Talend Training in Hyderabad

Talend is known to be the first provider of open-source data integration software, and its main product is Talend Open Studio. Released in 2006, Talend Open Studio is an open-source project for data integration that is used as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and on-premises deployment tool. As a result, Talend proves to be an important component in IT industries. There are many coaching centers that have adopted Talend training courses in their curriculum due to the ever-increasing demand for well-paid jobs. As IT aspirants, candidates need to enroll themselves in Talend training courses to prepare for adequate training and placement opportunities all over the country.

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    Talend Training Institute in Hyderabad

    Tech Trainees is slowly evolving to be a well-known coaching institute in Hyderabad, which provides training on a variety of courses, including Talend. Armed with a dedicated faculty and a diverse body of the student, Tech Trainees sets a high standard for Talend training in Hyderabad. We cover the aspects of data extraction, data transformation, Hadoop connectivity and ecospace concepts such as Hive, Pig, HDFS, and MapReduce. Being a practical-oriented subject, you would also be required to submit assignments and projects in the real-time industry. After the completion of the course, you will have to prepare yourself for the Talend Data Integration Certified Developer examination.


    These are the topics that would be covered in the Talend training course –

    • Talend, talend Open Studio and its uses
    • Data modelling, data integration and the concept of propagation
    • Data aggregation, T-Map and its properties
    • Format Data functions, XML files in Talend and creating/importing metadata
    • Project: Importing MySQL using Sqoop and querying it using Hive
    • Implementation of real-time Talend cases
    • ETL methods and ETL tools to connect with Hadoop


    Who should join a Talend training course?


    A Talend training course would be helpful for the following groups of people –

    • Data Scientists aspirants
    • Business Intelligence (BI) Developers and Business Analysts
    • System Administrators and Integrators
    • Data Architects and Solution Architects
    • Data warehousing Professionals, Programmers and Analysts


    What are the prerequisites of joining a Talend training course?

    Though there are no pre-requirements before joining a Talend training course, a basic understanding of SQL is appreciated.




    Best Faculty for Talend Training in Hyderabad

    We believe that our faculty makes up the body of Tech Trainees, which gives our coaching centre its well-deserved fame in Hyderabad. Our professors are highly-qualified, have cleared their Talend Data Integration Certified Developer examinations and have spent decades in the real-world industry. They hold regular weekday-and-weekend sessions along with Talend online training sessions for those who are unable to attend regular classes. Thus, you can be sure that your future is in safe hands.


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    Why Choose Tech Trainees

    At Tech Trainees, we ensure that we cater to the needs of every student who takes admission at our coaching institute. We have a specialised faculty that is trained in Talend, and the members of which have worked in the real-time industry for many years. Our professors take theoretical classes in an example-based and exercise-oriented manner with doubt-clearing sessions. We have spacious classrooms along with special laboratories for compulsory practical classes. Apart from that, we guide our students through the course by offering them resumé preparation, examination and interview preparation sessions. You shall receive a osft copy of the certification after completing the training course.


    Benefits of Talend Course and Its Career Prospects

    Talend refers to an open-source software integration platform that helps business organizations to access data to make insights, with the use of various software tools and services. It primarily caters to data quality, Big Data, cloud software, data management, data integration and enterprise application integration. It launched its first product in 2006, by the name of Talend Open Studio. Open Studio has released a number of services and products, which are generally used for Data Integration. As of now, Talend is considered to be important for Big Data and cloud integration software as it helps companies to be data-driven and take real-time decisions faster than before. With the use of Talend, data has become much more accessible, its quality has risen and it can be quickly moved to target systems. Due to its many benefits, numerous IT aspirants have chosen to join a Talend training course from a well-known coaching centre to improve their career prospects.


    What are the benefits of Talend?

    The benefits of a Talend training course are as follows –


    • Single platform

    You can work on one platform, which has all the products and services that are based on the needs of the organization. Moreover, the makers of Talend are quite far-sighted as they have included products that could be included in the future as well.


    • Widespread community

    Talend boasts of a huge community out there, and it consists of users who can provide important insights, analyses, experiences, information and queries regarding the same.


    • Quicker development and deployment

    With the help of Talend, users can automate the tasks and keep them maintained for longer.


    • Reduced costs

    Talend comes with open-source tools that could be downloaded free of cost. Additionally, as the project progresses, the costs reduce drastically.


    What are the benefits of completing a Talend training course?

    The benefits of a Talend training course are –


    • An understanding of ETL concepts

    Talend concepts are beneficial for Data Analysis, Data Warehousing and Data Integration policies. It involves ETL as well, which is why you will be able to work with the concepts quite easily. Moreover, you can solve a number of real-time business problems with the use of Talend technology. Since you’ll be acquainted with ETL, users won’t be working with bad ETL acquisitions and commit mistakes as would be expected with manual ETL.


    • Interaction with different platforms

    Talend acquaints you with a number of target platforms such as Excel, XML, Flat Files and Databases. Also, you will have to work with real-time scenarios for File and Error Handling, Automation/Parameterisation, Scheduling Talend jobs and Data Transformation.


    • Understanding and integration of Big Data and Hadoop

    Big Data and Hadoop are important parts of Data Integration and Data Analysis, for which you require Talend. Therefore, you can understand and work with Big Data, Hadoop and similar systems using Talend to accomplish your business practices. Moreover, you won’t need to know coding to implement a Big Data solution as the same can be designed using drag-and-drop controls. The native code is generated automatically as Talend is designed in a flexible manner to incorporate different frameworks.


    • Preparation for the future

    Change is the only constant, which is why IT developers are constantly expected to improve upon their skills. As a result, you can integrate Talend with other frameworks such as HDFS, Hive and Pig (which happen to be one of the most demanded and futuristic skills).


    What are the career opportunities after completing a Talend training course?

    After completing a Talend training course, candidates can search for a job position in the field of Big Data, such as –

    • Talend Admin
    • Talend ETL Developer
    • Talend Developer
    • Technical Support Architect
    • Strategic Architect
    • Order Fulfilment Specialist
    • Quality Assurance Engineer
    • Solutions Engineer II
    • Senior Network Engineer
    • Site Reliability Engineer and much more.


    Who should go for a Talend training course?

    The people belonging to the following groups of people should join a Talend training course –

    • IT professionals who are interested to work with Big Data
    • Data Warehousing professionals
    • Data Analysts
    • System Administrators
    • Solutions and Data Architects
    • Software Engineers
    • Aspiring Data Scientists


    What are the prerequisites of joining a Talend training course?

    Ideal candidates should have a basic knowledge of SQL and Data Warehousing, though it may not be mandatory at all times.

    As a conclusion, Data Analysis is a highly booming industry. Talend greatly helps in gaining insights from business data, for which a professional training course. As an aspiring Data professional, it’s wise to join a training institute for the above-mentioned course to improve your career opportunities.

    FAQs in Talend Training

    Q. Why is Talend training important for your career?

    Talend (precisely Talend Open Studio) is an open-source project primarily used in IT industries as a data integration tool or a software-as-a-service (SaaS).

    Q. How do I apply for the Talend Training Course?

    Apply for one or more courses by leaving behind your details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

    Q. What are the prerequisites for joining a Talend training course?

    You must be familiar with SQL for enrolling yourself in a Talend training course.

    Q. How do I apply for a job?

    You can apply for a job through our placement opportunities as we guide you through resumé preparation, mock examinations and interviews, and certification guidance. You shall receive a soft copy of your certificate via email after completing the course.

    Q. How do I pay for the course?

    You can pay using any of the following methods –
    -Net banking
    -Credit card
    -Money order