VMware and AWS Launches Cloud service VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS combines the enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software provided by VMware with the resilient bare-metal infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure that organizations are consistent in private and public clouds. VMware Cloud on AWS is offered as a managed service and automatic provisioning and linking of user’s VMware account and AWS account are done automatically.

VMware implements management of hypervisors and management components, VMware provides AWS infrastructure support for end users, and AWS is in charge of maintenance. VMware has been offering VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) which runs VMware vSphere at Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center for one year.

VMware Cloud on AWS can seamlessly integrate and extend existing data centers with AWS (mainly VPC and Direct Connect). In addition, it is possible to access other AWS services. Specifically, it has the following features. At VMworld 2018 held by VMware in August 2018, various subsequent developments were revealed.

  • Full Set of VMware SDDC Can Be Used With AWS
  1. It runs on the bare metal of AWS
  2. Cooperation with on-premises vCenter
  3. ESX
  4. vSAN
  5. NSX
  • Support is provided from VMware
  • Container and virtual machine support
  • Capability can be added/deleted on demand (there is discount due to reserved)
  • We can use conventional operational skills and tools, so we can maintain consistent operability to date
  • Easy migration and hybrid operation
  • Availability of AWS (Availability Zone etc) can be realized
  • Access to AWS native service is possible

VMware Cloud on AWS Supports Your Workload

VMware Cloud on AWS provides cloud resources that you can use while using your current skill set and toolset. Each Cloud SDDC provides enough resources to run the most demanding applications today. The world’s best enterprise software blends with the best cloud operators in the world to realize the operation and expansion of data centers in an unprecedented way.

Features of VMware Cloud on AWS

  • VMware SDDC built on bare metal EC 2 instance
  • VMware provides sales, operations and support
  • Flexible capacity and recovery
  • Easy movement of workload
  • Consistent manageability with on-premises
  • Offered in AWS data center
  • Provided by AWS’s global infrastructure

VMware SDDC Built on Bare Metal EC 2 Instance

Instead of installing vSphere ESXi on the EC2 instance of the virtual machine, vSphere ESXi is installed directly on the bare metal instance that AWS has. VCenter Server, vSAN, NSX are built on vSphere ESXi, and software stack equivalent to on-premises is running in the AWS data center.

Offered in AWS Data Center

VMware Cloud is deployed inside the AWS data center, not the collocation near the AWS of the data center operator separate from AWS. This allows you to access the services originally provided by AWS itself such as S3 and RedShift that AWS provides with broadband and low delay. And most importantly, VMware Cloud on AWS is running in the AWS data center, so communication from S3 and RedShift is not Egress Traffic. In other words, Egress Traffic will not be charged even if you use the AWS service from VMware Cloud on AWS virtual machine.

Features of VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is different from the public cloud service so far, its features as follows

  • Operational feeling of on-premise and speed feeling of public cloud
  • Smooth transition from on-premises to public cloud
  • AWS service available
  • VMware implements operation and maintenance

Summary of VMware Cloud on AWS and Future Prospects

VMware Cloud on AWS has features that are quite different from public clouds in the past in that the VMware managed VMware environment is provided by physical servers. Since all the virtualization environments required to run the virtual server are included, it is possible to start up the server in a short time and use it, and if you do not want it, you can cancel it immediately. In addition to such short-term use scenes, in the future, by choosing AWS regions, it is possible to construct servers easily overseas and to provide a network efficient service.