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Digital Marketing Course Fees

At Digital Floats, a 2.5 month long digital marketing course fees in Hyderabad INR 12500. The faculty boasts of more than seven industry insiders and the institution also provides internship projects, as well as job assistance. Digital Floats is located in Hyderabad and the institution is one of the most reputed ones in the city and at the same time, it provides a well-built infrastructure at a very reasonable fee.

With the huge shift in media towards digitisation, marketing too has followed suit and now digital platforms are one of the main focus points of brand looking towards a bigger target audience. Digital media platform consumption is rising exponentially with easier access to smartphones and other gadgets. The global expansion of the internet has opened up new horizons and opportunities both in terms of knowledge and market. Therefore, it has become easier for businesses to promote their brands to a much larger audience with much lesser cost involved. This is why the trend of digital marketing is on the rise and every brand is willing to invest separately into a digital marketing specialist. But being a digital marketer requires a lot more skill than an average Instagrammer or Twittery.

Understanding the digital market trends and projecting your product as so desirable as to make people want to consume it, is in no way an easy feat. That is why several institutions around the country offer well-curated courses on the topic where they guide you to become a digital marketing

The Cost of digital marketing Course Fees in anywhere like Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai between INR 8000 to INR 75000 and the reasons behind this vast range of course fee are also more than one.

There are essentially two types of courses that are offered-

1. Online Training 

2. Classroom Training.

Obviously, online training course cost a lot lesser than classroom programmes as it omits the expenditure of a lot of taxes and other infrastructural costs. If one is looking for a good digital marketing course, it is best to be open to both the modes. However, if there are preferences, one can still find a lot of options as many esteemed institutions offer this course at a varying price range.

But why do the Digital Marketing Course fees differ to such a great extent?

Well, the answer is multi-layered as more than one factorcontributestowards this phenomenon, which includes:

1. Location: Institutes in metropolitan cities tend to charge a much higher price than institutes in less developed locations. So in tier 1 cities, institutes can charge at the high end of the spectrum whereas in tier 2 cities the cost will be lesser and so on.

2. Quality: Of course the price of any product or service varies with its quality. Digital marketing is such a subject which is constantly evolving. New technology is being constantly implemented which in turn affects the social media platform and search engine algorithms. A course that is well updated with these constant changes would charge more than a course that only offers a general idea of the subject.

3. Curriculum: A good digital marketing course not only aims at introducing concepts such as SEO, marketing site setup, web analytics, email marketing, Facebook ad mastermind etc. but also insists on rigorous practice. These courses which are designed keeping the practice aspect in mind tend to charge a higher fee.

4. Mentor: Many reputed institutions actually facilitate actual industry insiders as mentors of their courses. Since these people have at hand knowledge of working in the practical field, they can offer much better guidance than someone only learned in theory. Hence these institutions might charge higher than the latter kind.

5. Work-prospect: A lot of the renowned institutions offer job assistance post completion of the course, which makes it much easier to navigate your career. These institutes naturally charge a higher price since their course comes with the prospect of a guaranteed placement.

Hence, if you are looking for a good institute to pursue a course of digital marketing, it is not wise to be swayed just by the fee of it. There are different aspects to what makes a course worth its money and that is what should drive your choice.