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Tech Trainees is one of the few premiere Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad, which offers you with several job opportunities in the major cities of India and abroad. One would find a huge demand in Data Science in cities such as Hyderabad, Pune, Banglore, and Delhi and the demand for a course certification is essential of landing a well-paid job with perks.

It is indeed an important course for today’s tech-savvy generation as many companies such as iPhone Siri, Uber, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, and Google Search use Data Science – thereby keeping up with the current trend. Your best bet is to look for a quality training institute for Data Science course training in Hyderabad.

Data Science Course in Hyderabad, Data Science Training in Hyderabad


Tech Trainees


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Welcome to Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad

Tech Trainees is widely believed to the best institute for Data Science Training in Hyderabad, thanks to its hardworking faculty and a well-designed curriculum. With a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in mind, our syllabus has been carefully worked upon by industry experts and working professionals who have guided us through the process. After receiving your Data Science certification course, you will master technical skills such as Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Probability Distribution, Prediction Analytics using R Studio, Data Visualisation, Big Data, SQL, SAS, Hadoop and much more. Some of the major topics covered in the course would be –

• Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
• Sampling Distributions
• Prediction Analytics
• R Programming
• Confidence Intervals
• Applied Multivariate Analysis Approvals
• Machine Learning
• Probability Distributions

The Tech Trainees Data Science certification course is open to all professionals in the IT or related field, such as –

• Job Seekers
• Managers
• Statisticians
• Data analysts
• Operators
• End users
• Developers
• IT professionals

As a prerequisite, some experience in Statistics Machine Learning, business and domain concepts, and basic R Programming concepts would be helpful. On the completion of the course, the student shall receive a Data Science certification course from Tech Trainees, which would help in improving job opportunities.




Best Faculty for Data Science in Hyderabad

At Tech Trainees, we have sourced some of the best faculty for Data Science in Hyderabad. Mr. Kishore is our most dedicated and qualified professor for the subject, who has completed more than twelve years in the real-time industry working in an IT company and has worked on fifteen real-time projects. Thanks to professors like Mr. Kishore, we can boast of a nearly 80% successful placement record, which can be regarded as one of the best records of Data Science placement and training in Hyderabad.

What Do The Students Say About Us?

Mr. Kishore is an experienced

professor and has worked in the institute for more than twelve years. Professional and approachable, he is the go-to person when you have doubts regarding the course syllabus.
- Kalyan

Tech Trainees is a great

institute for Data Science, as the professors would explain every concept to us in such a simple and detailed manner, all you would need is one revision class and you’re ready to pass the exam with flying colours.
- Sudhakar

Thanks to the amazing professors

at Tech Trainees, I now enjoy a great job in a metropolitan city of India with an amazing salary.
- Prasanna

Our syllabus has been

very well-designed by the professors who have consulted Data Science experts for the same. Even if one can’t attend classes on a particular day, they would easily catch up by having a look at the course.
- Nikhil

I would like to thank

my professors and classmates for their support and help whenever I would be in a problem regarding the course. Moreover, I would take help from the online video tutorials on the website as well.
- Rahul Kumar

Undoubtedly, Tech Trainees

institute is one of the best Data Science institutes in Hyderabad that has an amazing curriculum, sincere professors, great classmates and much more under one roof.
- Priyanshu

The professors at Tech Trainees

at very accommodating, and have online and weekend batches for working students. I have managed to keep my job and attend Data Science classes, and have now been promoted due to the Certification.
- Anu varma

The Data Science course

at Tech Trainees is one of the best courses in Hyderabad. I would highly recommend the course for a bright future in the industry.
- Mahadev

Mr. Kishore is a very dedicated

teacher who has worked for a premiere MNC since quite some time, therefore he is qualified enough to teach and guide us about the course.
- Nikhil

Both your theoretical and

practical classes needed to be taken seriously at Tech Trainees as you will be required to submit projects, assignments and much more in the course.
- Pradeep

If you’re looking for an

institute that is excellent in its course record, placements, faculty and student body, Tech Trainees is the best place to go to for your Data Science certification course.
- Rajesh kumar

The Data Science certification

course is great for all kinds of students – may they be college students, working professionals, business experts or anybody else. All you need is some basic knowledge of data science and you’re good to go.
- Priya

Mr. Kishore is a fantastic

Data Science professor who has devoted all his time to teaching his students. His passion and sincerity can be seen in the way he explains every topic very nicely.
- Shweta

Our syllabus has been designed

keeping in mind the current trends in data science, which makes it easier for us to adjust to other future jobs – thanks to Tech Trainees.
- Govind

