Why to Choose or Switch Career in Amazon Web Services

There are many students who wish a professional life in IT sector, but there are not many people who can actually fulfill such a career in reality. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is continuing to drive the cloud computing market. A large number of fresh graduates and professionals are attracting towards AWS. To feel the gap between hope and skill one should make a judgment with utmost attention.

Candidates who are fresher and planning to start a career with AWS, are on the right path. Serverless architecture is future and in upcoming five to ten years of time, servers will not be there for web applications. While technologies are constantly being accelerated while being changed and eliminated with the times, it is necessary for engineers to acquire new technologies according to the speed. One can feel that changes are happening and AWS is leading player in the cloud platform market.

Among engineers, especially if you are an engineer who works in the IT industry and has already participated in the project or field, I think that you have some knowledge, experience, and skills. Even such an active IT engineer cannot guarantee to continue to acquire work in the future. Because the IT industry is highly evolving and there is a shift in trend every few years. And now the latest trending IT course is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS provides a reliable cloud-based solution that will help organizations to fulfill their business needs. It supplies value through cloud services to all companies from startup to enterprise regardless of industry. The number of services offered exceeds 95, and AWS boasts millions of users in 190 countries. The business continues to grow at an accelerated rate, which is higher than the previous year.

AWS is a game changer in cloud services, and that if you put yourself there, you can deal with various kinds of data and interact with diverse customers, two of which are why you changed jobs to AWS. AWS is in charge of the fields of analytics and machine learning. Running the solution in AWS cloud makes the application run more quickly while providing a high level of security.

AWS also provides resources around the world; one can deploy solutions to where customers are located. The AWS cloud makes it easy to use a broad set of services, partners and support options to ensure that you concentrate on what makes your solution successful.

Amazon Web Services Certifications

Certifications are always valuable and help candidates to secure a good job. Five certifications available for AWS exams.

Professional Certifications

  • DevOps Engineer Professional
  • Solutions Architect Professional

Associate Certifications

  • SysOps Administrator Associate
  • Solutions Architect Associate
  • Developer Associate

Amazon Web Services courses are very useful once you learn how to use it, but in fact, it is also a difficult field to be able to master it completely. Therefore, even if some people are familiar with PCs in-house, it is difficult to specialize in engineering work and phenomena such as supply cannot keep up with demand from the market is occurring. This is one of the reasons why engineers and fresher’s with AWS skills can easily get jobs and change jobs.

Amazon Web Services concepts are easy to understand if you have a little bit of technical background. It also depends on your hunger to learn new things. If you don’t have the technical background, then it would little tough on initial days.

AWS cloud computing course needs advanced skills and candidates with these skills are not found easily. Due to the challenging nature of work and less supply of resources the compensation offered is high. This demand has given candidates an advantage.