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DevOps Training – DevOps, or Development and Operations, fuses the practices of development and operations teams together into one single unit. An important component in the software industry, operations and developments engineers work together to discover a faster and more effective software solution with a minimum number of interruptions. The other advantages of DevOps include reduced time span to overcome interruptions, reduced development cycle, enhanced defect detection, better release velocity and reduced deployment checks.

One of the best DevOps training institutes in Hyderabad, we at Triumph Gate Technologies aim to provide the best knowledge and experience possible. We cater to our students under the care of experienced and dedicated professors and a well-designed syllabus. As a result, our students go on to achieve more milestones in their career.

DevOps Training in Hyderabad


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Are You Looking For DevOps Training in Hyderabad?


Welcome to DevOps Training Institute in Hyderabad

Triumph Gate Technologies has been part of the DevOps online training in Hyderabad for decades, and is an abundant treasure of knowledge and practical experience.

We provide certified professional DevOps training at our institute, making us one of the best institute for DevOps training in Hyderabad. Our classroom sessions include personal one-on-one sessions, regular classes, online classes and module-wise study lessons for better grasp and retention among students. We have a well-qualified and friendly staff and international-standard training centers so that our students receive the best. Boasting of a career spanning more than fifteen years, we have developed job-oriented and skill development courses that offer better job opportunities. Moreover, we schedule flexible classes for the convenience of our students and maintain a smaller batch size for personal attention.

After students complete the course, they will acquire job skills such as –

  • Knowledge of DevOps
  • Infrastructure Servers, Scalability and Availability
  • Implementation of Automated Installations and Deployments
  • Infrastructure Performance and Security
  • Virtualization Concepts
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • DevOps Cloud Environment with AWS
  • Industry-Based Projects

DevOps Course Training is helpful for all those who are eager to learn more about the subject, such as –

  • IT professionals who want to work with DevOps
  • System Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • Operating Engineers
  • Building Engineers
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • IT Architects

The major topics included in the Triumph Gate Technologies are as follows –

  • Introduction
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Technical Essentials
  • Linux Administration
  • GIT: Version Control
  • Jenkins: Continuous Integration
  • Ansible
  • Docker-Containers

At the completion of the course, the students will be presented with a DevOps Course Completion Certification.




About Faculty

At TriumphGate Technologies, we have the best faculty for DevOps in Hyderabad. Mr. Srinivas is one of our most-qualified professor, who has spent more than sixteen years in the industry and has worked on fifteen real-time projects. Apart from training more than 12,000 students in his career, he holds an 80% placement track record. It is because of teachers like Mr. Srinivas that we can boast of one of the most impressive records of DevOps Training and Placement in Hyderabad.

What Do The Students Say About Us?


Truimph Gate Technologies

is one of the best institutes for DevOps Training, thanks to its wonderful professors, well-researched industry and job prospects. I would recommend this institute to everyone.
- Anji reddy

One of the best colleges

for DevOps Training in Hyderabad, the professors are very helpful and dedicated in their profession. They are a source of inspiration for those who are sincere about their career.
- Archana

The classrooms are big

and spacious, which make it very convenient for students to pay attention to the lecture. We have a laboratory for practical training, which is managed by experienced lab experts to maintain decorum.
- Vikram

Triumph Gate provides

with a set of soft skills and knowledge so that you’re able to ace any examination and interview in your career. Join this institute for the best experience.
- Madhu

DevOps Training is a very

important course in the software industry, and must be proficient to be accepted to a well-reputed company. Triumph Gate gave me the confidence to prove myself in life.
- Sateesh

Srinivas sir is an amazing

teacher, and for many reasons. He knows his subject very well, and keeps him updated with the modern industry standards – making him a great professor.
- Murali krishna

Triumph Gate Technologies

prepares you well for your future career, with mock tests, mock interviews and doubt-clearing sessions to increase efficiency and performance.
- Lakshmi

Mr. Srinivas is an extremely

professional and dedicated professor, and takes the time out to help his students as and when needed! He has worked in the industry for more than ten years and has trained so many students, it’s no wonder!
- Rohith Varma

Our professor Mr. Srinivas

is helpful and kind, and he really knows his subject. He has been an industry expert for more than twelve years in an MNC in Hyderabad, and has trained thousands of students – and he does it very well!
- Ramakrishna

I like the job placement

system at Triumph Gate Technologies. Everything is so well-organised and well-done, and Mr. Srinivas holds an 80% placement record in the big cities of India. So why not Triumph Gate?
- Santhosh Kumar

The DevOps study

materials are very helpful, even if you’re not a regular student. The course material and online training sessions are so good that you will need to time to prepare.
- Sri lakshmi

Triumph Gate Technologies

believes in theoretical and practical knowledge. With well-ventilated classrooms and well-equipped laboratories, it is a perfect combination for success.
- Madhu

Our lectures are very

interesting and well-conducted, and are coupled with theory, practical application and experience to ensure all-round development in students.
- Sarath

The DevOps course is

beneficial for everyone, right from beginners to esteemed professionals. It does boost your career to a great extent, and I would recommend to join Triumph Gate for the same.
- Sravan

