Benefits of Opting Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the web service provided by Amazon. It was released in July 2006, utilizing the expertise that Amazon operates its own site “”. Services such as servers and databases are lent out over the Internet.

AWS also offers a wealth of services such as enterprise applications, mobile services, and services for game development. The company has easy-to-use features, such as having servers that can withstand large numbers of accesses and transactions. It can be said that it is a user-friendly service because it is a pay-as-you-go system that you can start using immediately and pay the fee for using it.

Reason to Choose Amazon Web Services

In the global cloud market, the majority of the shares of Amazon, besides Microsoft, Google, and IBM are accounted for by share. Among them, AWS boasts the top share of the world market with fewer major cloud operators.

One Can Opt For Needed Services – AWS has more than 90 services including Amazon EC 2 (virtual server). Since it encompasses all the Web services and IT resources necessary for corporate management, by combining the functions of AWS as necessary, we can flexibly use various services.

Usage-based billing system – AWS does not incur an initial cost. The fee will be paid according to the usage time and traffic volume by the amount of using the service. Since it is not a package service, it is also possible to expand or add services on the way without wasteful expenses for services not in use.

High Security – AWS is a service that originally provided what Amazon used for operation as Amazon’s server. handles many accesses and transactions every day, has a track record of maintaining the latest security state and is trusted by users.

High performance – The AWS server is distributed in 11 regions around the world, and services are provided from the equipment closest to the user. Since the hardware is regularly updated to the latest one, high performance can always be realized.

Services Available

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) – EC2 is a virtual rental server that can be used only when necessary, and the charge varies according to the capacity to use and the amount of access. It is a service with a large number of users among AWS. One can change the capacity to use according to the size of the website you are managing and the load due to access. As a result, even if the number of accesses suddenly increases due to campaigns or content being shared by SNS, the server will not go down due to overcapacity.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) – RDS is a managed database service. Since it is unnecessary to install the OS or DBMS or to manage the operation, it is easy to operate the relational database. It supports MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc., and it can fully use each function. Automatic backup is also possible, it can reduce the load of access and have redundancy, so it is possible to build and operate a large-scale database.

Amazon CloudFront – It is a content delivery network service. By delivering content files such as movies and images to users via the content delivery network, one can easily distribute the content on the website. Initial fee and monthly cost are unnecessary, and expense is generated as much as you used EC2 like.

Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) – S3 is a storage service using Amazon’s server. One can store data on the cloud and view and save data from anywhere. It supports even large capacity data such as development and database backup and can also be used for storage space for introducing data to a Web service or system and transferring the data to another system.

Other services such as DNS, VPC, system monitoring, online payment, account management, video conversion, etc. have various services, and only necessary items can be used in conjunction.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services

AWS does not need to purchase or install hardware such as server or application software, so there is no initial cost and there is no contract fee. The price will be determined according to usage. Even small startups and large companies can use it according to their style.

It also has great merit that you can start using it immediately. It is not necessary to select or configure servers like on-premises servers. Since AWS does the selection and installation of hardware and software, the user can start using it immediately. Because the preparation period is unnecessary, we can concentrate on system development by saving time and labor.