You should definitely join Tech Trainees

because we have some great class discussions that allow us to explore different possibilities to solving a problem and then concluding it – becoming creative thinkers in the process.
- Manoj

At Tech Trainees, you’ll learn

about creating attractive resumes, cracking important examinations and interviews and other soft skills that are worth a lifetime.
- Pradeep

Tech Trainees have flexible

timings divided into regular, online and weekend batches that makes it very convenient for working people to attend classes.
- Sandeep

Unlike most training institutes

that simply charge huge prices but offer no value to the students, Tech Trainees keeps up to its promise and opens up a world of information and soft skills for its students.
- Saiteja


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Benefits of Data Science and its Career Prospects

Technology has evolved since the last decade, and so has data in the software industry. Therefore, the software industry now needs valuable insights on the same, which leads to the increasing need for data scientists in the world.

Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out to be a Data Scientist because one needs special coaching and training sessions to analyze large data sets with innovative open-source tools and data analysis algorithms. As a result, you need a Data Science training course certification from a good-quality institute to improve your career prospects. In this article, we will see what are the benefits of Data Science course training and what are its career prospects.


Equips you with Big Data technology

Data Science course training can be regarded as the stepping stone towards Big Data Analytics and prepares for components such as Hadoop, Flume, R, Machine Learning, Sqoop and many more which will take you towards a better career incentive.


You can join the top companies at a good salary

 Every top company needs a Data Expert, such as Facebook, Paypal, Microsoft, StumbleUpon, Google, eBay, Amazon, and Apple. Thanks to Data Science course certification, Data Scientists will enjoy one of the topmost positions in the IT industry and enjoy a great salary.


Shows your dedication and motivation

Having an extra degree on your resumé isn’t just an extra degree anymore for it shows your passion and sincerity for the job that you’ve chosen. A Data Science certification course indicates to your potential employer and colleagues that you will take your career seriously as you have taken the effort to educate yourself more than your competitors. Skills are very important in your career, and any hiring manager would hire a self-motivated candidate with at least a certification course in international recognition.


Improves your chances of getting hired

In some situations, we have seen that organizations usually hire candidates from a well-reputed institute or those how have scored the best in their entire batch. However, present employers are looking for practical knowledge rather than theory-memorizing capabilities. On the other hand, earning a Data Science certification course from an accredited institute adds a lot more value to your CV, and your hiring manager will definitely notice that.


Eligible across several industries and domains

A course in Data Science is not limited to the software industry, but it extends across health-care, retail, entertainment, defence, to name a few. You will be eligible for positions such as business intelligence professional and statistician, data scientist, solution architect, and project manager.


Upgrades you with the latest industry trends

One should keep learning something every day, but keep yourself updated with the most recent industry trends to expand your knowledge base. Apart from making yourself an asset to your employer, you will definitely enrich yourself with your learning experience.


If you go by the definition, a Data Scientist is a blend of a computer genius and a

mathematician and their job is to analyze large volumes of data and discover new trends in the industry. Along with the right qualifications and skills in mind, you would enjoy an increase in your salary as you climb up the professional ladder.


These are some of the amazing job positions that you can compete for with a Data Science training course certification. Not only will you add another feather to your cap but you will learn new things about the trends and opportunities pertaining to your industry. All of these job positions are extremely well-paid and will bring business value to your organization –


Data Mining Engineer

 A data mining engineer examines data for both their own business and their competitors and third parties. Moreover, a data mining engineer creates unique algorithms for further analysis of data.


Data Scientist

 Data scientists understand data, develop hypotheses and work on transforming a business idea to analytics agenda. They choose algorithms to further the analysis of their data, its consequences and discover solutions to keep the company moving forward.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Also known as a BI Analyst, a Business Intelligence Analyst figures market and business trends by analyzing data to determine the current position of their Organization.


Senior Data Scientist

A senior data scientist gathers and analyses to resolve complex business problems effectively and anticipate a business’ future goals. They design new standards and use statistical data, and develop further develop tools to interpret the data.


How can one opt for a Data Science training course certification?

 A Data Science course certification from a good-quality training institute is open to both freshers and professionals, such as –

  • Job Seekers
  • Managers
  • Statisticians
  • Data analysts
  • Operators
  • End users
  • Developers
  • IT professionals

Candidates are expected to have a basic knowledge in Statistics Machine Learning, programming and Hadoop and much more. Moreover, it would be better if you are knowledgeable in persuasive communications and critical thinking.

With a Data Science training certification in hand, job-seekers and professionals alike will utilize their knowledge and experience for better career opportunities.