Digital Marketing

Current Trends in Content Marketing – You should know

Content marketing  intends on generating and disseminating content for a targeted audience online. It is often used in businesses in order to grab the audience’s attention and aims at meeting the consumer’s wants and needs.

Traditional business owners have long made use of content.  With advancement in technology ,customer’s needs have also been changing. Therefore the marketers have started to apply different content marketing techniques to satisfy the consumers. They need to be aware about the recent changes in the techniques that are taking place every year.

The 8 important techniques that have been on the rise in recent times are:

1. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is much like celebrity endorsement.The only difference being unlike celebrities, these influencers can be any common people with large followers in social media and possessing immense knowledge in their respective fields. There are variety of influencers such as food bloggers, fashion bloggers, marketing executive on LinkedIn. Influencers can either write blog or posts in their social media account on the product the marketers want to advertise, or they can even ask the marketers to create a guest post on their site. This increases the credibility and followers since they tend to attract the Influencer’s followers as well.

2. Omnichannel marketing:

Marketers use omni channel approach to merge the different modes of channel such as blogs, e-books, infographics, email campaigns, social media, that marketers use to communicate with their customers. This helps in connecting the brand with new customers which helps in creating powerful and consistent brand message. Audiences tend to move from the desktop to the smartphone to the TV to the store when they engage with a particular brand. Omnichannel will make this experience smooth. Omnichannel marketing replaces the multichannel approach with steadiness, readily accessible , and a better customer experience .

3. Voice search:

Consumers use voice search on their mobiles or computers to access information regarding a particular field in a particular niche. This is on a rise because unlike text search it is not time consuming ,but more locally oriented.  Content marketers get a very clear idea of what consumers are looking for since it includes more details. It enables customer purchases and re purchases quicker and smooth since the customer purchase detail is already stored. It enables customer to leave feedback on a product more easily that will in turn help marketers to identify customer’s needs.

4. Transparency:

 By providing personal experiences and background, marketers provide a context behind their decision thus a total transperancy of their intentions, and also in a way reflect their brand’s loyalty. Authentic content marketing is essential which can be done by providing consistency throughout content campaigns, by maintaining relevance in every article in the content, by showing respect while responding to audience’s comment on the pages on social media.   

5. Collaborative content:

Collaborative content means different brands coming and working together to create content of different varieties. This helps in attracting more audience since it draws audience of other brands too. Collaboration also helps in developing more networks. Some examples of collaborative marketing are case studies, podcast interviews, guest posting.

6. Use of Chatbots:

Chatbots are designed to interact with humans in an informal way.   The little comment boxes that pops up on the screen while searching something or working on an app are those Chatbots. It personalizes customer’s experience thus, are highly influential. They help in educating and assisting the customes and sends timely reminder to customers on anything. It also make purchases of customers convenient . Since chatbots offer  instantaneous communication at any time, they’re a great way to help users discover content that might otherwise go unnoticed.

7. Interactive content:

 An average person’s attention span is only 8 seconds, which means they tend to lose interest in a post after a while. Therefore marketers make use more of interactive content as this maintains audience’s active participation, drives more traffic, and makes the interaction between content creator and audience smooth. Content marketing is less about the words and more about the experience created for the audience through this content. Videos and pictures get maximum shares than text only statuses which means pictures and videos grabs the attention of the audience much more than text. Videos also enable the marketers to express their creativity fully without any restriction.

8. Micro Moment Marketing:

 Micro moment are moments when consumers without volition turn to their mobile to look up for an information about a particular brand because they know they would get the information instantaneously. Customer’s expectation is also higher than usual in these times.The companies that address to customers needs at this point of time enjoy more success than other brands since they are present at the time when the customer’s needs them the most.  The purchase process should also be made simple and not time consuming.

Thus marketers have seen that using these techniques has improved their relationships with their customers, benefited the customer’s to take purchase decisions quickly. Thus content marketing has become one of the most efficacious and practical type of marketing.