular classes and poor-quality teaching. This should be your choice of institute if you’re looking for value for money. – Maruti J

    One of the Top Institute for SAP SD

    This is great institute for SAP-SD training even if you’re a working student or otherwise are unable to attend regular classes. They have an online training session that you can follow at your own convenient time, and complete the syllabus on your own. – Sai Kumar

    Mr. Kishore Sir subject delivery is excellent

    Mr. Kishore has been teaching students for the past sixteen years, and that is clearly shown in his teaching methods. He always takes care to complete the syllabus way before time to allow us home-study time and get our doubts cleared in time. – Kalpana Erigala

    Awesome Course and Great Infrastructure

    Triumph Gate Technologies is just like its name; you will surely win the race against competition if you enrol yourself at this institute – great faculty, amazing course-books and infrastructure.” – Raj shekhar

    Institute cares for its sincere students

    If you’re a sincere working student, the authorities are often kind to hold classes according to your comfort and schedule. As a result, you don’t miss out on any classes and can perform your best.” – Salagundla Harish

    Demonstration of Case Studies is Higher

    Theoretical knowledge is sometimes just not enough. At Triumph Gate Technologies, we are given real-life case studies to work on, and make our reports on the same that greatly help us in the actual field of work. – Amit Thakur

    Professors can be reached for doubts at any time

    If you find that you’re unable to understand a particular concept, the professors are always ready to help you out. In the rare circumstances that they are unavailable, you can always access their recorded sessions on the website for future reference purposes. – Ajay

    No time constraints, multiple batches

    In case you have personal time constraints, the faculty holds Normal, Fast-track and Weekend Batches for students so that they can study according to their own timetables and do well in the exams. – Katkuri Ramakrishna

    Certification with good placement assistance

    The faculty at Triumph Gate Technologies promise a great training and placement record, and it’s true. Many of the students are called for job interviews since they have an SAP SD certificate that makes them eligible for various job positions, as compared to those who do not have a SAP SD certificate. – Madhu B

    Multiple opportunities after course completion

    The Triumph Gate Technologies institute has a successful placement record in some of the top MNCs in the country, which makes it the one and only option for SAP SD training in Hyderabad. – Karthik Raccha

    Interview preparation with perfect guidance

    Triumph Gate Technologies trains more than 2000 students each year, and make them capable enough to sit for important job interviews and bag high-paying jobs in top companies of India. All the credit goes to Mr. Kishore and his team of experienced professors. – Chinmaya kumar

    Very impressed with course training

    Faculty and infrastructure of Triumph Gate Technologies in Hyderabad. I have tried out so many well-known institutes of the city, but have returned disappointed. This is the only institute that I can depend on for SAP-SD training. – Sri Manikanta

    Proud to be a student of Triumph Gate Technologies

    Most of the professors in the institute have worked or are presently working in MNCs, which gives a fair idea of how the real-life model actually works. Their experience is helpful to us, as we are prepared on how to handle such issues in the course of our work. – Girishma Patnaik

    Best platform to brush up your SAP SD Skills

    Placements are the scariest part of our professional lives. Thanks to Triumph Gate Technologies, we were already prepared in both theoretical and practical knowledge and knew how to tackle job interviews in our career. – Vishal Kumar

    Finest training for SAP SD Module

    Having a SAP-SD certification in our field is very important, and doing so from Triumph Gate Technologies has not only given me knowledge but also the self-confidence to face any job-related challenge in life. Ankit Chafle



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    Benefits of an SAP SD Course Training and the Career in Future

    SAP Sales and Distribution has emerged to be a highly popular sub-module of the Leading SAP Sales and Distribution Certification Program, which caters to better work management and data in business enterprises. The concept of SAP (System Applications and Products) was originated to integrate several business processes in a unified system such as financial accounting and sales and distribution among others.

    Therefore, the SAP Sales and Distribution sub-module work for better management in sales and customer distribution data in its various departments such as controlling, material management, financial accounting and production planning. Due to its essential requirement in many organizations, it is highly advisable to get a SAP Sales and Distribution course certification from a leading institute to achieve the following benefits in your job prospects –

    Better management of sales transactions

    Since the motive of a SAP Sales and Distribution course certification is to take you through the process of Sales and Distribution, professionals will find it easier to track sales transactions. It is one of the most sub-modules of SAP products, which accounts for the Sales and Distribution organisational units of an enterprise.

