How to Proceed with Creating DevOps Oriented Organization

DevOps is an ideal IT organization that integrates development and operation, in which each engineer is in charge of both development and operation, and forms in which development personnel and operation personnel are arranged in the same team and harmonize, and they have their eclectic type.

DevOps is an activity accompanied by a cultural change that will increase the value of the business faster and continue to deliver it to the end user. This means removing waste and unwanted things from the present situation.

In many cases, waste and unwanted things are as follows.

  • Inconsistent environment due to manual environment
  • Lack of communication between departments inside the organization
  • Lack of understanding and consideration for the other party

Adopting secure DevOps means that teams and experts who have not collaborated previously will be united and will be involved in a rapid and secure development life cycle. In other words, all stakeholders (developers, administrators, security experts) respect their respective expertise and do not learn to work reliably on processes and collaborate for deliverables that will meet everyone’s criteria. The success of this change depends on all stakeholders of the company. That’s because we get more outcome than that person can respond individually.

Software companies provide innovative products with great pressure and are releasing updates one after another. To defeat the competition, many software teams use DevOps, which is superior in efficiency and flexibility, in order to achieve an unprecedented release schedule.

Organization Culture to Make DevOps Successful

Respect Each Other (Respect) – sincerely consider the partner working from the bottom of mind, treat the opponent as one person, evaluate ability and achievement

Trust Each Other (Trust) – Trust people working with you and operate the team positively.

Do Not Blame Each Other’s Failure – Failure will naturally occur if you challenge new things. Failure is a thing that happens, rather than blaming the failure, considers the countermeasure to succeed without failing next.

Do Not Evacuate Each Other – When major failures occur between teams, they do not change their responsibilities with each other, but also consider actions to respond by admitting that they are non-self.

Security Knowledge Becomes Power  – Without security knowledge, one cannot build robust and secure DevOps. With the recognition that experts are needed for security, such as infrastructure and quality, lack of security personnel is a serious problem.

How to Apply DevOps to Organization

Whatever you do, align your perceptions within the organization. After that, collaborate and cooperate within the organization towards the present situation recognition and what it should be. It is important for members in the organization to clearly understand their own existence and to share their perceptions. The significance of existence is ‘What are they going to achieve? What is the purpose and what is it’ In order to recognize and share these, it is necessary to communicate with members of the organization?

Draw a Value Stream Map – The value stream map is a method in the Toyota production method that shows the paths of all processes from the processing of raw materials to the hand of a customer and the order from which the respective steps are executed. In product development, it shows the flow of information and deliverables occurring in the organization.

Find constraints (waste, unwanted things) from the Value Stream Map – From the value stream map, find restrictions such as where time is spent or where unwanted things are.

Remove the Constraints Found – At this time, decide also the schedule to remove the found constraints (waste, unwanted things) and metrics to check whether it is heading toward the goal.