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Digital Marketing is a dynamic field which needs to be constantly updated and enhanced according to the needs. As a result, we need to keep working on our own research, data tools, training material and case studies along with the latest digital marketing tools and techniques – something that we believe in at Digital Floats.

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Welcome to Digital Marketing Training Institute in Visakhapatnam

Digital Floats works with sound and concrete knowledge blended with innovative teaching and learning techniques. There are tools and technologies that are being constantly updated, and professionals need to learn them to be at the top of their game.

We have a Head Office at Hyderabad but have spread out in branches all over Andhra Pradesh to ensure the same standard of training and counseling. All our trainers have excellent qualifications and have ten years of working and teaching experience. We hold both theoretical and practical training sessions, along with internships and 100% job placement assistance. For those who are unable to attend regular classes, we hold backup classes in batches for every weekday and weekend for your convenience. We even have online training sessions for extra tips and tricks during examinations and interviews. Our syllabus is designed with the important concepts and the available time in mind, which includes the following among others –

  • SEM
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google AdSense
  • Online Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Reputation Marketing
  • Email marketing

We hold a record for training more than 10,000 students in our entire career, and a good placement record till date. Since all of us have different requirements, we hold separate classes for students, professionals and for business purposes. Armed with the required skills, experience, and a Digital Marketing certification, you will be well-prepared to ace an interview for a fantastic job the perfect way.


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Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Course

Best Faculty for Digital Marketing in Visakhapatnam

Our instructors are extremely gifted and have passed from well-known institutions with several degrees and accolades. They have been part of online marketing campaigns and strategy development and implementation in high posts. On the other hand, they are extremely creative, down-to-earth, humble and friendly, which enables the students to ask them for help in case of doubts or questions. We have a laboratory for practical purposes, and students are encouraged to make use of it to practice their skills better.

What Do The Students Say About Us?

The Digital Marketing course at

Digital Floats was quite goal-oriented and insightful, and the professors will help you think of creative solutions to your questions. In all, it’s a very easy and enjoyable course and worth the fees.
- David

Our regular classroom

sessions were never boring – it was always kept alive with interesting classroom debates on out-of-the-world and were encouraged to think out of the box. We had some great discussions but never deviated from the actual topic of the day, which I think was quite good.
- Frank Ben

I was a regular

student of the Digital marketing course at Digital Floats, and really loved the open-minded atmosphere, the class discussions and the professors. My batch mates made me think about old things in a different manner, and how to apply Digital Marketing to a business and make the most out of it in life.
- B Kiran Kumar

Each of our faculty

is an expert in their own field of specialization, and they have the capability to mix both old and new learning techniques for us to learn the best way. To keep things interesting, they have always used live example and case studies which keeps our course less theory-oriented and more practical-oriented.
- Krishna

In my opinion

digital marketing is all about doing and hands-on experience. We had a laboratory for practical work, which is fully equipped with all the necessary machinery for us to work on. The classroom lectures are great as well, and the lectures make you more insightful about the world beyond.
- Kiran

I believe that the

atmosphere plays a huge role in motivating our mind to study and concentrate on the lecture. The classrooms are spacious, well-lit and airy which makes it so much easier to listen and think. Amazing teachers and friendly batch mates have made it all the better for me.
- kumari sajja

I took online and

weekend classes, and I absolutely loved the syllabus. It was so practical and systematic and has been created keeping in mind the needs of someone who wants to go into digital marketing. It’s easy and beautifully explained, you will have no problem at all.
- Sunku William

The job placement

record is phenomenal, as you can crack the examinations and interviews with some practice. With some luck, you can even get placed in some of the biggest cities of India.
- Vennela

I am a working

professional and I found the Digital Marketing course from Digital Floats suited to my taste. Everything in the book is explained clearly and with practical examples, I was very excited to try everything I was taught on my own.
- Vinuthan

Digital Marketing is the

need of the honor, and Digital Floats is one of the best institutes for the purpose. You will love the teachers and the study material, for it’s simple to learn. If a beginner can love it so much, so can you.
- Anand kumar


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