Making a Career in SAP Course and Job Opportunities


Choosing the appropriate career can be hard; however SAP Course having a described profession direction will help you with getting a challenging and well-paying job.

Nowadays, a lot has been talked about SAP course training and later an interesting consulting career. The openings are not limited as SAP is the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Application Software. One can compete in the market with different skills and can earn a good starting package which may later on increase as experience comes.

SAP course training needs an interest in the IT sector and desire to learn new and challenging things, as any university or college does not teach these.Your entry into SAP job role will more depend on your interest of selecting a technical or functional role. Technical job role are good for people who have a bit experience or prior knowledge in coding and configuration, while functional will be suitable for people good at understanding client requirements and configure the desired things accordingly.


The company serves 388,000 customers in 180 countries and its customers includes 92% of the Forbes global 2000 companies, 98% of the 100 most valued brands and 100% of the Dow Jones top scoring sustainability companies. SAP is leading in Enterprise application software, predictive analytics, artificialIntelligence for cloud based marketing and fastest growing amongst top 4 database vendors.

Job in this field can offer you many onsite visits to many foreign countries and meet new clients. This experience will not only enhance your communication or technical skills but also your personality and way to look towards the life.

Some Major SAP Courses

SAP BASIS module (Business Application Software Integrated Solution) is a set of different tools and programs acting as an interface with database operating system and other business applications.

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language created by SAP AG and is used to write SAP software and do its customization’s. ABAP is a technical stuff and is used for the development of application programs.

SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) module was formerly known as SAP HANA Innovation Award and is an in-memory, column oriented relational database management system developed by SAP.

SAP FI/CO (Finance and Controlling) module deals with financial transactions, while SAP CO includes monitoring, controlling and planning operations of businesses. Through SAP FI/CO one can manage and control data involved in business and financial transactions.

SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) can be called as logistics module and manages a process starting from preparation of quotation, getting sale orders and billing of the products and services. This course will introduce you with different SAP SD concepts and its features used by the companies. SAP SD is one of the best modules to be learned while selecting a filed to be getting trained in SAP.

Opportunities in SAP

SAP Consultants are hired by the companies getting contract to implement SAP for organizations that wants to install and run their business using SAP ERP software. But this doesn’t end here there are also many more opportunities in this field as peoples are also hired by the companies to solve their daily issues and difficulties coming while working on SAP. We can say SAP ERP software is a combination of almost each module required to effectively run a business and have so many verticals. One can opt for his interested domain and move forward for an interesting and rewarding career.

The fact SAP is used so widely across exclusive enterprise features there are many alternatives available to set you up for a SAP profession. Anyone having SAP Course knowledge and experience can start his career as SAP-freelancer (independent contractor), employee in a small, medium or large consulting firm or as an employee in the company, which is the end user of SAP.

About SAP Course & Its Future

SAP is a Germany-based provider of software services. According to recent articles, SAP AG is the biggest ERP player in the market its business and offerings are increasing day by day and resulting in increase of market share. The company is world third largest independent software manufacture.

SAP expansion and its increasing market share are generating many jobs opportunities. More and more company are now attracting towards SAP ERP software and are opening vast job opportunities. The demand for people with prior knowledge about SAP is increasing day by day.


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This SAP course and training acquired in the selected field will make you excel in SAP SD, MM, HANA, FI/CO, ABAP and BASIS concepts and its features, and you can use these skills for the job opportunities ahead.