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Live stream pre-recorded videos for free!

Live videos tend to attract more audience because we are at our candid self in that but it too has disadvantages, not always practical. We are not always available at the required time to stream a video or are too nervous to say something in a live, and thenpre-recording video comes to the fore.

If you are clueless as to how to live stream previously recorded videos on Facebook without any trouble then here are few steps to guide you through this.  But before going through steps we need to know few things –

  • We need no third party, fully cloud based software for this.
  •  We can stream only mp4 video file.
  • Our video must necessarily contain any audio track
  • The duration of the live video can be maximum of 360 hours
  • We can live stream saved videos directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive with the help of cloud based applications.
  • Although cloud based applications costs much but it’s easier to use. They are also user friendly.
  • Your file size should be maximum 1000 MB.

Now coming to the steps required for live streaming the pre-recorded videos. For this the first thing that we need is the stream key from our FB page. It allows us to use the software that we require.

1) So first we need to go to our FB page and follow 3 steps here – click Publishing Tools, then click Video Library, then click Live.

2) After clicking Live, we will see a pop up. From there we need to copy the stream key. (We must not disclose our stream key because then anyone can use it to stream our videos. After previewing the videos we have 5 hours in our hand to go Live but if we require more time we can then simply create another stream key)

3) After that we need to click next.  Automatically a screen will appear and below the screen it will be written “Create Live Video”

4) After this don’t close the window because we will require this screen to live stream our videos.

       Next step is to configure the cloud based software which will be required to stream videos.  So for instance we download the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and then install it. Now opening it we need to 5) click on settings. 

6) After that ‘Stream’ option will appear.

7) After clicking that we have to paste our stream key in the stream key field and then click OK.

8) Now a + icon appears which we red to click on the sources field and then click on VLC Video Source

9) Now a playlist is required to be created that will comprise either one video or more than one depending on our choice.

10) At first a name should be given to the playlist and then select OK

11) A new screen appears where we are required to arrange how we want the streaming to take place. For instance we can stream when the software is minimized or when the software is running in the foreground.

(Using the + icon we can add as many videos as we like. Then select OK to add it in the playlist. )

12) Mute the Aux/Mic and then select ‘Start Streaming’.

13) Now we need to go back to the FB page and select Go Live.

However there are some issues related to this Streaming:

  • This live streaming should be ended with your own hands otherwise it will continuing playing again and again
  • Videos are always streamed from 0:00 second marked on FB.  We can overcome on me this issue by clicking Settings and selecting Advanced.

OBS is actually the best for solution for start-ups or bloggers who wants to go live streaming with pre-recorded videos. So what are you waiting for? Go stream live now some of your already recorded videos. It might be difficult to get the whole process correct at one go but if you follow the steps properly then problem shouldn’t arise.