    Accurate recording of pre-sale and post-sale processes

    Those with a SAP Sales and Distribution certification find it easier to manage information regarding Sales Orders, Pricing, Billing and Deliveries, all of which are important components of the Sales and Distribution unit. Such a candidate would also be more capable to handle other aspects of an SD unit such as Sales Enquiry, Quotation, Standard Order, Payments and Special SD Business Processes.

    Better handling of Customer Master and Master Data operations

    Thanks to their SAP SD certification, candidates can better handle Master Data operations such as Customer Master Data, Material Master Data, Condition Master Data, Shared Master Data, Customer/Material Information Record and Account Groups and Field section.

    Proper tracking of sales data

    The candidate will be acquainted with the basics of Sales and distribution such as Pricing Determination, Revenue Account Determination, Tax Determination, Route Determination, Batch Management and Credit Management among others. In addition to this, they will also learn about Inter-company business processing, third-party order processing, Bill of Material, back-order processing, rescheduling processing, batch management, individual processing and rebate processing among others.

    Effective categorisation of different sales procedures and processes

    A professional with an SAP Sales and Distribution certification will be able to classify various kinds of sales processes such as Master Data, Basic Functions in Sales and Distribution, Basic Business Processes, Sales Documents and their Processing in addition to SAP methodology and its integration with FICO, Product Planning and Material Management.

    Hands-on experience in Sales and Distribution processes

    Most leading  institutes include practical sessions on dealing with on-job challenges, thus the candidate will be prepared to handle such issues or properly report the same to their authorities. They would also be knowledgeable regarding the specific terminology needed for their field.

    High-paying employment opportunities

    As compared to those who do not have a SAP Sales and Distribution course certification, professionals who do will be given preference for the job position of a Top SAP SD training Functional Consultant. In some cases, a certification is mandatory along with various other qualifications that come with the SAP Sales and Distribution course itself.

    Knowledge of data cleansing and data conversion tools

    A prior understanding of the several kinds of data cleansing and data conversion tools is mandatory in the job profile of a SAP Sales and Distribution Functional Consultant, such as BDC, CATT, eCATT and LSMW, and interfaces such as BAPIs, RFC and EDI/IDOC.

    Great communication, time management and interpersonal skills

    Enhanced interpersonal and interview skills come along as an important part of a SAP Sales and Distribution certificate, as classes are also held on time management, personality development and communication skills.

    Easy and effective management of sales and distribution processes

    A proper SAP SD Training teaches the student to handle various components of the Sales and Distribution procedures such as Sales, Product List Indirect Sales, Billing, Empties Management, Foreign Trade and Sales Information System, Billing, Sales Support, Master Data and Shipping and Transportation.

    Overall, it is essential to add relevant certifications to your resume to present a best first impression of yourself in the job market. It is also very important to choose a good training institute for your SAP SD certification, to catch the employer’s eye as a proficient and sincere worker. So, you can choose Triumph Gate Technologies, which is best faculty and a premier training institute in Hyderabad, and get excellent in SAP SD Training.

    FAQ’s in SAP SD Training

    Are you providing online training?

    Yes, Triumph Gate Technologies offers both online and classroom training.

    What is the SAP SD course?

    SAP SD course refers to an important component of SAP ERP, a set of business processes involved in shipping, selling and billing. The course is beneficial for companies to engage better in customer services, sales, shipment and outbound logistics.

    What would you learn in a SAP SD Course?

    The major topics covered in a SAP SD course include: Sales, Customer and Vendor Master Data, Billing, Delivery, Credit Management, Pricing and Shipment of Products and Services.

    Why is a SAP SD training course necessary?

    A SAP SD training course enables organisations to track pre-sales, sales and post-sales transactions, and streamline orders, distribution process and customer information in an effective manner.

    Who would be the perfect candidate for a SAP SD training course?

    The SAP SD course is open to professionals who work with billing, sales, shipment and sales. The candidate shall track customer business processes using SAP, integrate SD with Materials Management, QM, APO, etc. Also, they shall design analytical and operational reports for the client.

    What are the prerequisites to join a SAP SD training course?

    The ideal candidate must have the business knowledge of SAP, and be experienced in sales and distribution. Excellent communication skills are a plus point.

    How do I Pay for SAP SD Course?

    You Can pay using any of the following methods-
    -Net Banking
    -Credit Card
    -Money oder

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