AngularJS Training in Hyderabad

We at Tech Trainees consider ourselves to be a premiere institute for conducting certificate-oriented AngularJS Training in Hyderabad. We proceed with a goal in mind that our students will be thoroughly trained and counselled to crack examinations and interviews to land their dream job at a reputable company.

AngularJS Training in Hyderabad

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Best AngularJs  Training Institute In Ameerpet

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Are You Looking For AngularJs Training Course?

What is the curriculum that we follow at Tech Trainees?

We claim to be one of the best AngularJS training institutes in Hyderabad, and we strive to take that very seriously. Good students need good teachers, and we have chosen our staff very carefully to promise a great future for our students. There are many students who have approached us at various stages of their life, and now all of them hold much-coveted jobs related to AngularJS all over the country.

The teaching facility at Tech Trainees believe in a complete all-round development for their students. The syllabus for AngularJS has been planned in consultation with several professionals in the field, and we have tried to keep it as comprehensive as possible. The following topics would be covered during the session –

  • Introduction
  • Controllers
  • Custom Directives
  • Directives
  • Dependency Injection
  • Dynamic Building
  • Expressions
  • Factories
  • Filters
  • Form Validations
  • Making an API call
  • Modules
  • Routing
  • Scope
  • Services

Will you enjoy job support from our professionals?

As we provide the finest AngularJS training in Hyderabad, we take utmost care and personal attention to each student to ensure that they receive the education and counseling that they need. Moreover, we have a separate team of dedicated professionals that will aid you in the following extra courses –

  • Professional Resumé Building
  • Cracking Interviews
  • Use of Industry Jargon in Interview Answers
  • Real-life projects in the field of AngularJS

What is AngularJS?

In simple words, web application developments are built on AngularJS systems. It has been maintained and monitored by Google and the open-source group Angularjs Community. You need to be proficient in HTML, for the syntax of HTML will be used as an expression for your chosen application. Equipped with the relevant degree and proper training, you will be selected by multinational companies dealing with web applications from all over the world. Some of the roles one can expect after the completion of AngularJS training in Hyderabad.

You can work on the following projects after knowing Angularjs –

  • CRUD applications
  • Data Binding
  • Forms Validations
  • Dependency injections
  • Deep Linking
  • Routing

What are the extra benefits of joining our course?

At Tech Trainees, we like to give our students an exposure to the outside world – with constant interaction with the experts in the field of AngularJS training, Hyderabad. Apart from receiving premium-quality training on our premises, you can utilize the following advantages as well –

  • High-speed Internet within the campus
  • Introduction to relevant contacts from the industry
  • Receiving of relevant documents for further qualifications
  • International Certification

Best Faculty for AngularJs Training in Hyderabad

Coming to our facility, Mr. M.N. Rao is one of our most well-loved trainers at the institute. He has more than twelve years of experience of imparting knowledge to his students and has worked on several AngularJS programs prior to joining our institute. Currently, he is placed in a top multi-national company and prefers to teach interested students in his free time. As per the records, students have always loved and respected him for his thorough and sound theoretical and practical knowledge. His friendly and accommodating personality always appeals to students and they have always found answers to their questions. There are many who considers themselves forever indebted to Mr. Rao for his teaching skills.

What Do The Students Say About Us?

Due to our hard work and perseverance, we have been able to earn a great deal of fame among our competitors. Here’s what our past students have had to say about us –

Rao sir takes care

to explain every detail to each of us, so that none of us ever faces any issue in our examinations and can win through the interview with ease.
- Madhu

After a long search

I found myself at Tech Trainees and I am thankful for the same. I could interact with the experienced mentors and could approach them with my questions anytime, and they would always help me out. That was what I liked the best about the institute.
- Seshadri

The online training

sessions at Tech Trainees is just as good as they claim it to be. It is perfect for those who are working or have joined other classes, as we can continue two or more courses side-by-side to ensure a better future.
- Swetha

You will love the

environment of the entire institute – everything about here is so well-organized and well-managed, something that you will never find at other institutes. Classes are held regularly, and the students are eager to learn. This is the best place if you’re a sincere learner.
- Vikram

If you’re looking

for an institute that fulfills all your promises, Tech Trainees is the answer. Their class timings, environment and faculty suited me perfectly – and they are great for those who are eager to make a serious career for themselves.
- Chinnari

Mr. Rao is one of the

best things to have happened to Tech Trainees, and why not? He is dedicated to his vocation and is so approachable, anyone can go up to him with the simplest doubt and he would help solve it immediately!
- Sudheer

Mr. Rao has more than

twelve years of experience of teaching his students – I think that is enough to speak volumes about his personality and reputation. One of my friends had recommended Tech Trainees for my career, and I am so grateful to him. I loved the classrooms, the environment, the helpful nature of every student and the laboratory. I would recommend it to you too.
- Rahul

At first, I thought that

there would be no regular classes as many professors work full-time at MNCs in the city. However, I was surprised to see that Mr. Rao was equally dedicated to his classes as he was to his other commitments. He is very up-to-date about what is happening in the market and equally particular about the details, just how a good teacher should be.
- Vasantha

The institute have always

been consistent, which is why I decided to join this institute. When I joined the institute, I could see why. The faculty is excellent, and so is the atmosphere. It has a fantastic library as well, in case you want to search up on extra information.
- Hari

I would say that it is

wise to learn from a person who can teach a group of students well rather than a formal repetition of material that can be looked up in a textbook. Mr. Rao gives us real-life examples of the current Angular JS market trends that automatically perks up our interest in the subject.
- Anji reddy

Tech Trainee is one of

the best training institutes that I have entered in a long time. I loved the online training sessions that were held to make up for the lost regular class sessions, as the whole topic would be covered in detail just like a regular class.
- Shalini menon

You will get a wholesome

experience at the Tech Trainee institute, as the professors are well-qualified and will answer your questions. This is a fabulous place to train yourself for Angular JS, for it will be worth the time and money involved.
- Swaroop kumar reddy

Unlike other training institutes

that simply focus on duping students and earning profits, Tech Trainees teaches you something by the end of the course. They have some excellent teachers and an equally complete syllabus that keeps the topic of discussion interesting and makes way for some great class discussions.
- Venkat

Contrary to what I had

believed before joining the Tech Trainees institute, the classes are always held regularly. The syllabus is completed well before the deadline, which leaves us with a lot of time for group discussions in class. Apart from the regular lectures, the class discussions are great way to gather interesting points about the particular topic.
- Vikram

The Tech Trainees Institute

resembles an ideal classroom situation – with well-lit and well-ventilated classrooms, with a well-qualified and dedicated staff, regular practical classes, live examples and doubt-clearing sessions, all of which build your personality and keeps you updates about the recent market trends in the field.
- Sangeeta

I was a complete beginner

at the beginning of the course, and I was unsure as to how to complete the course successfully. The professors were kind enough to help me as I would constantly pester them with even the simplest topics. They were patient and would hold doubt-clearing sessions as well. The fees are affordable, which is again a great motivation for you to join this course.
- Rekha

Tech Trainees believes

in two ideals – ‘perseverance’ and ‘hard work’. The course is enjoyable to study, and you can take the help of their online study material in case of any problem. The professors will do everything within their means to keep the class engaged, but we need to do our homework as well so that the lectures are successfully absorbed.
- Raja Sekhar

AngularJS training is an

important course for your chosen career, and you need to learn it well. Once you get the basics right, you can easily move up to the advanced level. The course not just teaches you a new skill but also increases your self-confidence and potential to perform well at an interview.
- Teja Varma


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