SAP SD Module – Definition, Components, Advantages and Opportunities

What is SAP SD Module

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is one of the most vital modules in SAP ERP. This module deals with selling and distribution of goods and services. SAP HANA, SAP MM, SAP FI/CO, SAP SCM, SAP ABAP, SAP BI and SAP BASIS are other module linked with SAP SD which together makes an state of the art SAP ERP software. SAP SD Module deals with selling and distribution of goods and services. SAP SD Module provides sales support, ordering activity, shipping order to warehouse, billing processing to customer can be done in one operation. It also includes document creation and printing functions for these instructions.

This module is in charge of sales management, it becomes core module following FI. It is one of the parts where many voices are raised in the successful example of the introduced enterprise and it will automatically supply data to the subsequent process, which leads to a substantial increase in operational efficiency. It helps organization to efficiently manage their sales of services.

Implementation of SAP has many advantages for the organization implementing it. This module with SAP modules shows accurate and up to date data of sales and distribution related activities. It shows customers orders, delivering to pending, orders pending, creditor status etc. It provides a facility to track companies KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to measure the performance and run according to schedules calendar. Basically, SAP ERP and its other modules SAP BI, SAP MM, SAP FI/CO, SAP SCM etc provides data comparison facility over multiple years.

SAP SD Components

SAP SD Transportation (TBA) – This module deals with keeping record of transportation data. As different goods are transported by different ways it records each and every mode with time and date.

SAP SD Billing (BIL) – With so many payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, net banking, EMI etc. This module keeps the details of billing data

SAP SD Customer Sales Support (CAS) – Customer buying goods and services will constantly be in touch with sales team regarding their sales orders. This keeps records of data exchanged between customers and sales team.

SAP SD Basic Functions (BF) – This helps to keep record of basic functions involved in rendering services.

SAP SD Foreign Trade (FTT) – This provides a facility to store foreign trade data. This module is very useful for organizations involved in import and export of goods.

SAP SD Shipping (SHP) – Accurate data regarding activities involved in shipping and delivery of products are recorded by this function.

SAP SD Sales (SLS) – This module deals with keeping record of sale-related activities.

SAP SD Master Data (MD) –Transaction within the data are tracked by Master Data. Master data comprises of material & customer data, credit management and price situations.

SAP SD is designed to ease deliveries, billing, credit management, sales orders, post sales and pre sales sale data, pricing, distribution process etc.

SAP SD Advantages

Tracking pre and post sales data, as well as maintain effective record of sales transactions. Performance reports on sales, individual performances and team performances. Effective management of documents through well defined sales and distribution process.

What is SAP

SAP AG is a German software company providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software’s. The company holds a major share in ERP business market. SAP is one of the top three software manufacturer in the world. Apart from SAP SD Module one can choose SAP HANA, SAP MM, SAP FI/CO, SAP SCM, SAP ABAP, SAP BI and SAP BASIS as a career choice. Demand for SAP ERP software is soaring and with this demand for SAP experienced candidates are also rising.


Implementation of SAP and its usage require technical and functional expertise. Candidate only get this skill either by working or by taking training in an institute providing SAP course. SAP ERP is a favorite of big organizations due to its superior technology and demands highly advanced skills to get job done. Shortage of candidate with prior SAP knowledge or current experience in this ERP software has given candidates an opportunity to get high pay salaries.

Candidates planning to make a career in SAP can take SAP certification course or training from any institute to get hold of SAP modules. SAP training courses are provided by many institutes in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai for reasonable fees. SAP is ERP course which for sure needs prior experience and knowledge to get a job into this field. SAP trained candidates are highly demanded by organizations opting for SAP. Post to the training one can choose either technical or functional job role.

Job Role

After gaining future functional and technical expertise in SAP a career can be made as a consultant, end-user, freelancer etc.