Top 20 SAP SD Interview Questions and Answers By Techtrainees

Qns. 1 Define SAP SD ?

Ans. SD stands for sales and distribution and it is a logistics module under SAP ERP software. This module tracks and manages selling and distribution of goods and services. SAP SD keeps records of data right from receiving sales orders till rendering and delivery of services.

Qns. 2 Why you Choose SAP as career option?

Ans. SAP is no ordinary job and its challenging and rewarding nature attracted me to join or shift my career towards this ERP software. This job role provides other opportunities like onsite visits, client interaction, team work etc.

Qns. 3 Who is SAP?

Ans. SAP AG is a European software manufacturing company providing Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Qns. 4 What is Sales area in SAP SD?

Ans. Sales area is referred to an entity in SAP ERP and is required to maintain master data. This master data is required while processing orders.

Qns. 5 Route:  SPRO->-> IMG->->  Enterprise Structure->-> Assignment->-> SD->-> Sales Area Setup

Ans. Three sales areas are – Salespersons, Sales Group and Sales Office.

Qns. 6 What are organizational units in SD?

Ans. Division, Sales organizations and Distribution channel are organizational units in SD.

Qns. 7  What is relationship between company code and sales organizations?

Ans. Many to one.

Qns. 8 Explain importance of partner function in SAP SD?

Ans. This function helps company to identify the organization and people with whom the the organization is doing business. Master records under partner function created are Sales order party record, Shipping party record, Invoices billed record and Sales order party record.

Qns. 9 Explain different type of contract and its path.

Ans. Quantity Contract − The value of this contract depends on total quantity supplied by vendor.

Value Contract − The value of this contract depends on amount to be paid to the supplier of products and services.


Logistics -> -> Materials Management ->-> Purchasing ->-> Outline Agreement ->-> Contract ->-> Create


Qns. 10 Customer accounts group in SAP SD?

Ans. Domestic, Export and One Time customers are three customer accounts group in SAP SD.

Qns. 11 Explain different type of outline agreements?

Ans. Contract and scheduling agreements are two types of outline agreements. Contract

Contract – An agreement between ordering party and vendor for buying or selling of any products and services is known as contract

Scheduling Agreement – It is an external agreement with customer and includes details of products and services bought and sold.

Qns. 12 What are sales activity in SD and name them?

Ans. SAP SD sales activities are divided into two parts pre and post and sales activities. Activities perform before selling of products are pre-sale activities, while post sale activities are performed after selling of products and services.

Qns. 13 What do you mean by sales support in SAP SD?

Ans. SAP SD Sales support can also be called as SD-CAS (Computer Aided Selling) and plays a key role in SAP SD module. SD-CAS enables creating email list and directly sending mails.

Qns. 14 Please write Scheduling agreement path?

Ans. Logistics -> -> Materials Management ->-> Purchasing -> -> Outline Agreement ->-> Scheduling Agreement ->-> Create-> -> Vendor Known

T-code − ME31L

Qns. 15 Primary functions of SAP SD?

Ans. Sales and Sales-return order, Quotes & Inquiries, Consignment, Scheduling & Contract Agreements, Debit & Credit Memo requests, Cash Sales & rush orders etc.

Qns. 16 What is periodic billing and milestone?

Ans. In contract period full amount is billed, while in milestone part of amount in bills till the whole amount is not collected

 Qns. 17 What is the Reversal PGI and how to cancel it.

PGI stands for Post Goods Issue and is done to track remaining stock available after the delivery of goods and services. PGI can be reversed but cant cancelled.

Transaction Code – VL09

Qns. 18 When we can witness SAP Credit Memo and SAP Return Order?

Ans. While returning of goods sold we have to generate SAP Return Order, while Credit Memo is when the buyer is credited without sale return

Qns.  19 Explain three levels that copy controls are set up? Please mention transaction codes for performing it.

Ans.  The three levels are Item level, Header level and Schedule line level.

  • Sales order (SO) to sales order (SO) – VTAA
  • SO to Delivery – VTLA
  • Billing document (BD) to SO – VTAF
  • SO to BD – VTFA
  • Delivery to BD – VTFL
  • BD to BD – VTFF

Qns. 20 Explain Proforma Invoice and its types?

Ans.  Performa invoice is a reference doc for import and export negotiations. The standard preformed invoice doc types are

A reference document generated for export and import negotiations is known as Performa invoice.

F5 – Reference to order
F8 -Reference to delivery