I’m thankful to Triumph Gate

Technologies for clearing up my course concepts from both the theoretical and practical aspect. Now, I hold a well-respected job in an MNC in Bengaluru.
- Praveen

I was a complete novice

in the beginning, and was not sure of the quality. Yet, I gained confidence in myself and Triumph Gate after attending just one lecture – it is worth your time and money.
- Yeshwanth

After my first experience

with Triumph Gate Technologies, I was very impressed. I have recommended Triumph Gate to all my friends and plan to join again for a few more courses.
- Sandeep

I am a working professional

but wanted to advance my career growth. I chose Triumph Gate for a DevOps programme and I was very impressed. It was very informative and innovative, and I recommend it to you as well.
- Surya


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Benefits of DevOps Training and its Career Prospects

The emergence of DevOps has become the trending movement in the software industry. In anutshell, it aims to provide clients with software that is unique and efficient in design, development, implementation and support. Needless to say, DevOps has become a huge market necessity and people are signing up for the relevant certification course to improve their career prospects. In this article, we would be talking about the several benefits of a DevOps Course Certification course and how it benefits your future career in the software industry in the long run.

What is DevOps?

An amalgamation of development and operations, the term ‘DevOps’ refers to a collaboration among IT operators and software developers with an aim to automate infrastructure changes and automate the process of software delivery. The concept was introduced by the Agile Champions in Belgium, which is why DevOps is built on many of its principles. In fact, Patrick Debois (the creator of the DevOps phenomenon) was the one who had coined the term ‘DevOps’ to refer to an understanding between software operations and development.

However, there is a difference – Agile software development works on a set of principles (such as, evolutionary development, planning and improvement, fast delivery and response to issues) to create software. On the other hand, DevOps works on the functional and operational of software development.

Why do organizations need DevOps?

Organizations upgrade themselves regularly, and they now look for professionals who are qualified in DevOps for the following reasons –

• Due to prior understanding of the production department, issues are quickly resolved and results are delivered
• Reduces risk in production due to automated and nonfunctional testing, along with other developmental tasks
• Operating environments have become much more stable

Benefits of DevOps Certificate Training

These are the major advantages of holding a DevOps Certificate Training –

Better job opportunities

There is a huge demand for certified DevOps professionals and the required number of DevOps professionals. Teams of multi-disciplinary professionals are trained in decision-making methods and technical decisions – such as QA professionals, business analysts, Operations Engineers and Developers. Therefore, it is important that you take up a DevOps course certification that will guarantee better jobs.

Increased efficiency and production

Your worth as an IT professional will increase with a DevOps certificate course, which in turn will increase your productivity. In a conventional IT environment, employees and staff usually waste a lot of time in downtime or when waiting for other software-related issues. With a DevOps certification in hand, you can minimise or completely eliminate the unproductive part of the working process – which would boost the efficiency of work and will add to the worth of the organisation as well.

Increased salary

Goes without being said, an extra course qualification definitely means an increased salary. Surveys have revealed that DevOps professionals are among the highest-paid employees in the IT industry as the demand is increasing rapidly, and it’s a trend that will not die down very soon.

Reduced Risk of Change

Conventional IT chains were always under pressure to provide quality software under strict deadlines, which could cause operational issues. In case of any change, improvements would have to be monitored, assessed, reviewed and approved. With DevOps, this can be done in a single integrated process that dcan eliminate the risk of change.

Overall benefiting your organization

The whole team in a company benefits from a DevOps Course Certification as all of them work with the same objective of security, performance, stability, user experience and marketing. DevOps ensures that all the processes are closely monitored and the changes are implemented – which help in maintaining software quality and faster delivery.

Career prospects with DevOps Certification

DevOps Course Certification comes with many career prospects, such as the following –

• The ability to implement DevOps and to work with Agile, Lean and IT Service Management
• Automating a business enterprise using DevOps
• Improved communication and better feedback
• To improve efficiency and performance

The following can opt for a DevOps Certification course to improve their career graphs –

• College freshers looking for employment in the software industry
• Professionals working in designing, improving and reengineering processes
• Consultants working in process improvement initiatives
• Process stakeholders
• Internal and external suppliers

Though there is no prerequisite as such to join a DevOps Training course, candidates are expected to have some basic knowledge about IT and IT service management.

Here are the job titles that you can opt for completing a DevOps Certification course –

The DevOps Evangelist – Their job is to ensure buy-ins from DevOps teams, supports DevOps delivery methods and sees to it that IT professionals are trained and qualified to work properly.

The release manager – They work on the technical details of coordination, integration, development, testing, deployment and maintenance of delivery.

The automation architect – They analyse, design and implement certain strategies to ensure availability of quality product and fast deployments.

The software developer – They turn requirements into code and work on monitoring, unit testing and deployment.

The experience assurance professional – The XA experts ensure that all the required features are in place.

The security engineer – They work on the security aspect of the product during its development.

The utility technology player – They ensured improved quality of service, resource management and security in the product.

As a conclusion, it’s never too late to start thinking (or rethinking) about your job profile. With a DevOps Course Certification, kick-start your career once again.